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Cheap Tablets that You Can Play Angry Birds On

Updated on November 12, 2013

Buy a Cheap Tablet and Play Angry Birds!

There's no reason to spend a lot of money on a tablet if you just want something to play Angry Birds on! Whether you want a tablet for kids to play games on, or something for yourself to use, here are some great tablets. Most of these are priced between $100-$300.

You can also use these to browse the web, read books, and watch videos, so these aren't Angry Birds only tablets!

However, if you're addicted to Angry Birds, then it's nice to know that a tablet can play Angry Birds!

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My First Recommendation: Kindle Fire

Amazon's New Tablet is Cheap

You can play all versions of Angry Birds on the Kindle Fire HD. Amazon has dropped the Kindle Fire HD 7" to only $139, and larger versions of this tablet are also available.

The following Angry Birds games are available from the Amazon App store for free:

Angry Birds

Star Wars II



Rio HD


Bad Piggies HD

Kindle Fire - Amazon's New Tablet - A Bargain Price at $139!

Kindle Fire HD 7", HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation - 3rd)
Kindle Fire HD 7", HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation - 3rd)

You can play the following versions of Angry Birds on here: Angry Birds HD, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space HD. Amazon Appstore also has Angry Birds Seasons and the original Angry Birds for free. The other versions you can buy for cheap.

Below is a video of Angry Birds on the Kindle Fire.


Angry Birds on Kindle Fire

Angry Birds on Blackberry Playbook

Best Large Tablet for Playing Angry Birds - Almost 10 inch screen, and under $200!

Le Pan I TC 970 9.7-Inch Android Tablet
Le Pan I TC 970 9.7-Inch Android Tablet

The Le Pan TC 970 has pretty good reviews, and you can install Angry Birds from the Google App Store!

I think that the Angry Birds game always looks best on a large screen! This tablet has multi-touch too, so you can probably pinch and zoom!


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7-Inch, Wi-Fi) - An Amazing Android Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7-Inch, Wi-Fi) 2012 Model
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7-Inch, Wi-Fi) 2012 Model

This has over 500 reviews and a solid 4 stars. Samsung continues to come out with high quality tablets.


Angry Birds on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Play Angry Birds on your TV with this Roku Player - Fun for the Whole Family! - Control the Angry Birds with the Remote Control!

Roku 2 XS 1080p Streaming Player (Old Model)
Roku 2 XS 1080p Streaming Player (Old Model)

The remote control has built in sensors, so it works similar to the Wii remote control. You can control the Angry Birds by moving the remote around in the air! Roku is a great way to watch videos on your TV, and Angry Birds comes free with Roku XS!


Video Review of Playing Angry Birds with Roku - A nice alternative to playing it on your tablet or computer

What tablet do you play Angry Birds on?

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    • profile image

      lensesbyjames 5 years ago

      Yes all the time

    • ronaldpakasi profile image

      ronaldpakasi 6 years ago

      I play Angry Birds a lot ... nice review!

    • RandomChuck profile image

      RandomChuck 6 years ago

      I first played it on the iPod Touch, then a Droid, then my TV. Hoping to beam it directly into my brain in the next 10 years. :) Nice lens.

    • Gadgetlesstech profile image

      Gadgetlesstech 6 years ago

      Nice post about one of the most popular games today. Thanks!

    • profile image

      DaveMurphy 6 years ago

      great game for playing on the train - I play it on my HP Rouchpad

    • casquid profile image

      casquid 6 years ago

      I always wondered what the deal was with those Angry Birds. Thanks the differences.

    • KristijanSenjko profile image

      KristijanSenjko 6 years ago

      Love this game :)

    • okihutama profile image

      okihutama 6 years ago

      Nice lens!

    • profile image

      kokchoquan 6 years ago

      wow, just $87

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      thanks for the ideas here.

    • profile image

      philipuae 6 years ago

      I got an Acer A500, angry birds are good addictive game. Good lens,