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Surprising finds on the Internet

Updated on January 25, 2012

My Blunder in April

In April this year, I lost the back of my Nokia 6010 that covered the battery and SIM card on my cell phone when I dropped it on the ground in rush to get to church Wednesday night. It looked weird without that other piece. Someone asked me whom I threw my phone at. I knew my phone was a dinosaur and the only way to get parts for it was to purchase a new phone or a refurbished one. Back then, the only color they had was black on eBay, which came in a package including everything. Well, I typed in the model number and parts or back piece and found the exact color for the model that I needed. At $3.25, I couldn’t pass it up. At that time, an eBay seller carried graphite, silver, blue and black. I was so pleased to find what I needed at a good price. It beat buying a new phone.

Why keep an older model phone?

The Nokia 6010 was a free phone from AT&T. The antenna broke on my Motorola Talkabout T2297, which had to be replaced because AT&T was switching to another type of digital system, which the older phones weren’t able to use. My mother passed it down to me when she got another type of phone. The Nokia 6010 was simple to operate and held a charge. With this phone, I could send and receive calls and text messages. My phone did not have a camera or Internet access, but I could receive pictures, which I sent to my primary e-mail account. I’m not tempted to use a phone for anything except simple operations, if that’s all that’s there. I use my phone to make long distant calls. The only way I’d get another phone is if the battery goes out and I can’t get another because they don’t sell it.

Mom’s Mistake

A few months ago, my mother mistakenly mailed her Samsung SGH-A737 cell phone along with her mail when she dropped them in the mailbox. She replaced it with the Pantech P7000. She is still learning how to use it, but has a hard time. The back cover to this phone is loose, even with tape on it. The phone isn’t even a year old and they don’t sell parts like back covers for it. AT&T suggested she buy a new phone. The phone she replaced the mailed one with was free, like mine. I found the same blue color back piece she needed on eBay this Saturday past for $6.95, with free expedited shipping. It should arrive in a few days. This sure beat buying a new $50 phone just for the back piece.

Sound Advice

I am glad I had the withal to look on eBay for that back piece to my phone before I decided to buy a new one. I was even happier to return the favor to my mother when she needed a back piece for her phone. Get the part needed when it is found. I looked up parts for my phone and can now only find the back piece in silver and graphite.


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