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The Best Camera Bags for Women

Updated on January 31, 2013

What Are the Best Camera Bags for Women?

What Are the Best Camera Bags for Women? My girlfriend is into photography, and her birthday was coming up recently, so I wanted to get her something that she could really put to good use. I thought, why not get her a camera bag, so she can easily carry her camera around with her wherever she goes.

The thing is, once I started looking at all the different camera bags that are available, there are so many that it's hard to choose. To make things easier I decided to split all the womens camera bags into three main categories: Backpack Camera Bags, Small Camera Bags and Stylish Camera Bags.

As you can see, I managed to find a good selection of each type of bag. For example, if you're looking for a stylish camera bag, the Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag Walnut Fashionable Camera Bag is a fantastic choice, and doesn't even look like a camera bag at all! The only problem is it's a bit on the pricey side.

If you're looking for a more practical backpack style camera bag, there are still plenty to choose from. Some of them still have a feminine look, such as the Jill-E Kaleidoscope Camera Backpack or the Jill-E Baroque Camera Backpack. Alternatively, if you want something smaller to fit just the camera, the Laurel Compact Edition Nylon DSLR Camera Carrying Handbag is a great choice.

Stylish Camera Bags for Women

Carry your camera everywhere with you in style!

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Kelly Moore B-Hobo Walnut Fashionable Camera Bag

A stylish, comfortable bag to carry your camera wherever you go

Cameron Hobo DSLR Camera Bag/Case for Women

Holds Digital SLR Camera, Lens, Gadgets and Electronics

Tamrac Express 7 Camera Bag

Stylish upscale design with functionality that only a Tamrac camera bag provides

Koolertron Retro Brown PU leather DSLR shoulder Camera Bag

Classic, stylish and very useful camera bag. Has padded linning inside for.

Fujifilm 2011 Bowler Bag for Camera

Made from Faux Croc material, dual zipper top opening, 2 outer velcro pockets

Kelly Moore Classic Camera Bag

Designed to carry camera body, flash, 2-4 lenses, cords, phone, keys, wallet, batteries and lenses

Backpack Camera Bags for Women

Take all your camera kit anywhere in comfort

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Jill-E Baroque Camera Backpack

Durable, lightweight nylon with a top carrying handle, padded main interior and hook and loop dividers

Jill-E Kaleidoscope Camera Backpack

Durable, lightweight nylon with a top carrying handle, padded main interior and hook and loop dividers

Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG

For Canon EOS SLR Cameras. Bag fits two smaller SLR camera bodies, 3-4 lenses, and additional small accessories

AmazonBasics Backpack

Holds and protects 2 smaller SLR camera bodies, 3-4 lenses, and additional small accessories

Case Logic TBC-310 SLR Sling for Camera

Unique hammock system suspends camera inside the side-entry compartment for quick access

Case Logic TBC-307 SLR Camera Backpack

Fits SLR camera with lens attached as well as Tripod lashing straps, so you don't need to worry about carrying anything

Small Camera Bags for Women

For carrying just your camera

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Laurel Compact Edition Nylon DSLR Camera Carrying Handbag

Non-Scratch, Weather-Resistant DSLR Camera Bag // Interior dimensions: 6.5" X 5.7" X 4.0"

Ape Case Small SLR Holster Camera Bag

3-way carrying including Padded top handle, Integrated belt loop and removable, adjustable shoulder strap

Case Logic SLRC-205 SLR Camera Sling

SLR camera sling wears like a backpack but allows for instant access to your SLR and accessories. Hold camera and lens.

Lowepro Volta 20 Camera Case

Molded EVA foam construction provides a firm shell to protect contents from damage

Lowepro Ridge 30 Camera Case

Soft brushed-tricot lining protects digital equipment against dust and scratches

Case Logic SLRC-202 Medium SLR Bag

Compatible with most SLRs with a zoom lens. Hammock system suspends SLR.

Reasons for Getting a Camera Bag

Why not just any bag will do. You need a good quality camera bag.

Camera bags are great for carrying your camera and accessories. Of course, some people try to make do by just using a standard bag to carry their camera, such as a normal backpack. This is a mistake, because many camera bags are shaped to fit a camera, and the backpack style camera bags have padding and compartments to enable you to safely carry your camera and accessories without them getting damaged.

Camera bags have a number of benefits over standard bags, for example:

  • Small camera bags don't take up much space, and your camera fits neatly insite with padding to protect it.
  • Larger camera bags, such as the backpack style bags, contains multiple padded compartments for lenses and other accessories.
  • Stylish camera bags don't even look like camera bags, they just look like stylish bags that you would be proud to show off.
  • Having a camera bag means you can easily keep your camera with you wherever you go, so if you spot a photograph opportunity you are ready to shoot.

One of the Best Camera Bags for Women - Video featuring the Caselogic SLRC-202 Medium SLR Camera Bag

Choosing the Right Camera Bag

Which women's camera bag is best for you?

So, you want to get a camera bag, but you're not quite sure which type to get? Here we have featured three different types of camera bag: Stylish Camera Bags, Backpack Camera Bags, and Small Camera Bags. So, which type would best suit your needs?

Consider the following:

  • How big do you want the bag to be?
  • Do you own a digital SLR or a compact camera?
  • Do you need to be able to carry lenses and other accessories in your camera bag?
  • Do you want it to look like a stylish lady's bag rather than a typical camera bag?
  • How much money are you going to spend on your camera bag?
  • Are you serious about photography?
  • Do you do a lot of outdoor photography?

Whichever camera bag you get, make sure it is the right bag for your needs. For example, don't just get a small bag if you have lots of lenses to carry. On the other hand, there's no point getting a big backpack if you're only going to be carrying your camera and no other accessories.

Do you own one of the camera bags in this lens? Or do you own a bag which you think is better than those featured here? Feel free to share your thoughts...

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      Amazing selection, well done! amazing stuff thanx.

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      harric 5 years ago

      Hi, this was really useful when a guest lost her bag last week whilst staying at my guesthouse.

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      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      Very nice selection.