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Change the notification sound on or off in Windows 10

Updated on June 18, 2016

1. Turn off the notification sounds on Windows by going extinct notice

Step 1: You open the Settings by clicking the Start button, select Settings menu (or press Windows + I).

Step 2: Select the System Settings window.

Step 3: Select Notifications & actions in the left menu, then look to the right window pull down the Notifications section. Here lists all of Windows messages. To turn off notifications, you just switch lever in that section to the left (Off).

Step 4: Continue to pull down parts Show notifications from apps and similar những. These are messages from the application.

2. Change the notification sound on or off from the Sound options

Step 1: Right-click on the audio icon (shaped speaker) on the taskbar, choose Sounds.

Step 2: Click the arrow button under Sound Scheme frame select Windows Default (modified).

Note: If you do not see Windows Default (modified) in this framework, you find in the program Events Notification bar, click to select.

Step 3: Click on the frame under the Sound, select (None) to turn off the notification sound or to change the notification sound by selecting one of the audio announcement here.

Make your choices, click the Test button to hear it. Finally click OK to save the changes.

Good luck!


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