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Svchost.exe - WHAT and HOW? Complete solution here.

Updated on August 7, 2012
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"Generic host process" and svchost.exe problem? Solved!

Have you ever met svchost.exe process problem? Tired of it?

Lots of people face the same svchost.exe error and are beated up with it.

But there is a fast solution! Get rid of your svchost.exe error message once and forever! The fast and easy as one click solution: Download Svchost Fix Wizard now. This wizard will help you to forget about your Generic host process problem! Really! Tested.

Video Tutorial

Svchost.exe and Generic Host Process for Win32 Services - what is it?

Generic Host Process for Win32 Services or svchost.exe is a legal essential part of Windows Operating System, used to host services which run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs). There can be few Svchost.exe services running at the same time and it's not a problem in most cases if you see six or more copies of svchost.exe running in your services (they simply host different groups of DLLs). The problem is that there is a number of known trojans and spyware that pretend to be legal svchost.exe, which usually have the same name or the name that is very much alike.

For example:


svchosts.exe (which often causes svchosts.exe page faults)



and several others.

Remember: legal svchost.exe should reside in Windows\System32 folder and should not appear in startup list.

Full manual solution of "Generic Host Process for Win 32Series"

At your own risk

How to delete svchosts.exe or remove malicious svchost.exe and fix "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close" error and similar problems manually?

1) Check, if there are any of the following viruses on your PC:




CashToolbar Downloader-MY



CoolWebSearch Svchost32



2) Continuing solving svchost.exe problem: right-click on My Computer -> click on Properties -> Automatic Updates tab

3) "Turn Off Automatic Updates" and reboot your computer

4) Update Windows manually by clicking Start -> Windows Update

5) Turn on the automatic updates

6) Is your svchost.exe problem solved? If not, uninstall, if you have, your old HP printer and scanner driver, download and install new one from the manufactures web site

7) If your problem is still there, use the following command to show all svchost.exe associated services or libraries and instances:

tasklist /svc /fi "imagename eq svchost.exe"

Check via Internet, whether there is any malicoius entries among listed. If you find one (or not just one), use msconfig.exe utility to disable the appropriate service entry.

Effective (but long and quite difficult) way of Generic Host Process or svchosts.exe repair.

Any ideas about solving svchost.exe problem? Share it!

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