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Ten Good Reasons To Buy A Kindle

Updated on August 30, 2017

I Love My Kindle, So Will You

As I write this page I have had a kindle for about three weeks and I can't wait to tell you how useful it is. I had poo-pooed the whole idea of spending out on a kindle, but one day I could suddenly see the advantage of having one. Let me tell you all about it.

I had downloaded kindle to my PC some time ago, but now I wanted it portable.

#1 It's Portable

I first decided that to have a Kindle would be useful to me, when I was preparing for a sermon. I'm a local preacher with the Methodist Church in Britain. I had decided to base my sermon on a sermon by John Wesley. He began the Methodist Church in the eighteenth century. Many of his sermons are collected into a book called Sermons on Several Occasions and is updated in language and so easier to read than the original. I do not own the book. I looked on line for the sermon I wanted as I knew it was there. I next had the idea that it would be easier to get it on my kindle for PC. This was fine but I wanted to quote from the book in my sermon on the day I delivered it.

It was then that I realized how useful it would be to have a kindle. And so I later feared, but only for a while, that I had acted foolishly. I paid for the Kindle to come the quickest it could as Sunday was fast approaching. Indeed it did arrive quickly.

I took it with me to the service on the Sunday, with the place required bookmarked for easy access. I kept it on the lectern under my sermon notes until the moment it was required and although I was a novice with this piece of technology I used it successfully. So you can see from this that it's portability was a great asset.

#2 A Whole Library at your Fingertips

The kindle will hold at least 1,000 books. This is definitely more than enough for me. I am finding that I am reading a lot more than previously. Before I had a habit of starting several books at once and then losing track of them as they were moved around my flat. With the books on the kindle there was only one thing to keep in a safe place. Now I can pick and choose and I can't lose my place, as the kindle always takes me to where I left off.

There is the possibility of a whole library at my finger tips everywhere I take my Kindle.

#3 You Can Even Read the Newspaper on Kindle

I recently had newspaper on Kindle, just a fourteen day trial. It was easy to pick the bits I wanted to read. I could flick from article to article by using the right hand part of the 5-way button. I soon stopped the trial as I found I could not cope with reading so much each day, but for those who like their newspaper it is a handy way to read it. There was an option to save a copy or an article. The cost for a month is £9.99 about 33p a day. Very reasonable.

#4 The Bookmark

It is very easy to bookmark any page. Have the book you need to book mark, displayed at the page you want. Press the menu button, second in from the right. There will be options displayed. Take the dark line down to bookmark this page and press the centre button of the five-way group and the job is done. Notice how the top right of the page now looks as if it has been bent down.

When you come to find the bookmark move down to "Find marks and notes." All the bookmarks from that book will be displayed. Choose the one you want. It's great for my use in services with my Bible as all my readings are at my fingertips, easily found in a preceding hymn. I don't need to carry around a heavy Bible, especially as the churches provide Bibles, if I should suddenly want to look something up. I have to be fair and say that if I am searching for a Bible reference which I can't quite remember an old fashioned Bible is much easier for the job.

#5 The Bible in a Year

As a christian Bible reading is very important to me. I bought the New King James version which came with a scheme for reading the Bible all through in a year. There is a biggish chunk of Old Testament followed by a part of a Psalm and a part of Proverbs, and then a biggish chunk of New Testament. You are taken from one passage to the next with consummate ease. I am finding it a good discipline to follow this scheme. The Kindle facilitates so many things I find.

The second day I had the Kindle I went to my Bible study group but was not able to use the kindle as I had not sussed out how to get quickly from one Bible passage to the next. However I had found the solution by the next meeting. First you go to the contents page where you are given several options including Old Testament or New Testament. From there you are given a list of the books and you may have to use the page turner to find the one you want. You click on the right book and you will be given a list of the chapter numbers. You click on this and then find the verse you want by using the page turner.

By the second meeting of the Bible Study Group a few days later I found I was getting to the required text as quickly as the person sitting next to me, who was using a real Bible. It is very useful to know one's way around the Bible manually and I hope I will not lose the ability to do that because of using the Kindle.

#6 I'm Reading More

I am reading considerably more than previously. I love writing poetry and I now have John Donne's poetry on my Kindle and that of Christina Rossetti. I sometimes dip into a book of poems but I'm an untidy person and books get lost around my flat. With the Kindle as I need to take more care of it than I book, I know where it is and I know that when I go back to read Donne's poetry the Kindle will take me straight to where I left off. I am hoping that some of Donne's genius will brush off on me.

I am now able to access a variety of books, from Mary Shelley to Emily Bronte, to John Grisham, to Aesop's Fables.

# 7 The Cost

At £89 pounds plus the cost of postage and for me a necessary adapter (although I think I could recharge the batteries on the PC) and only $79 for you lucky Americans, the price is not prohibitive. More and more I think this has been a good purchase that I have made.

There is the added bonus of being able to get free books for kindle. I have already made use of this facility. Books of old classics such as Wuthering Heights are available free. This is quite a carrot for the donkey.

Book or Kindle

Would you rather have a book or a kindle?

# 8 Ideal when Commuting

For those who travel long distances to work every morning, the Kindle is a must. All that empty time can be spent reading a wide selections of books, such as you could never carry with you. You can access a newspaper without bumping elbows with the person next to you. Just make sure you are charged up before you leave home. I believe the charge is supposed to last a month. I found it to be two weeks the first time, but maybe I should be turning it off completely at night. I leave it in sleep mode. The batteries are saved by the kindle going into sleep mode if you have stopped reading and forgotten to switch off.

# 9 Font Size

There are several font sizes available. I recently heard of an elderly person with very poor eye sight (macular degeneration in fact), who had given up reading, which she dearly loved, but has now been given a Kindle and she is reading again. Here I think it would be beneficial for a larger size kindle to be brought out so that the person reading the larger print would have more words on one page.

# 10 Amazon are Continually Looking for Improvements

At the moment it is possible to get onto the internet with Kindle. I have found it difficult to do but I'm not really a techy. For me it is superfluous as I am content with my PC for that function and presumably I can only get the internet while I am in range of my Wifi. No doubt Amazon will take steps to improve this facility.

Do You Love the Kindle?

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    • SailingPassion LM profile image

      SailingPassion LM 

      6 years ago

      I have just got my new kindle, and as you say, it is fantastic. Especially for me as my eyesight is just starting to worsen and so being able to change the size of text is a real benefit over a real book

    • JohnTannahill profile image

      John Tannahill 

      6 years ago from Somewhere in England

      Font size is a great feature what with the print in books getting ever smaller and my arms growing shorter.

    • LizMac60 profile imageAUTHOR

      Liz Mackay 

      6 years ago from United Kingdom

      @Zapico LM: No I'm not getting rid of any books myself. Far too precious, especially if the cloud goes poof one day.

    • Zapico LM profile image

      Zapico LM 

      6 years ago

      good arguments.. however you won't convince me to give up my treasured books! nice work though


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