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A Guide to Swagbucks

Updated on April 17, 2010

My First Hub!


First and Foremost, this is my first Hubpage of hopefully many more to come. This seems like a really awesome website full of really awesome people.

What is SwagBucks?

Swagbucks is essentially a search engine that uses google provided results. Unfortunantly, it only provides a very very small fraction of results, the first 1-5 of them being completely irrelevent to what you searched and instead are injected in by swagbucks as a source of revenue. So right about know your probably asking yourself "So why would I even WANT to join swagbucks". The reason is as follows, while searching with the SwagBucks search engine, you may receive what are called "swagbucks", these are more or less points that are added onto your account total which can be used to buy items such as a TV or a laptop for a ten thousand points , or a or for a simple 450 points for a 5 dollar gift card. This is the most popular item as you can buy a wide variety of things on Another way to earn swagbucks is to participate in competitions, download their toolbar which frequently gets "swagcodes" sent to it that you can use for a couple of swagbucks and most importantly, get referalls. Referalls are the #1 way to earn swagbucks and you can't go wrong with them. There are also other ways that swagbucks has very recently implemented into their website such as completing offers (i.e. signup for this website and get 1000 swagbucks). They also have a no obligation offers page that allows you to quickly "skip" over around 5 advertisments and then recieve a code to get a few swagbucks. Swagbucks also has what the call "swagstakes", you pay a very small fraction of how many swagbucks the item is normally worth and then get a chance to win the item. Finally, they have implemented a lottary into the website, this happened about two weeks ago. You can win anything from 50 swagbucks, all the way to 10,000. Some of these are time restrained but as many people as possible can enter, while others have a limit to the number of entries they can recieve. Either way it adds a great way to win more swagbucks, or items, and makes an already awesome site much greater!


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