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Tether iPhone to PC Laptop or Macbook Pro for Internet Sharing

Updated on May 13, 2012

How to Tether iPhone to Laptop or Macbook for Internet Sharing

- Want to access the internet anywhere on your PC laptop or Macbook where you have coverage on your iPhone?

- Want to avoid airport WiFi and hotel Internet fees?

- Are you always mobile? Work meetings, conferences or trips away with the family?

The ability to share your iPhone's internet with your Mac computer or PC laptop is pretty neat, however there is a BIG problem with it.

Nearly all carriers have started to crack down on unauthorized tethering. AT&T has recently sent customers emails saying they are going to take away their Unlimited data plan and put them on a $45/mo 4GB tethering plan if they continue to tether!

As more and more people want to be able to connect their laptops from anywhere, the ability to do it in a way that avoids paying outrageous monthly charges becomes key.

Luckily there is a cool tethering app that let's you do just that!

Read on...

tethering iphone to laptop
tethering iphone to laptop

Why Tether Anyways..?

The only point to tethering is if you can do it in a way that avoids paying the extra pay-for-use data charges from your network carrier. If you can't do that - what's the point!? I'm certainly not going to be tethering if I get a bill that will make my eyes water.

Unfortunately every major USA carrier (and probably most English speaking countries now) have banned people from using their iPhone data plan for tethering unless they are paying the carrier's tethering fee. This could amount to 50$+ per month.

So can we get away from this?

Is there a tethering app that lets you hide your tethering usage without the carriers finding out?

Yes there is!

tether iphone to laptop
tether iphone to laptop

Hide Tethering from Carriers!

The best iPhone tethering apps

The first thing to do is to jailbreak your iPhone if you haven't done so already.

Once you've jailbroken your iPhone, there are 3 different tethering apps in the Cydia store.

One is called MyWi. Unfortunately, despite being the most popular app, the developers of MyWi haven't taken any measures to hide tethering from carriers.

However, after spending days researching, I've found two that both hide tethering from your carrier: TetherMe and PdaNet. TetherMe costs $4.99 in Cydia (a bargain compared to the $20 MyWi), and PdaNet is a little more expensive at $14.99.

TetherMe is simple to use and edits APNs to hide it from carriers. It's also the cheapest.

Personally, I like Pdanet more because it offers a more advanced feature set. I'm not that technical, but to me, it appears that it does more to hide your tethering.

You can choose for example between "Level 1" or basic level to "Level 2" and more advanced hiding.

In my opinion, it is great to know that their is a development community out there that has decided to stand-up against these greedy companies to provide people with free tethering.

How does Pdanet disguise usage?

Tether iPhone to Laptop

From what I understand, one of the ways that Pdanet tries to disguise the usage is by using the phone's regular data APN rather than the APN used by the tethering option. From there, it could probably do more crafty things to packets to make them look more like iPhone activity, but it may just become a cat-mouse game similar to jailbreaking.

Most iPhone users don't even come near to consuming enough data on their iPhones so as to raise a carrier's interest. If you stay below that 5GB cap on your "unlimited" data plan and there is a small chance your carrier will care. But, there is still a risk so be careful. Use it sparingly or only as an occasional backup (like the anecdote in the review) and you'll likely fly under the radar.

Tether iPhone to Laptop Computer

The creation of the laptop has changed the way the world looks at computing. Because they are so portable, people often carry them wherever they go. However, there are still some locations where the computer would be unable to connect to the internet. This is why a way was created to tether iPhone to laptop.

Tethering is another to say that the cellphone shares its data connection with other devices. When activated, the cellphone becomes a mobile hotspot that transmits a Wi-Fi signal that other devices, including laptops, can pick up. Because cell phone coverage is so widespread, the likelihood of being able to receive a signal is much greater than depending solely on Wi-Fi.

All one has to do is contact his/her phone service provider and arrange to have tethering enabled. This will increase one's data availability in the data package, but it will also cost more. Whenever possible, it is a good idea to try and get an unlimited data plan in order to save money.

Next, it will be necessary to alter the phone's settings to turn on the internet tethering or personal hotspot. The iPhone will prompt for a password to secure the network it creates so that others can not access the signal without authorization and use up one's data and/or bandwidth. The phone will now broadcast a Wi-Fi signal that the computer can pick up.

The portable computer will show a list of available networks. One should bear the same name as the phone that is broadcasting. Simply click on this and enter the correct password to access the signal and surf the Web using the phone as both modem and router. Knowing how to tether iPhone to laptop computers helps ensure one is never out of touch because there are many more places that receive cellular phone signals than there are locations with available Wi-Fi.

Had experience with tethering?

Have you used PDaNet? Any other app that hides tether usage.

Share your thoughts with others below.

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