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15 Awesome Technology Facts Which Will Blow Your Mind.

Updated on June 10, 2016
  1. 1.NASA`S Internet Connection Is 13,000 Times Faster Than The Average U.S. User,At 91 Gigabits Per Second.

2.It Would Take A Fast Computer 72 Years To Crack A Six Character Iphone Passcode With Upper And Lower Case Letters And Numbers,According To Security Experts.

3.Instamuseum Is An Online Application That Turns Instagram Photos From Any Public Account Into A Virtual Reality Museum,Explorable By VR Headsets.

4.Facebook Has Started Tracking Non-Users Around The World.

5.Bill Gates Wanted To Call Windows As Interactive Manager.

6.Self-Drving Cars Could Result In 5 To 10 Million Job Losses In The United States.

7.Gagnam Styles Was So Popular That It Broke Youtube`s View Counter,Which Had To Be Upgraded.

8.Google Intends To Scan All The Known Eisting 129 Million Unique Books Before 2020.

9.The IPHONE 7 Will Give Us Things We Can`t Live Without-Tim Cook,The Ceo Of Apples.

10.Pornhub Is Offering You Upto $25000 To Hack Its Site And Find Flaws.

11.An Astronaut Suit Cost Around 2 Million Dollars To Make.

12.Who Came First Egg Or Hen?

The Scientists Finally Concluded That The Chicken Came First,Not The Egg,Because The Protein Which Makes The Egg Shells Is Only Produced By Hen.

13.Youtube Will Soon Roll Out Six Seconds Advertisements Which You Can`t Skip Even With Adblock.

14.When A Google Employee Dies,The Spouse Receives Half The Employee`S Salary For 10 Years And Their Children $1000 Per Month Until They Turn 19.

15.Do You Know Which Is The Best Selling Mobile Phone Ever?

This Phone Has Been In Everyone`s House.Ask Your Parents Which Phone They Used To Use In Their 20s 30s.

Yes,It Is Nokia 1100.

Nokia 1100 Sold Over 250 Million Units,Making It The Best Selling Mobile Phone Ever.

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