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Best DSLR Tripod

Updated on August 6, 2013

The Best Tripod For Every DSLR Photographer

Every professional and hobbyist is looking for the best DSLR tripod that they can afford, and I believe that in this article I'm revealing the best budget tripod for photographers of every level.

There are so many different situations that we find ourselves shooting in, that finding the perfect equipment that is flexible enough to serve in multiple capacities is the holy grail. And lets face it, most of us just can't afford to have 4 or 5 different setups that we can choose from to serve specific roles. We need versatility to match affordability.

You know Induro equipment, for sure, it's a world class brand and is well known for top quality tripods and gear. But what you may not know is that one piece stands out for its unique ability to serve in virtually any role you serve up. And I'll show you why it earns my pick as the most awesome choice for almost every photographer, not just DSLR users.

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Image via Creative Commons by AV Hire London

Image via Creative Commons - fRandi-Shooters

When looking for new camera gear, as already mentioned, cost matters. But so to does versatility. And that marriage of cost and performance is why I believe the AT-213 is unsurpassed in DSLR tripods. I would classify this as the best budget tripod as well when you consider it's feature set and the low Amazon sale price.

The INDURO Alloy 8M AT-213 tripod is an amazing blend of quality, ruggedness and flexibility. With it's broad stance featuring a cross-braced magnesium alloy spider, precision engineered Aluminum Alloy legs, over-sized center column lock and enhanced leg angle locks all combine to create a champion tripod that delivers up to 35% greater stability, rigidity and higher load capacity. Each unit also Includes interchangeable rubber feet and stainless steel spikes so you can shoot anytime and anywhere, a tool kit and deluxe carrying bag and strap. If you use a camera on tripod mount then you know how important quality design is important to great shots.

As comfortable with a Rangefinder as it is with a heavier SLR, and packed with features that could easily cost much more, this Induro is quite frankly over-qualified for this price point... which is good for us. See what Amazon users have to say about it and why I'm not the only one calling this the best DSLR tripod. How feature-rich is it? Let's take a closer look at what sets this tripod apart from lessor units.

Wide Stance Cross-braced Magnesium Alloy Spider

This core system gives an incredibly stable shooting platform. As you know, some tripods they feel as though they are held together with paperclips, but not the 213; these beefy shoulders and hefty cross brace make a stout spider.

Full Width Leg Locks

You will appreciate the maximum support at any angle that these secure locks provide. Unlike some flimsy setups, these wide leg locks make it simple to lock in your angle.

Dust and Moisture Resistant Ergonomic Rubber Grip Leg Locks

Have you ever used a tripod that had twist lock legs that seemed to gum up due to the dirt and grime that accrued over time? We all have. With the Induro AT line you'll always get a positive 1/2 turn on the all-weather lock system that effectively prevents build-up inside.

Double Threaded Accessory Mount

As we've already covered, most of us simply cannot afford multiple setups, so the best DSLR tripod must be truly versatile. With a double thread design this mount delivers, and fits a wide range of accessories (the PocketWizard and bracket shown are optional and not included)

Reversible Locking Center Column

Ever tried to get a low angle shot but not had the benefit of a "flexible" tripod? Now you can get even the lowest angles with this capable tripod. If you've been using cheap tripods then you've been missing out on some incredible shots, because typically only higher priced setups give you this kind of versatility.

Triple Closed Cell Comfort Grip

Now you can get a firm and comfortable grip in cold and warm weather. OK, this isn't a deal breaker if your tripod doesn't feature a comfy set of leg grips, but you and I both know that when we're hauling gear and our hands are full, having this kind of grip covering is nice. This isn't the best budget tripod, there are cheaper options. But anyone wanting to step up to a professional grade setup will find that this is truly the best there is in its price range.

Even more features...

Extra Long Grooved Center Column

Slip Resistant Top Plate with Reversible Tripod Head Mounting Screw

Spring Loaded Weight Hook

Extra Long Grooved Center Column

Oversized Center Column Lock

Non-Rotating Alloy Leg Sections

Adjustable Leg Angles with Lock

Integral Bubble Level

Here are some specs for the AT-213:

Induro Alloy 8M Tripod AT-213 (Black)See It At Amazon

Image by Induro Gear

Getting Great Low Angle Shots With An Induro Tripod

Image via Creative Commons - abnskyshark

A Closer Look At The AT-213 - If You Shoot With A Camera On Tripod - This Is Your Gear

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AGH Aluminum Tripod with GH-100 Pistol Grip Ball HeadSee It At Amazon

Ravelli APGL4 Professional 70" Tripod with Adjustable Pistol Grip HeadSee It At Amazon

SLIK PRO 700DX Professional Tripod with PanheadSee It At Amazon

Reviews Of The Best DSLR Tripod

What Others Say About The Induro AT-213

Keep reading and you'll discover why this is the best budget tripod, too, even though it equals those costing hundreds more in both quality and function.

At Digital Photography Review they wrote:

"With a maximum load capacity of 22 lbs, the Induro AT213 is a real workhorse that's capable of supporting everything up to a pro DSLR body."

At DP Photo Journal they had this to say:

"Offers uncompromising quality, strength and durability."

BestCovery gave the AT-213 the following accolades:

"Best Tripod Legs" and "BestPick" award.

Outdoor Photo Gear wrote:

"The Induro Aluminum Tripods are a heck of a value! Compared to Carbon Fiber, you only add a small amount of weight, but save a lot of money."

How about actual users, like you and I? At At Amazon the Induro has an incredible 4.6 out of 5 Star rating based on 27 customer reviews! Visit Amazon and see what they have to say.

Yes, this is truly deserving of being called the best DSLR tripod in it's price range.

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