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TESLA GENERATOR - See the Real Truth about Free Electricity

Updated on September 4, 2012

Tesla Generator Free Electricity Device

What happened to the Tesla Generator blueprints? Had they really gone missing? And are they really available to the public nowadays? These are the questions that have revived the legend of Tesla's free energy generator. Just that more and more people say it is not a legend, but a fact: the Tesla blueprints have been rediscovered and can be used by anybody in order to create free energy and reduce energy costs by 100%.

Tesla a former colleague of Thomas Edison is thought by many to have contributed far more to science than his co-scientist, sadly the two fell out at an early stage and never worked together again.

For those who know little on the topic, Tesla was one of the leading electrical engineers and inventors of the world. He contributed to the inventions of thousands of devices and revolutionized physics with his break-through experiments and studies. One of Tesla's inventions has amazed the world, and it is still a controversial topic to date: Tesla's energy generator. This generator was meant to create high voltage power and high frequency alternative current.

Furthermore, the experiments Tesla made with this incredible device were aimed at finding a way of transmitting energy wirelessly. The generator used the power of the sun to create high amounts of free energy that could replace the non-renewable, expensive energy people were using, and still are. When J. P. Morgan found out that Tesla's generator was meant to offer free energy to the people, and no financial gains were involved, he decided to stop financing Tesla's experiments and projects. But this is just the beginning of the story.

How the Tesla generator blueprints suddenly went missing

The interesting part of the story comes when Tesla loses his reputation and is pushed into the shadows. More than that, many of Tesla's researches, papers, schematics and diagrams disappear, and are nowhere to be found. Among those is the famous Tesla generator plan. People started talking about a government conspiracy to prevent people from using Tesla's ideas and create free energy in their homes. Tesla's followers talk about different commercial interests and explain the disappearance of the blueprints in terms of economic wins and losses.

Tesla's generator was a solution for every individual that wanted to become energy independent. If a person had a Tesla generator at home, they would be able to generate enough energy so that they could cut themselves off from the electricity grid. People would save a lot of money and reduce their energy bills to zero. However, electricity suppliers would suffer severely if everybody started to produce energy independently and stopped paying bills. That is why Tesla's ideas were not very pleasing to gas and electricity companies. And that would be a pretty good reason for the Tesla generator schematics to go missing all of a sudden.

However, other people dismiss this idea as being ridiculous. They think that the plans cannot be found because they have never existed, in the first place. The Tesla generator is nothing more than a scam, they say. But let's think for a second: who would have to gain from the fact that the generator doesn't work or cannot be created? Every normal individual is motivated at least to find out more about this incredible solution that might eliminate their energy costs, and search for proofs that it works. And so we go back to the story of commercial interests.

Uncovering the generator blueprints

Exciting and intriguing news is circulating the online medium lately. It seems like the blueprints that have been kept secret from the public have been found and are public for everyone to see. The documents were found in a patent office. The blueprints contain valuable diagrams and building instructions for the radiant energy generating device, a dynamo-electric machine and the Tesla coil. They include a circuit diagram, wiring diagrams and instructions on how to assemble the parts and components. The plans include detailed descriptions of every invention, exactly as Tesla wrote it for the patent office. The documents have Tesla's signature on them, so there is no doubt that there are truly his inventions.

Everybody can download the Tesla generator blueprints for a very cheap price and use the diagrams in order to build the free electricity generator. Everything they need is a little scientific knowledge in the field, and some materials they can order on the internet or buy form a hardware store. The price for these materials is very affordable, and considering how much somebody could save on energy bills by generating their own electricity, the initial investment is unexpectedly low. The instructions are very detailed, so people will not have any problems understanding how to make the device. The generator is easy to build and can produce all the energy a household needs, and some extra.

Tesla's generator is one of the most effective alternative energy solutions available today. It uses a renewable, unlimited source of energy, the sun. It is eco friendly, so besides offering free energy, it also helps you contribute to the protection of the environment. There are no gas emissions, and the generator does not consume any fossil fuels. Environmentally concerned individuals will love this invention, but you do not have to be an eco activist in order to love the idea of not having to pay any more energy bills for the rest of your life.

The excitement produced by this discovery continues to increase day by day. The number of people who have downloaded the blueprints and used them to create a Tesla energy generator has grown, because of the huge success the device has. You can find a lot of testimonials on the internet that have been written by ordinary people who managed to become energy independent with the help of the Tesla generator. They say that the instructions are easy to follow and that the machine produces a lot more energy than they could have ever imagined. All this, thanks to the genius of electricity, Nikola Tesla.

Tesla was probably one of the most controversial figures of engineering, being considered by many a "mad scientist". However, his work is certainly not the one of a mad person. The Tesla generator blueprints prove that he was a genius, a visionary, and a pioneer in the field of electricity.

Tesla Generator - Tesla Generator Free Electricity Device

Tesla Generator plans are again surfacing on the internet, Nicola Teslas secret electricity device is now available again.

Teslas Radiant Energy

Secret Electricity Generation

Tesla's work regarding what he called radiant energy has sparked up controversies throughout the past century, making numerous scientists wonder about the various possibilities that his theories would involve.

You may never have heard of this type of energy before, simply because today it is known by different names – electromagnetic wave energy, scalar waves or electrostatic energy. What many don't know, however, is that there have also been numerous intrigues in history revolving around this discovery.

Eventually, with the help Tesla's determination and his incredible genius, the creation of a generator that could tap into this form of energy has become possible, and many are now devising new ways of modifying Tesla's initial models (that he thought of over 100 years ago) to provide free sustainable, green energy.

The History behind Tesla's Radiant Energy Work

We can better understand what Tesla meant with the term "radiant electricity" (or energy) by looking into the history of the concept itself. James Clerk Maxwell was the first one to discover the various types of electric disturbances that can occur in nature.

Through his mathematical equations, Maxwell concluded that there are two of these types of energies or waves: one is a type of longitudinal wave, which involved alternating rarefied or densified electromagnetic field pulsations which move along a single vector - being mainly known as scalar wave today – and a transverse electromagnetic wave which was detectable at large distances, and involved quick alterations of electric fields.

Maxwell was more inclined to believe in the existence of this latter type of energy and encouraged scientists to explore this possibility. Heinrich Hertz, a German scientist was intrigued by this idea and started experiments with what he thought were actual electromagnetic waves.

Tesla, however, discovered an interesting flaw in the experiments that Hertz conducted, having noticed that the German scientist failed to take into account the presence of air. As a result, what he thought were actual electromagnetic waves, were proven by Tesla to be various electrostatic inductions or shockwaves. This was later to become one of Tesla's greatest discoveries.

While replicating Hertz's experiment, Tesla worked with abrupt DC discharges, and noticed that there were some anomalies involving blue colored sparks that radiated along the axis of the power lines that weren't caused by the electrons in the circuitry. Instead, when the electrons moved along the wire, the phenomena seemed to diminish and disappear altogether.

The first time Tesla discussed the concept of "radiant energy" was in a paper he published called "The Dissipation of Energy". He had realized the numerous practical applications that his discovery would bring, and continued to work relentlessly on his experimentation with various devices that would be able to exploit this unusual type of energy.

The numerous practical applications that Tesla had in mind caused him to be highly enthusiastic about his work in further discovering the many mysteries of this new form of energy, and eventually lead him to understanding what is known today as the electrosphere of the Earth. He then went on to put together the plans for exploiting this newly found energy source, claiming that everyone had the power to harness its immense potential, and use it for creating a renewable power source that would never be exhausted.

Tesla's Brilliant Radiant Energy Discoveries

The initial work that Tesla had done on his radiant electricity generator proved how easy it was to transform the power of the electrosphere into a viable energy source. Unfortunately, without proper funding, he had to abandon many of his plans which lead to many of his projects being abandoned.

Nevertheless, the Tesla generators later became known as some of the simplest, most intriguing applications to provide free energy that the world had ever seen. Today, after more than 100 years, people are starting to understand the generator's full potential, building numerous different versions of Tesla's initial designs that attest to the genius of the inventor.

It is still not totally clear where the energy actually comes from. Following his numerous studies, Tesla believed that radiant power was the result of an abrupt disruption in the balance of what he and many of his contemporaries called "the ether". There has been much controversy regarding whether or not this illusive energy source actually existed, and after Einstein's theory of relativity was published in 1905, the ether theory was largely considered to be unfounded, and research was abandoned even by those who initially believed in its existence.

Tesla was not backing out, however, and continued his research, despite the sarcasm that he had been forced to endure. His research actually proved to be fruitful, and his radiant electricity applications were indeed working.

An additional, and until quite recently, ignored aspect of the practical applications of radiant electricity was the profound effect that the energy had on human consciousness. Tesla and many others have discovered that the energy had the power to improve cognition and mental abilities to a great extent.

The numerous therapeutic and energy related innovations that could have been discovered 100 years before their time, however, were cut short because of the lack of insight and genuine dedication of the scientific society in those days which eventually caused Tesla's research to be put on hold, since he could no longer receive the kind of funding that would help him promote his findings and share them with the world.

Now, over a century after Tesla's amazing discoveries, his plans are at last out in the open so that people can better understand and benefit from the profound potential of their applications. It is clear that the world was not yet ready for many of Tesla's discoveries at that time; however, today's scientific community is far more advanced and able to understand the numerous advanced ideas brought about by the brilliant inventor.

With the new Tesla generator innovations present in the world today, and the many blueprints available for free on the internet, virtually everyone can learn to use radiant electricity to complement their electric power needs.

Without a doubt, Tesla's work on radiant energy will not be forgotten, as the discoveries made by the illustrious scientist make more sense than ever in this day and age, and may eventually lead humanity into a new era of technological advancements.

Free Energy Generator

Secret Energy Technology

Does the free energy generator many people are talking about really exist? Yes, it does. The generator has been invented by the greatest electrical engineer of all times, Nikola Tesla, a century ago. The generator uses a free source of energy and produces environmentally friendly power for zero costs. Is it a scam? No, it is not; it is a scientific invention of a genius who was ahead of his time. The generator might be one of the most impressive inventions of Tesla. His lifelong dream was to create fuelless energy that can be used by every individual for free. He spent many years designing and testing alternative energy generating devices in order to create a revolutionary machine that would change the domain of electricity production forever.

More on the inventor of the free energy generating device

Nikola Tesla was born in Serbia, an area that is now a part of Croatia. He soon left his country for America, where most of his inventions have been made. Tesla was a pioneer of electric engineering and is considered one of the greatest inventors of all time, a worthy rival of Thomas Edison. But if he was such an important figure of his times, why do we know so little about him? The reason why many people have not heard of this great inventor is that he was a very controversial figure, who opposed many wealthy people in his lifetime, and made a large number of enemies because of the conflicting interests cause by the launching of some of his inventions.

That is why some call him a mad scientist. He had the courage to stand up for his ideas and to fight for them, without caring about the economic interests involved. When he presented his free energy generating device to the world, he didn’t think that anyone would be displeased with the idea of costless energy for everybody. However, someone was: the people who were making money from supplying energy to the citizens. They tried to keep his idea away from the public by keeping the blueprints of the generator secret. For many years, nobody knew anything about the diagrams created by Tesla, but recently, they have been found and published. Now, everybody can use them and benefit from Tesla’s genius ideas.

The device that uses free radiant energy

One of Tesla’s discoveries was radiant energy. One of the best examples of radiant energy is the sun. Sunlight contains positively charged particles that are an unlimited source of clean, renewable energy. Tesla was aware of the incredible value of this source of energy that could be used to power households and provide heat for the people. This energy could be used for countless purposes, but, unfortunately, Tesla did not manage to make all his ideas a reality because his funding requests were repeatedly denied.

He managed, however, to test his idea of free energy generators capable of producing high voltage power in large quantities. He conducted several experiments that showed the efficiency of the generator in continuously creating energy with the help of a never ending source or power, the sun.

All the results of these studies, the diagrams, schematics and drawings he made of his invention were ignored for a long time by scientists and ordinary people alike. Recently, as the blueprints have been brought to the attention of the public once more, some scientists and do-it-yourselfers started to put Tesla’s ideas to the test, and realized that the generator invented decades ago is efficient and could replace any other energy producing device available today with success.

Why install a Tesla generator in your home, business or institution?

The generator invented by Tesla can be built by anyone who has access to the blueprints and is ready to spend some time deciphering the wiring diagrams drawn by Nikola Tesla. Once the generator is on and running, you will be able to power different appliances in your home, thus you will reduce non-renewable energy consumption and, as a consequence, energy costs. You can build a small generator that can be used as a backup source of energy when power failures occur, or build a large one that will power your entire household. If the generator provides all the energy you need, you will be able to cut your house off the electricity grid and become completely energy independent. This means zero energy costs for the rest of your life.

Another reason why installing a free energy generator in your home or institution is a good idea is the fact that the government offers various tax reductions for people who use alternative sources of energy. Prove to the government that you own a Tesla generator, and you will enjoy significant tax benefits. Therefore, with this generator, you will save money twice: you save money on the energy you consume, and on the taxes you have to pay.

Finally, installing a Tesla generator means a step towards a cleaner environment. The energy generated by the device is green energy, meaning it does not harm the environment in any way. The generator does not emit harmful gasses or chemicals, and does not use nonrenewable sources of energy, like fossil fuels. A clean energy generator helps reduce the harmful effects created by the excess consumption of fossil fuels, including global warming and pollution. Furthermore, the generator is a solution for the future. When fossil fuels will disappear, the sun will continue to shine and offer its energy to the world. So, probably, in a few hundred years, free energy generators will be present in any home, commercial building or institution.

Therefore, people who want to be prepared for what the future brings might find Tesla’s free energy device to be the best solution that has ever been invented. The more people decide to go green and install clean energy generators, the more chances Earth will have to revive and rebuild its natural balance. Build a free energy generator today and prepare yourself for tomorrow, for an energy independent and clean world.

Green Energy is Vital

Not only can green energy save us money its use can save our planet, the Tesla energy generator is not the only device that can help save our enviroment. Solar power, wind power and simply switching off those lights can also help.

Tesla Experiments Plans – A Huge Step for Mankind

Free Electricity Experiment Details

Nikola Tesla - experiments plans prove it - was the first man in history to have built an engine functioning with electric power. His brilliant mind and incredible talent to anticipate phenomena demonstrated only decades after his death, place him among the greatest scientists ever.

Physicists all over the world continue to make new and revolutionary discoveries that support his theories and make us wonder what other inventions were stored in his laboratories.

Unfortunately, many of the Tesla’s devices and blueprints have been destroyed or stolen intentionally after his death. These sad actions of his contemporaries confirm one of the numerous theories of another brilliant minds of the humankind, Charles Darwin's, that people have not evolved too much in the last few thousand years - we can only resort to violence and petty practices, showing the dark part of our human nature whenever we find ourselves in difficult situations.

For a large part of his research Tesla studied the effects and applications of the magnetic, electromagnetic and electric power, being one of the few scientists who tried to find other energy sources in a world depending on the use of fossil fuels.

For example, several of his experiments were related to the way permanent magnets interact and to how they could be exploited in the transport industry. The magnetic engine imagined by Tesla is one of the biggest mysteries of our time, although the components for its construction have been found in the laboratory of Tesla, experiments plans and drawings accompanying them as well.

It was based on the magnetic force, and foresaw the use of several permanent magnets connected to an engine that transferred all the power to a transformer. It was said to have a life span of 400 years and provide enough free energy to cover the needs of entire cities and to replace even the most powerful conventional engines. Unfortunately, neither the scientist nor those who trusted his work lived to test this generator.

Tesla’s Rivalry with Edison – Reason for a Genius’ Fall

Throughout the years 1880-1890, the interest for Tesla’s work grew and the materials available captured the attention of the public for the phenomena he analyzed in his attempt to use them for more practical purposes.

In the meantime his rival, Thomas Edison, was developing and implementing various other applications in the field, having decisive advantages over Tesla. Today, as a result of their efforts, we witness a global expansion of the networks of trains running on magnetic railroad tracks.

But getting back to Tesla, experiments schematics also point to several other ideas on using the magnetic force. One of his assumptions related to geomagnetism was demonstrated in practice only in the second part of the 20th century.

Considering that a good part of the inventors have a dose of mild madness – Tesla, in particular, was more eccentric than the other geniuses - most of his ideas can be presumed valid, despite the fact that some of his assumptions and experiments have not yet been understood or scientifically proven.

One explanation for this delay could be the fact that all the major corporations did their best to block the attempts of the independent scientists to use his inventions for the benefit of humanity and tried to make sure his research would not become public even after his death.

Another field covered by Tesla, experiments blueprints can be considered a proof in this case as well, is the production and use of electric power. Today, an apparatus working with electricity seems a very ordinary thing in our life, but in the late 19th century, it represented almost a luxury and a symbol of the social status.

This high efficiency of the electricity today is a direct result of Tesla’s research, who tried constantly in his experiments to improve the yield of the machines and to help even the poorest population benefit from them. The nuclear power generators work on the same laws and principles of physics as the production of electricity: the water is being heated to very high temperatures due to the atomic fission process and is converted into steams that move a rotor, producing electricity.

The magnetic energy plays a role here too, because several magnets pass in front of a coil to produce electricity and vice versa. In many domains this method is applied with great success. The electrical energy that we consume in our houses is produced exactly following this pattern. What differs is the source of power that moves the turbines to produce electricity. This energy source can be: the wind, the water, steam power, etc. Electricity is, at least for the near future, the main form of energy used.

How Will the Future of the Free Energy Look from What We Have Seen?

For a source of free energy to become the dominating force in the global industry and economy, its production and distribution should reach almost zero cost and be eco friendly.

For the moment, the technologies based on electric power are innovated with an alarming speed, almost all the prognoses indicating that it will represent the main energy source in the next decades or even centuries.

The electric cars are already becoming more and more popular, thanks to the campaigns of awareness and prevention regarding the pollution of the planet. With the fossil fuels estimated to be exhausted by the end of the 21st century, drastic measures have to be implemented and research for alternative sources of power is vital.

It is believed that electric cars will soon be the main vehicles for transport, and, in the meantime, their production will become very cheap and electricity will have a low cost.

There are also improvements required in terms of new methods of storing electrical power and devices that function with a higher productivity than the current ones. It seems that, lately, it was really shown that certain limits regarding the efficiency of the technologies producing clean electricity can be overcome and honoring the memory of Nikola Tesla, experiments plans encourage us to believe that there is still hope for electricity to be produced cheaper.

Teslas Generator Scam

Or so they thought...

In order to exploit Teslas generator, scam sites and some entrepreneurs are using virtually all the tricks in the book nowadays to attract people to buying their products. This is quite unfortunate, since many experts consider that the original Tesla generator has great potential in providing people with a renewable, free source of energy.

With all the extensive research done on new energy resources nowadays, there is also an exceedingly alarming number of people who wish to exploit the image of these technologies, claiming that they are able to provide a functioning version of an apparatus or a schematic that would help the user build his own generator machine for a "relatively" small cost.

That small investment, however, provides big money to scammers, who, after keeping their sites active for a few months, often delete them and move on, having gathered an impressive amount from many unsuspecting buyers. It is, therefore, essential that we learn to avoid such scams, and find the genuine versions of the devices presented by them.

Why Are Renewable Energy Scams So Frequent?

It is not difficult to understand why scammers would target new energy efficient alternative product niches for their own gain. First of all, it is estimated that the oil reserves of the planet are quite limited, so scientists have recently started studying as many eco friendly alternatives as they could, often coming up with numerous types of gadgets and devices that would provide "green", sustainable energy sources at a significantly lower cost.

With global warming and pollution issues being more and more emphasized by the media, people are trying to find viable and potentially costless energy solutions in order to become independent from the dreaded power grid.

The Tesla generator is no exception to this, and because of the extensive amount of information present on the internet today about Tesla's work and about other zero cost energy solutions, the internet itself has become a great marketing potential for those who build scam sites.

Now, there is no doubt about the fact that free energy is possible, and many scientists have concluded that it is not really necessary to create a "permanent motion" device in order to have fuelless energy. The only requirement is that you build an apparatus that can use the untapped resources provided freely in our environment in order to transform them into electrical energy.

Tesla worked very hard on coming up with such devices and creating accurate blueprints that can be used to do just this. The famous Tesla generator stands as proof to his undeniable genius, and it would be a pity to claim that it doesn't work just because a few scammers have decided that Tesla's image can be used to gain people's trust, and then sell them useless material.

So, let's have a look at exactly what can be done to avoid these Teslas generator scam offers, and find the genuine blueprints to construct a version of the generator that actually works.

How to Avoid Tesla Generator Scams?

The first thing that needs to be done is to identify the principle that the generator uses, and read all you can find about it. Now, some of the materials you may find on the subject may not be too easy to grasp. Tesla had a broader view on the nature of the universe itself that many scientists did not agree on, and some of them didn't even understand properly.

The fact is, however, that from a practical standpoint, Tesla's work proved to be quite fruitful, so this brings about the question on whether or not he was right in his theories. Of course, in modern science, the idea of being "right" or "wrong" is often an obscure one, since there are many speculations involving even some of the most basic phenomena such as gravity or magnetism.

Nevertheless, what is important is that Tesla's generator actually works, and you can build it yourself with the right information in order to see all the results. The problem is, though, that many who have tried out various small scale versions have only been able to get a few milliamps of current, which may seemingly testify of the fact that the generator cannot offer the type of performance that some claim it capable of.

This is where many people give in to scammers who claim that their models are able to achieve enormous quantities of electric current, when in fact, the blueprints they use may not be up to the challenge. There are many low cost ways in which the performance can be raised, however.

The first step would be to use a larger antenna in order to capture more of the radiant energy particles freely available in the atmosphere. Also, if you have some technical background, you can even create and assemble your own schematics, testing them to see how much power and stability you can get.

You can even find videos and blog posts where people who have already built their own versions of the generator talk about what they have achieved, and even show working examples. You may choose to contact them, and talk about your own plans, asking them for practical advice on how to build your own functional Tesla generator.

Also, you should be aware of the fact that not all those who sell blueprints or small scale versions of the Tesla generator are scammers. Some of them are genuinely interested in offering at least a moderately working model or some clear instructions on how to build one, since, let's face it, cons don't work that well on a long term basis, and they are somewhat too risky in this day and age.

If you want to get started, and learn about Tesla's work on radiant energy receivers and to find out how to build your own simple version of the generator, perhaps enhancing it later on, it may be a good idea to pay for a book or an instruction set to see how it all works out.

If you don't mind doing some work and research by yourself, you can easily avoid Teslas generator scam offers and find good, working blueprints.

Teslas Generator Blueprints

Plans for Green Energy

As there is more and more of a tendency towards finding the best free energy devices and building them to provide a viable source of zero cost, eco friendly energy, Teslas generator blueprints are increasingly sought after by people who search on the internet for conclusive proof that the device may actually work.

Now, it is not so much of a question of whether or not Tesla's radiant energy device is actually able to produce some amount of usable electricity, but of how much it can actually offer. According to some of those who have built stable versions of the generator, their tests show that Tesla was quite accurate in his statements that the machine can produce a sustained amount of electrical power practically indefinitely, however, in some cases, the amount of power and voltage that was provided has been too low to compete with other "green" energy generators.

There has been much debate, therefore, as to which of the blueprints actually work, and where one could find a stable type of Tesla generator that can offer a larger amount of energy, perhaps even enough to power all the appliances in one's home.

Where to Find Teslas Generator Blueprints?

If you are an avid fan of Tesla's work, you have likely stormed the internet more than once, spending countless hours watching all the videos and reading all the blog posts about how to build a working Tesla generator. While the principle of the device is quite simple, finding schematics and instructions that can actually draw upon the great potential that this invention has is not an easy task.

Some of the sites that you have likely run into use the image of Tesla's popularity to offer devices and blueprints that are at most able to provide only a minute amount of energy. You may even have ordered some of the books and products that these sites sell, only to find that your efforts were generally fruitless, and that the support and instructions that the people who have put together these offers are worth next to nothing.

Nevertheless, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. By searching for the terms "tesla's generator" or "radiant energy receiver" on various search engines or free streaming video sites, you will find that there are many people who have already built their own versions of the machine with varying rates of success.

In some cases, you may even find informative discussions and comments on forums or blog posts, some of which have been posted by people who have studied the matter for an extensive number of years. If you are new to Tesla's inventions or have a poor technical understanding about some of the terms presented on various informational sites, these posts can provide you with much more clarity when it comes to understanding not only the principles behind Tesla's projects, but also the way in which they can be enhanced to provide new ways of increasing their potentials.

In many cases, you will find schematics, blueprints and videos accompanying the posts that can also offer a better visual understanding of the entire process. You will, therefore, find that you don't necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars on Teslas generator blueprints, books and instructions, and you may be able to start constructing your own device with the cheapest parts and elements.

Intriguing Modifications

Now, many of the original Teslas generator schematics are over 100 years old, and science has made numerous useful discoveries since then. It is at least appropriate, if not recommended, therefore, to try to find some of the newer versions of the blueprints that, while based on Tesla's initial work, provide additional modifications to enhance the performance of these devices.

One of the key updates that can be made to Teslas generator plans is to use a flat spiral wound antenna instead of the classical design involving a rectangular shaped brass or steel insulated plate. There may be numerous advantages to this design, as the spiral antenna can first of all be tuned in to the specific resonant frequency of the energy transferred from the atmosphere through the spark gap.

There are various discussions about the material that may be used to build the antenna, however, copper tubing seems to be the material of choice that may be used for manufacturing the receiver in most cases. Also, the size of the antenna matters as well, since it can not only alter the amount of energy that can be produced, but may also require extra consideration while tuning it.

Getting the best possible results with this setup can be achieved by adding a tank circuit placed in parallel which would allow you to tune the circuit to the appropriate oscillation level in order to pass the current. The circuit can be relatively simple; however, tuning it appropriately may require an additional level of technical understanding.

It is remarkable how Tesla managed to gain the knowledge about how the sun's rays can charge the electrosphere of the Earth with so much energy, and how he created one of the simplest applications to exploit it that may prove to be one of the most important inventions of the past few centuries.

While the technology is not normally suitable for being used to power whole cities because of the large flow of energy and the size of the equipment needed, it may be possible in the future, through further research and development, to construct large arrays of these antennas that can provide an enormous amount of power.

For now, if you have a home some place in the countryside, you can experiment all you like with these types of setups, and get all the experience you need to fine tune your equipment for obtaining the highest performance possible. The device does not require any batteries or external power sources, which makes it the perfect environmentally friendly energy solution for at least some of your energy requirements.

With the right Teslas generator blueprints, there is no reason why you can't create a stable, viable source of energy built with low cost materials to last for a practically indefinite amount of time and considerably reduce your energy costs.

Tesla Experiment Plans

Nikolas Blueprints

The race for finding the best Tesla experiment plans has been on for quite a while, as people all over the world discover the wonders of this seemingly miraculous invention that can provide sustainable energy for an unlimited period of time.

Nikola Tesla is one of the most renowned inventors and scientists who ever lived, his numerous patents and contributions earning him a reputation that is extremely hard, if not impossible to beat. He is mostly known for designing the famous Tesla coil which is used to produce high voltage, low current electricity.

One of his most practical experiments, however, involved the use of what he called "radiant energy" in order to provide a sustainable power source that he wanted to make available to everyone. While his initial work was somewhat inconsistent, his legacy lives on through his experiment plans and inventions and through the numerous practical improvements that have been brought to them over recent years.

The Numerous Advantages of a Tesla Generator

The Tesla electric generator is one of the few power generation devices which are actually free in all regards without being inconsistent. While not all versions of the device offer the same level of performance, the most advanced types are able to produce a steady flow of hundreds of joules, which if very difficult to obtain without using any type of fuel.

Some have compared these devices to solar energy panels, as they basically use the same source (although, in different ways), and are both able to provide environmentally friendly energy without the use of any additional batteries or gadgets.

The difference is that, while solar panels cannot produce any amount of electricity during the night due to the absence of sunlight, Tesla generators are able to do so because the electrostatic field of the earth is always present, retaining the charge provided by the sun through its radiation (the "cosmic energy" that Tesla often talked about).

Also, with the amount of money you would pay to install a solar panel array or a wind turbine powerful enough to provide the type of energy you need to power your whole household you can get enough Tesla generators to power an entire block of flats which is saying something in terms of financial advantages.

Unlike other types of generators, a Tesla aerial generator doesn't come with any amount of waste products, fumes or emissions of any type, and you don't need to use expensive fuels that could potentially harm the environment. This is a big plus for eco enthusiasts who have likely been looking for a device that would fit these requirements for a long time.

Of course, building an array of Tesla generators powerful enough to provide your entire home with enough energy to power all your electronic gadgets and appliances may involve an extensive amount of work. The good news is, however, that you only have to do it once, since with the right Tesla experiment plans, you will not need to fine tune the device too much before you are able to get the most out of it.

The design of most Tesla generators is also quite flexible, so while you might be able to build smaller, less complicated versions that can charge a cell phone or maybe produce enough power to illuminate a light bulb, there are numerous ways in which you can expand on the circuit and modify the shape or size of the antenna in order to create additional energy.

Some may consider this to be difficult, however, even the most complex circuit diagram or Tesla experiment schematics used for enhancing the power of the generator are not that difficult to understand. With only a few hours of research and the willingness to get your hands dirty soldering a few components to a circuit board, your new Tesla generator can be ready in no time at all.

Putting Together Your Own Tesla Experiment Plans

Regardless of the types of Tesla experiment blueprints you may use, the basic principle of the device has to stay the same. The antenna plate material has to provide an optimal way of drawing upon positive and negative electricity for the purpose of maximizing the charge that it would be able to draw.

The other mandatory requirement is the presence of a grounding plate or rod that has to be firmly secured in the ground and connected with appropriate wiring to the rest of the circuit. For safety reasons, additional precautions may also be needed in case of sudden energy spikes or even lightning.

Apart from these generally known requirements, you basically have the freedom to alter the original Tesla experiment schematics as you wish, provided that you follow the general rule according to which the device works.

There are many examples you could get inspiration from in this regard. For instance, some have altered the original circuit created by Tesla, adding several capacitors and diodes in order to regulate the flow of the current, achieving better stability and even higher electric current readings.

Others have modified the height and shape of the antenna in order to improve its ability of pulling positive electricity from the atmosphere. Some of these designs may even involve seemingly exaggerated heights that could be impractical when used in the city (and may also earn you a fine in some cases if you don't ask for permission to set up your device).

The best place to put together your Tesla generator is in the open countryside, preferably on a hill or mountain where you can reach higher altitudes with your antenna without being hindered by urban disturbances. Here you can get all the readings you need, and perhaps even fine tune both the antenna and the circuit (depending on the possibilities that it allows) in order to achieve the best possible results.

There are many other considerations that one would take into account when working on a new version of the Tesla experiment plans, but these are some of the most important ones; and with the right information you can go very far with your experiments, perhaps even come up with the next top class version of the Tesla generator that you can use to get even more zero cost energy than anyone else.

Tesla Generator Scam

They thought Nikolas generator was a hoax - How wrong they were

There are numerous Tesla generator scam claims running around that may suggest that the famous Tesla generator may be worthless. The word itself, however, is a very strong one, and before we can label anything as a scam, we have to look at the whole story from all angles, and create an informed conclusion.

Now, are there scams on the internet? Of course, the internet is practically full of people trying to take advantage of others' needs by putting together a set of largely valueless information or assembling a useless product that they would then sell for a certain amount of money. This is no secret and it has been going on for quite a while, so, in this regard the advice is valid: be careful what you buy.

In our case, however, we are simply trying to find out whether or not Tesla's generator works or it is simply the basis for an opportunity that some have exploited in order to take people's money. There are many different opinions in this regard, however, most claim that the principles on which the generator is built are valid and that the generator itself can be made to produce cost-free energy.

Scams on the Internet

Nowadays, the internet provides a means for many activities to be undertaken quite easily. Communication is instant, you can get news on your favorite sports and TV shows, information on just about any subject under the sky or free computer programs to do anything you want. There is also software that can allow virtually anyone to build a website and market their products without much hassle.

Unfortunately, this latter possibility has opened up new avenues for scammers to create and market their relatively cheap "products" to unsuspecting buyers. While many of the devices and blueprints you can find on the internet are indeed genuine, not all will offer the type of quality for the price that one would expect.

Scammers generally target niches that are largely sought after by people who browse the internet on a regular basis, such as books, various dietary products and supplements and lately – electricity generators.

Now, while this may be cause for concern for those who are not very knowledgeable about the types of devices that can and can't provide the types of results that scammers may claim their products can offer, it doesn't mean that practically every marketed product is a scam. Quite on the contrary, there have been many important breakthroughs in science that allowed new types of devices to be constructed, tested and proven to be genuine.

As it is often the case, however, there are many who have the knowledge to create sound marketing techniques to promote products that are relatively inexpensive, but don't offer the functionality they are marketed for. As a result, great care has to be taken when you consider buying any type of device or blueprint.

Is the Tesla Generator a Scam?

If you have heard of the Tesla radiant energy generator, and you want to know whether or not it is a scam, you may have read some of the posts and comments on various blogs and forum sites that talk about Tesla generator scam rumors. Of course, it is not a good idea to believe everything you find; however, in order to determine whether or not something actually is a scam, you will need to do some serious research on the matter.

As it happens, Tesla was quite a brilliant inventor. He was said to have been able to memorize entire books, and some claim that in his later years he had completed his work on a "dynamic theory of gravity", which was never published, however.

One of his most illustrious works, however, was his discovery of radiant energy in 1889, which would eventually prove to be the main principle involved in the construction of the Tesla generator. His determination was fueled by the fact that Heinrich Hertz, another important scientific mind of the 19th century, had claimed to have discovered the existence of electromagnetic waves.

Apart from replicating the experiments that Hertz had made, Tesla also added his own spin to his research, using abrupt DC electric discharges to eventually discover a new type of force that he called "radiant energy". However, his experiments were based on a completely new domain of physics involving abrupt discharges of electrostatic potentials which was not regarded as a valid discovery at the time simply because most scientists could not understand it.

Nevertheless, Tesla continued his work on the obscure phenomenon of radiant energy, and, in his later years, claimed to have been able to assemble a generator model that could use this untapped resource to provide free electricity for powering people's homes.

Now, a large part of Tesla's work was kept under supervision by the US government after his death, however, some claim that much of the information has leaked out quite recently, so that some scientists were able to study his work and completely understand the functioning principles of the Tesla generator.

With all the talk about government cover-ups and conspiracies, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly who was able to put together a functional version of the generator, and which are the scams; however it is quite clear that there are many generators based on Tesla's theories that work quite well today.

There are many articles on the subject, and some have even provided blueprints and schematics to show how the generator works. Also, you may even find some videos of models built by people who state that they were able to use Tesla's generator to charge a cell phone or other home appliances, for instance.

If you are interested in learning more about the way Tesla's generator works, however, don't be discouraged by those who would claim that Tesla's work is unfounded and outdated, since there is still a lot that we can learn from the brilliant scientist that has not yet been fully revealed. All in all, don't believe all the Tesla generator scam rumors, as the device is proven to work, but don't just trust anyone either - do a little research before deciding to buy a certain version of the device or of the blueprints.

A Mystery Still Unsolved

Tesla’s Free Energy Generator

Nikola Tesla’s free energy generator represents one of the biggest secrets of the 20th century. Tesla’s contribution in the fields of magnetism and electric power was revolutionary, including a motor using alternative current, paving the way for the second industrial revolution.

He has been the most famous man of his time, more famous than any other inventor or scientist, considered eccentric because of some of his statements regarding free energy that seemed bizarre at that time but have been proved to be true after decades.

Tesla was alone, and many thought he was crazy, because of his misunderstood genius. He died very poor, at the age of 86, after being a millionaire, and missed the opportunity to become the first billionaire in dollars in the world.

Tesla’s main competitor was another genius of the past century, Thomas Edison. Due to the fact that they activated and conducted researches in the same fields, led to a fierce rivalry between them and made them undertake actions that denoted poor judgments, being based on resentments.

Edison was also one of the great inventors of the modern era, his name being associated with the incandescent light bulb, the first technique of sound recording, the film projector and many hundreds of other patents.

The main difference between Edison and Tesla was represented by their personality and their way of communicate with people. Tesla was an introverted man, mastered by obsessions, quirks and phobias. A convinced celibate, he argued that only the absolute chastity would help him with his discoveries and inventions.

He hated jewelry, especially earrings with pearls. His admirers said he was polite, honest, modest and generous. He loved birds and used to talk to them in parks, which was an argument for his detractors to call him a lunatic. A connoisseur of fine wines and delicacies, he became a vegetarian in his late years, convinced that being a carnivore is a barbarism.

On the other hand, Thomas Edison was a flamboyant personality, capable to attract the masses and guide them according to his interests. He knew how to be popular and how to sell his inventions, a quality which made him a lot more influential among his peers than Tesla was.

Combined with his rival’s lack of charisma, Edison used this conjuncture to isolate Nikola Tesla and build him, together with his supporters, a negative reputation.. Many false legends circulated at the time about Tesla’s psychiatric problems and eccentricities, these accusations making the genial scientist to eventually live and die as an outcast.

Nikola Tesla – A Victim of the Global Powers?

A unit of the magnetic flux is named after Tesla. He helped creating the precursor of the robotics and remote control industry, the radar and the computer, while the progress of the ballistics and nuclear physics are also based on Tesla’s plans. He is considered the true inventor of the radio, the man who founded the technology of the 20th century and the founding father of electrical engineering, all these enormous realizations making him a huge danger for those with financial and political interests.

His inventions suggest that he was very close to a groundbreaking discovery, the famous Tesla’s free energy device capable of sustaining the function of even the most complicated machine, and providing at the same time obvious advantages over the devices based on conventional energy: maneuverability, energetic autonomy, lower cost, a simple understanding of the components, easy maintenance, superior efficiency and reduced pollution.

There have been attempts to assemble all the information, but this enigma lacks more than an empty space. The true connoisseurs of this phenomenon are those who have hidden the data and deleted the tracks of Tesla’s experiments very well. The global businesses of the corporations, that is producing hundreds of billions of dollars, are kept alive today through the same systematic disinformation. Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of these corporations that make their profit using all the economical and political methods available.

What Are the Theories about Tesla’s Generator?

Tesla’s free energy generator’s schematics suggest that a potential energy source for his device were the magnetic currents, a domain where Tesla patented some extraordinary inventions, whose effects are used even in the most advanced technologies today, like the electro magnetic motor.

Another theory, sustained by a number of scientists, presumes that the Tesla’s free energy device used electric power for its functioning. The argument is based on the fact that in the early 20th century, Tesla invented a car engine working with electrical energy. Most of the passers-by were amazed because this car, unlike the machines produced at that time, was silent and non-polluting. The engine was powered by alternative current from a receptor of energy capable to produce 80 hp at over 1800 rpm.

These represented incredible numbers for the 1930’s and the components involved were extremely innovative, the equivalent of the cutting-edge space technology used today. In principle, to evaluate the efficiency of a device, you have to measure very well the energy consumes, the energy it produces and then calculate the yield of the system. The measurements must be reproducible. There is a branch of technology calculating these numbers, referred to as metrology.

Tesla has influenced the design of the cars of his time drastically and replaced the normal engine, functioning on petrol, with an electric one, making cars more viable and increasing their efficiency. The frictions of the electrons in the electric systems occur for all metals (conductors) and create a resistance which means that part of the electricity is transformed into heat which is lost, causing the yield to be less than 1.

This accomplishment is a lot more important than it seems at first glance, because he has managed to create the first (and maybe the last) car based on free power until the late part of the 20th century, and this achievement showed to the humanity that Tesla’s free energy generator could have and can still be the solution for their energetic independence.

The Best Free Power invention ever?

Tesla Power Generator

The Tesla power generator is, feasibly, the best invention in terms of alternative, eco-friendly energy, as well as Nikola Tesla’s proud creation that could produce a drastic change for the future of mankind.

Nikola Tesla, the Father of Electricity, Invents a Life-Changing Generator

Nikola Tesla was a creative genius, one of the pioneers of electricity, whose engineering endeavours secured him both a place among the great names of science, but also powerful enemies who fought to keep him unknown to the wide public for almost a century. But Tesla needs to be known and celebrated, as his AC generator, converter and motor, have kept machines going from one century to another. Motors developed in the 1880s have functioned very well even in the 1920s, and the merits belong entirely to Nikola.

But the real reason why Tesla is making the headlines nowadays is because of an invention he announced in the 1890s, an electrical generator than can be built by anyone, harvesting energy from the Sun which is, afterwards, stored in the earth and distributed by this generator, both day and night, unlike solar panels or wind turbines.

The reason we have not heard of this Tesla power generator is because the great electrical energy moguls got scared thinking of what they could lose if Tesla’s discovery really turned into reality, so they cut off his funding, leaving him penniless. His papers and his work were seized by the US government shortly after he died, therefore putting to rest his potential breakthrough inventions, and, he was slowly left to fade into obscurity. No real electrical generator, based on his blueprints, was ever built, which meant that the only available energy came from the companies that enriched their portfolios over the years.

However, in the 1990s, some of his work leaked and got to a group of independent scientist, who, after analyzing it and discovering the plans for the Tesla power machine, decided to build it, and, more importantly, to make the documents public. This is exactly what Tesla wanted: to create a device that can offer free electric power to every household, school and building in the world, thus preventing a monopoly of state-owned or big electrical energy corporations worldwide.

Nikola’s generator was designed to work without fuel, which makes it not only a viable option compared to the possibilities available today, but, more notably, an eco-friendly one. And for those who do not believe this is possible, Tesla left explicit designs in which he clearly described, in both words and drawings, his theory on how such a device could properly operate.

Another thing on which Nikola based his arguments for the usage of such a generator relates to the components necessary to build it. According to the great engineer, you do not need rare materials, nor expensive ones, but simple, available resources, which, nowadays, can be found even at the electronics store in your neighbourhood.

And, although Nikola wrote his theories in a time when technology was at a certain level, his knowledge and his vision for the future, as well as his strong sense of what the world might end up to be, led him to create masterpieces and to rely on long-lasting options. The best proof resides in the usage of many of his discoveries and inventions in the real world, even today. The science has advanced, indeed, but some pillars need to be kept intact.

The Functionality and Usage of the Tesla Generator in Today’s Busy World

We all pay for electricity, no matter where we live in this world. Even in poor countries, there are places where electricity is needed and used. So, it is a truly required, suitable resource we cannot live without. But, as useful as it is, we always complain we have to pay a lot for our electricity bills. Prices have gone up in these last years, mostly because of the discoveries regarding the exhaustion of several of life’s resources, as well as of the threat that we are slowly destroying our planet. Faced with these circumstances, electric energy corporations decided to raise the energy prices, while environmentalist and scientists, whose purpose is to help humankind survive and grow, have decided to look for other sources of energy.

And this is where Tesla’s power device comes into discussion. It is also why it has received such an attention lately that it creates controversies. People want to know if it is really the solution they are all looking for. Wind turbines and solar panels are a great discovery, but they are bound to certain aspects that rend them not 100% useful and efficient. After all, if you leave in a windless area, you cannot hope to get energy from wind turbines. And, the big issue with solar panels is that during night they do not charge, so, you have to make sure you stored enough to last you the entire night. So, with all these issues, Tesla’s device seems like the vision we were all waiting for.

A lot of questions have been asked, and most have received answers when it comes to the true functionality of Tesla’s generator. One major achievement, that cannot be denied, is that you can have electrical energy without spending a fortune, like it happens now with the electricity companies. And this is because Nikola based his researches on the concept of free energy. He worked around it, stating that electric power is available universally, in unlimited quantities, just waiting for humans to harness it.

Thanks to Tesla, you can now get power to control any electrical device, from cell phones – as most recent studies and experiments on his generator were used on these devices, proving the utility and veracity of Tesla’s generator – to refrigerators, and, eventually, your entire house. Furthermore, Nikola designed his device to be portable, thus making it useful even in isolated or high altitude places.

Many people were afraid to try it because they thought they would not be able to build it and make it function. But, thanks to the blueprints and books available on the market today, anyone can put such a machine together.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your blueprints and your book and start building that Tesla power generator today!

Plans for a Brighter Future

The Tesla Generator Blueprints

There are, without a doubt, a great number of discussions revolving around the Tesla generator blueprints that can be found on the internet today. Many people still know very little about Tesla's work due to the fact that he was not kept in high regards in his time, and much of his work is still shrouded in mystery.

However, the plans involving the construction of a free energy generator that uses what Tesla used to call "radiant energy" are real, and are known by many people who have put them into application. You'd be surprised to find out how well some of the devices Tesla had built can perform, and many consider them to be excellent power generating devices that can and will be perfected in the future.

With the numerous problems related to power consumption and the growth of the global population that are threatening the well-being of humanity as a whole, the search for reliable alternative energy sources has never been greater. It is only fitting that Tesla's genius and dedication would come to the rescue in these times of need.

The Controversy Revolving around Tesla's Blueprints

Despite the fact that the generator designed by Tesla is a perfectly good working model that has been redesigned in recent years to provide quite an extensive amount of renewable energy, there is still much controversy revolving around these devices.

The fact is that many consider the generator to be a hoax created by people who wish to exploit the desire for energy independence that people have today. On the internet, you will likely be able to find numerous web pages talking about the Tesla generator schematics that seem to have been hidden by the American government for more than 90 years.

While some aspects of this theory may be exaggerated, the actual blueprints that describe the functionality of Tesla's first working radiant energy generators were actually known for a long time, and the lack of information is the only reason why people have yet to hear about them.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to prove that any scientific experiment might work without actually trying it out, and because people already regard the blueprints as a scam, very few have been willing to try them out for themselves.

In order to understand the blueprints and be able to discuss their validity, one requires some knowledge about the way in which electricity works, and perhaps even some insight on Tesla's initial findings themselves. In order to build the device, and actually make it work, however, the only requirements are an open mind and the right schematics.

Because of the simplicity of Tesla's generator, however, few people are inclined to believe that it actually works. This is a curious development that some say (ironically) stems from the development of advanced technological applications that would promote the image and appearance of a particular product, while causing its functional aspects to fade into the background.

It is no wonder that people still depend on large companies to provide them with electricity, despite the fact that the Tesla generator blueprints have been available for more than 100 years. We are often so inclined towards keeping things the same that we lose track of how much power we have to turn our lives around.

Tesla recognized that power and wanted to use it for the improvement of humanity and the production of new free energy systems that would transform our lives as we know them. It would be a pity to overlook the enormous potential of the applications he has designed just because they "seem unlikely" to be of any practical value.

The Future Application of Tesla's Plans

Fortunately, as technology continues to evolve, people are starting to understand that free power is in fact possible. Tesla knew this to be true for a long time, however, his efforts were silenced by those who had the power to cut the funding of his research.

Nevertheless, because of Tesla's efforts, the world has changed greatly, and some estimate that it will continue to do so in the future. His research and experiments revolving around the concept of radiant energy has led him to offering one of the greatest inventions ever: the Tesla generator.

Now, the practical applications of the generator are only starting to surface, as, a couple of years ago, a few engineers have managed to alter Tesla's original plans to produce an extensive amount of energy with the device. They claim, however, that in the future, Tesla generators might be able to power entire homes and even cities, as the potential for expanding the work, while depending on the technological advancements of the day, are only limited by the creative thinking of the individuals working on the various tests and experiments.

The nature of Tesla's electric generator is such that anyone could easily understand it without too much effort. The principle that it is based on can be explained in only a few simple sentences, and has been known for a long time.

The basic difficulty involved in maximizing the efficiency of the generator involves the fine tuning of the antenna and the construction of a type of circuit that could efficiently use it to exploit the unlimited amount of radiant energy that is present in our environment.

Tesla's numerous experiments and papers written about the phenomena over a span of 40 years are some of the best places to start in this regard, and with more and more scientists who are willing to continue his research and experimentation, it can be estimated that a more compact and powerful version of the generator can be constructed in the next couple of decades, version that can power a home easily, without the addition of any other energy source.

Some engineers are even trying to reproduce Tesla's work on providing wireless transfer of energy, however, the progress in this direction has been slow. Nevertheless, it can safely be said that, after some of the incredible findings of the last couple of decades, the world is ready for a new breakthrough in the science of free energy production. According to many experts, the Tesla generator blueprints may be considered as the catalyst that has already started this change.

No Cost Electricity

Tesla Free Energy Is More than Just a Dream

Thanks to the studies and experiments of Nikola Tesla, free energy is now a valid concept, a milestone in the field of modern physics, although the distinction between the various free energy sources has yet to be clarified.

They are all free and have been on Earth ever since the dawn of the planet, independent of us, human beings. Regarding the so-called called green energy sources, all the renewable energy except the tidal and geothermal sources are, in fact, derived from solar energy, the Sun being Earth's primary energy source that generates and supports all the biological processes. These sources will remain unchanged for a long time, just as nature and our planet withstood pollution, wars and natural disasters for a very long period of time.

Why Free Energy Is Still Not Available to Us on a Large Scale?

There are several technologies that use free power like the light and heat of the sun, the water or the wind, but, even if they use energy sources with no cost, the devices meant to capture the energy and convert it to electricity sometimes end up with prices too high for the common homeowners.

This makes us wonder why, with all the technological development of the last years, and with all the modern equipment converting the alternative energy in other forms of power (such as electricity, heat or fuel), free energy is still not available to all of us, at least for smaller costs.

A possible explanation is often given by those who are involved in the green and renewable energy business. They say that, because it is a relatively new industry, using cutting-edge and innovative technology, its price is going to be significantly higher than that of the regular installations.

At the same time, another answer for the large cost of the devices using such a advanced technology is the fact that companies seek the return of their investments in these areas as fast as possible, considering that technological changes in the industry of the alternative energy take place very quickly and components need to be replaces within a short time.

This is also one of the reasons, or at least that is what the major corporations claim, why the blueprints of the Tesla free energy generator drawings and chematics where never taken into account.

The main consequence of using this generator would be the huge quantity of energy obtained from clean and eco friendly sources, through processes and technologies with a very low degree of pollution. During the last decades, there was a great leap in the development of technology but, unfortunately, many of the devices used by the general population remained unchanged in terms of how they work and the fuels they use.

What changed is only the performance, improved. So to give an example, the engines functioning based on internal combustion work today on the same principle they did more than a century ago, the only notable changes referring to efficiency.

There have been indeed some significant changes and improvements: 100 years ago, you could not imagine that a vehicle moving on the ground could reach speeds faster than 30 km/h, while the limits of the speeds today seem ridiculous, breaking even the barrier of sound. The same thing happened with the fuel consumption that has been greatly reduced due to the technological improvements and overall performances.

Tesla’s Energy Weapons – Myth or Truth

It is known that Nikola Tesla led campaigns against the military and economic conflicts and that he did not want to give to the government his schematics of a guided torpedo, at that time the United States being in a prolonged war with Spain. But, during both of the first and the second world wars he provided to America and England amazing and effective plans to quickly put an end to the war and destroy Germany.

Why they were not used is another matter, perhaps there were other interests and strategies, maybe it was another secret weapon, very powerful and easy to build, that was to be launched only in extreme situations, like the nuclear weapons.

It is presumed that Tesla discovered the powerful rays of death, in different versions, from 1934 to 1937, culminating with the ultimate weapon, the progressive destroyer of quantum matter (supposedly the infamous Philadelphia experiment) continued by the physicists at the Microwave-Nun of the U.S. in the Bermuda Triangle.

Ironically, because of his adversaries, he has been mocked and denigrated unfairly, even in America. Only in the last decades did until then obscure and despised Tesla start to regain his reputation among the top scientists of the 20th century, with Albert Einstein. A little known fact is that, even if Tesla did not have a computer, in 1898, he built the basics of the relay computer, the programming languages and the robotics.

Other experiments have proven once more that the Tesla free power generator was possible to be built. In a demonstration that took place at the Technical University of Delft in Holland, the professor Muammer Yildriz showed the possibility of producing electric power using magnets. This does not necessarily mean that the engines functioning on fossil fuels will disappear soon, but such a device represents a viable alternative for conventional energy.

Although the engine propelled by magnets worked for only 10 minutes and had a power of only 250 W, it is an important step in the exploitation of the free energy sources provided by the environment with a much less toxic effect on the planet.

The basics for the Tesla free power apparatus have been set more than 100 years ago, but when John Pierpont Morgan, the famous businessman, realized that this machine would bring serious losses to his business, he interrupted the financial support for Tesla’s experiments.

Unfortunately, geniuses like Nicola Tesla, sold for money and influence, died sad, poor and lonely, taking comfort in one thought: that someone, one day, would give their brilliant discoveries to the mankind for free. Even if the Tesla free energy generator was one of the best kept secrets of science, things have changed, and everyone can now use it to escape the tyranny of the electricity companies.

Hoax Clains Dismissed

The Tesla Technolgy is Clearly Real

People have kept researching the Tesla generator hoax topic, as the imminent direction of energy seems to be the exhaustion of the world fuel supplies and the need for finding a better energy solution.

Nikola Tesla, a brilliant Serbian-American scientist, inventor and engineer, also known for being at odds with Thomas Edison, was considered a genius and one of the pioneers of commercial energy, being regarded even today as the developer of the contemporary alternating current (AC) electrical source system. Almost forgot throughout the years, his name came back in the spotlight with the impeding problems the world is facing nowadays, being associated with an alternative energy solution.

Why the Talk about the Tesla Generator?

The quest for alternate sources of energy is accentuating with every day that passes, bringing up topics never discussed before, long forgotten or discussed but with minimum or no results. The Tesla generator is part of these topics.

The Tesla generator hoax came up just like any other topic concerned with the safety and functionality of the products considered life changing. The generator offers a viable solution to the energy problem, also making a big step towards the future: giving people the option of produce the energy they need by themselves and take control over an important part of their lives.

Starting as an experiment, just like many of Tesla’s invention, this generator seemed wrapped in mystery and suppositions. While some doubted its efficiency, others were afraid of the implications. There were also some who would have tried anything to put an end to the electricity companies’ rip-off, and others who would have done everything to prevent them from succeeding.

It is therefore no wonder that on quite a few occasions Tesla’s generator was referred to as scam. As not much proof towards its functionality is available, people have to rely on what the others say, on what the others have tried and succeeded in or not, or, simply to rely on the word of the energy companies after their fat bills.

Why Choose the Tesla Generator?

Because it is different, because it is reliable, because you can build it yourself and because it is based on the ideas of one man who has dedicated his entire life to the study of energy, and whose readings were so important that the US government seized his researches and all relevant information shortly after he died.

We all know that if a government – more importantly, the US government – pays interest in something, then it has to be either something bad, dangerous, or something that would change the world. With Tesla, following his life and career, it is definitely the second option.

Do not get fooled: the hoax is only for those who do want to open their eyes and see the truth. Looking back at examples of Tesla’s ideas being applied in the world, we have the well-known Tesla coils, applied in x-rays, the wireless conduction of electrical energy, etc.

With so many appliances, there is no wonder the discussions on a Tesla generator scam somehow lose their meaning, especially if we consider their ulterior motives: the work of such a generator could actually put energy companies out of business or drastically reduce their influence on the energy market.

The fact that Nikola Tesla spent 30 years researching the potential of such a generator, using the funding provided by George Westinghouse and J.P Morgan, can do nothing but to underline his reliability.

But the Tesla generator is not only a good alternative to our already dying energy, it is also a cost-efficient one, the main reason why all the major electric energy providers gathered their forces and used their influence to stop Tesla’s researches.

Just think how good it would be to pay only $100 dollars to get what you need to build a Tesla generator yourself. Basically, you get a generator that needs no fuel, whose impact on human life, not to mention science, would be tremendous. No more energy profits for the big companies, just open-minded energy for people who want more!

We have already channelled wind and solar power, but with the Tesla generator system we can do more. All you need is an insulated metal plate notable up in the air, an addition on the ground, a wire, instructions on how to build a properly functional Tesla generator and the energy of the sun, which is free energy.

Basically, Tesla’s system is based on two natural factors: the earth and the sun, with the two working in close cooperation, as the sun is the most relevant source of energy, while the earth is its receiver, being a charged body that captures the energy emitted by the former.

But, as some of you might be saying and wondering, this is the initial diagram of how Tesla thought and how he imagined things functioned. In the meantime, new discoveries have given a spin to this idea, one of the failures in the system being considered the low flowing of the current, leading to oscillations and preventing the generator to produce constant energy. The initial blueprints have been thus corrected and improved.

The Tesla generator plans are now sure to do two things: free you from the manipulation and monopoly of the big electric energy companies and help you save on your energy bills, which mean a more efficient way of spending your money on the long run. And, what better moment to take the decisive step than now, when environmental issues are getting out of hand and everyone is looking for sustainable power alternatives. Even some of the big companies have started to direct their attention towards other means of sustainable energy.

The question that arises, however, is if you really want to depend on another company, or would rather help yourself to the benefits of having your own Tesla generator. Right now, you might want to believe the Tesla generator hoax discussions, but the truth is that this option viable, worthy of your leap of faith and a try-out.

Secret Green Tesla Energy

Science and Forbidden Energies

If you are concerned about the continuously increasing expenses of the electricity bill and you want to cut them off somehow, maybe you will be interested to find out something amazing: thanks to the Tesla secret generator, you can have free energy now!

Nikola Tesla - A Great Man of Science

This great physicist and inventor studied and worked in the United States, a country that offered better conditions for his research and experiments than his country of origin, Serbia. With more than 130 invention patents registered to his name, Tesla surpassed Edison both in popularity and in the practical value of his discoveries. Perhaps the most important of these was the way electrical power can be conducted without wires.

It is hard for modern day people to realize the way in which the world was changed due to that invention, and, in that respect, it is important for us to mention that without it no portable device, like an MP3 player or mobile phone, would exist. Seeing the multiple applications involved, important financial and industrial corporations offered their support for Tesla to continue his work.

Of course, the big plan of all these executives was to gather huge piles of money out of the new inventions of the scientist, as they did before. So, it came as a big shock for them when the scientist made a public announcement in 1934, that he had figured out a way to produce absolutely free electric power, with the help of a simple device and using cosmic energy as a primary source for the final product.

Fearing that the enormous profits achieved so far would shrink and would totally vanish in the end, Tesla's former supporters started to spread all kind of lies about him, questioning his mental health and all his past achievements. These financial institutions and energy producing corporations made everything in their power to discredit the physicist both in the academic community and among the common people.

In the end, the inventor's good name was utterly compromised, and his career as a scientist was ruined. Moreover, all of his manuscripts were seized after his death, and mankind was deprived of an immense chance of having 100% free energy out of cosmic energy.

Tesla Secret Generator - A Fresh Start

However, the truth eventually surfaced. In the early 1990s, a group of scientists, who were great admirers of Tesla's work, announced that a great part of notes and blueprints of this device came in their possession.

They conducted new tests, performed with modern means, and the results were very accurate, forcing the whole scientific community to admit the immense error made 80 years before. The conclusion of all these experiments was that the cost-free production of electrical power is possible, beyond the shadow of doubt.

In spite of the various scientific proofs, the companies that produce and sell electrical energy to the population carry on with their negative campaigns, calling this brilliant invention a scam. Although their reaction toward Tesla secret device is less virulent than eight decades ago, they are not thrilled about the idea of losing a big chunk of the fat profits they made all this while.

Most of the people ignore them, but others still hesitate to enjoy the benefits that come with using this great discovery. First of all, we really need this alternative energy. The fossil fuels reserves almost dried out, and mankind risks to totally run out of them in the next fifty years.

Besides, the ecosystem suffered greatly because of the reckless exploitation of resources. The electrical power produced with the help of this apparatus is not only costless, but it can also be considered a sort of green energy. No poisonous gases are emitted in the process, nor are there any kinds of dangerous substances released in the atmosphere.

Of course, this is not the only attempt to draw benefits from the energy offered by the natural elements, by transforming it into the necessary electricity for the proper functioning of our household devices. Solar panels and wind turbines are two famous examples of how people are able to succeed in this task.

These are also ways to provide a completely free electrical power. However, there are two major differences between these and the Tesla secret invention. First of all, obtaining both solar and wind power depends entirely on weather conditions. You cannot use either of the two types of energy if you live in an area with calm air currents or predominantly rainy weather.

Secondly, if you want to use solar or wind generated energy, prepare your wallet, because the initial investment is substantial. You will pay a few tens of thousands of dollars. By using Tesla's generator to produce the needed electrical power to fuel your home, you will not encounter any of these inconveniences.

The parts are easy to find, and they are also very cheap, costing close to nothing. With just about a hundred dollars, you will be able to purchase everything you need for the project. Besides, the entire machine is very easy to build, and all you have to do is put together the components in the same way and order as shown in the plans. If you are a fan of “do-it-yourself” projects, and you also possess some basic technical skills, the whole operation is a piece of cake.

However, you must not expect miracles from a single device. It is only a small piece of a bigger puzzle, if you are interested to completely give up on the traditional electricity sources. Of course, the difference becomes rapidly noticed, and the amount you have to pay on a monthly basis for this type of services reduces considerably.

Consider this as an encouraging step that will help you build more such cost free electricity generating devices. It is a great way to become completely independent from others, and to own your electrical power plant. You will be able to supply your home with energy, save money and keep the environment cleaner at the same time. And all this is possible thanks to the Tesla secret generator - a great invention wrongfully neglected for nearly 80 years.


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