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The Best Funny Facebook Pages

Updated on March 28, 2013

'Superb. 5 Stars. Best Funny Facebook Pages Yet.' - Me

Did you know?

- Over 6 billion minutes are spent every day by people using Facebook

- Facebook hosts over 60 million status updates daily.

- Over 3 billion photos and 14 million videos are uploaded onto Facebook every month.

It is also worth a thought, that there are over 1.5 million active pages on Facebook which have over a collective of 5.3 billion fans.

With so many funny Facebook pages to choose from, the lists are virtually endless. So to save you from searching through a long road of dead-end pages, here is a convenient list some of the funniest and best Facebook pages around. If you try not to laugh, I can only wish you good luck!

A Humorous List of the Best Funny Facebook Pages

"No, I Don't Care If I Die At 12AM, I Refuse To Pass On Your Chain Letter."

- Chain letters are almost as bad as spam itself. Why do people insist on blackmailing us with bad omens and false promises, when all we really want is an internet that's far from rubbish? So take your petty, irrelevant garbage and find something more constructive to do!

"30 Things To Do In An Exam When You Know You're Going to Fail it Anyway!"

- This page contains some funny advice on how to fail with style. A few of the options might not be suitable for children, however such options as 'Bring a black marker. Return the exam with all questions and answers completely blacked out.' can be achievable by anyone.

"Running like Argus Filch"

- Those who have seen this old haggard looking character from Harry Potter, may have been lucky enough to observe his spectacular method of running.

"The awkward moment when your identical twin calls themselves ugly."

- This is particularly funny, when considering there's a high chance that some people have done this. Identical twins are probably well tuned towards each other's weaknesses, and self criticism is surely a notable offence.

"The hype you get when you see your hometown on TV"

- We're on the news and there's my friends house! This can be especially funny when you know your town really isn't as interesting as the TV portrays.

"When Ash from Pokémon turns his hat around, you know sh*ts about to go down"

- This young boy is a Pokémon prodigy. Fighting through thick and thin with his trusty electric friend Pikachu, Ash has progressively made his name, as he's braved every battle in the name of all things good and cheesy.

"Yelling "Run Forrest Run!" when you see someone running"

- If you're a friend of Forrest, you're a friend of mine. He's run for victory, fought for victory, fished for victory and has gave us something uniquely entertaining to shout at running passersby.

"When someone's washing the dishes & you slowly put your plate into the sink"

- This funny Facebook page puts emphasis on the hilarity of household capers. Let's take a second to spare a thought for the victims of this kitchen atrocity.

"Unlike 99.99% of the Facebook population, I was born in the 70s."

- The internet seems to get younger every day, so for those who exceed the ages of generations X and Y, the internet must seem like a strange and alien world.

"The Guy Who Discovered Milk... What Was He Doing With The Cow ?? :-)"

- I'm not even going to attempt to put a description for this one.

Like & Dislike Stamps - Like Stamp
Like & Dislike Stamps - Like Stamp

You could stamp DISLIKE on the note your mum left you telling you to wash the dishes.

Trodat FAIL! Self Inking Rubber Stamp
Trodat FAIL! Self Inking Rubber Stamp

Stick this on your classmates homework and take a video of their reaction.

Fridge Door Magnets .. Phone Icons Refrigerator Magnet
Fridge Door Magnets .. Phone Icons Refrigerator Magnet

The perfect thing a fridge could ask for. Give a fridge a burst of color today!

JD and Turk
JD and Turk

Burn Your Boredom With These Funny Facebook Pages

Following the unsightly arrival of Facebook and all of the unsightly faces that came with it, there has been the rising of a magical and mystical journey through which every Facebook user has been forced through.

Aside from an abundance of terribly effortless, sad excuses for funny Facebook pages, here's another list of some of the finest one's yet.

More Funny Facebook Pages Please!!

"I check behind the shower curtain for murderers when I go into the bathroom"

- Have you ever had one of those creepy moments? There's something unsettling about a shower curtain that's been pulled over, when all you want to do is use the toilet. This often leaves one's imagination to itself, and with that comes some of the most terrifyingly visual scenarios. Scenarios like swiftly whisking back the shower curtain to find your moms naked body staring you in the face!!

"I Hate It When People Type In All Caps"

- IT CAN BE RATHER ANNOYING BECAUSE IT SEEMS LIKE EVERYTHING THEY SAY HAS AN EXTREMELY HIGH SHOCK VALUE! Even though it's mostly just the usual small talk and pointless conversation matter - which adds to the generally annoying feel of it.

"I hate when its quiet and you're eating something crunchy"

- While conspicuously trying to munch on a snack while pretending it's not even that loud, you may encounter such criticisms as "Stop rustling that crisp packet!" or "Go and eat in the other room!". But at the end of the day, food is a necessity, while peace and quiet is just an excess luxury.

"Social Not-Working"

- Social networking's self pleasing counterpart has seen many workers through a lot of boring days in the office. Facebook is far too appealing for those who can't resist a fast paced log in and a quick status update on the latest. One who falls into the category of social-notworking may also be known as a: slacker, slouch, goof-off, procrastinator or aimless.

"It's always a great idea when you're p*ssed"

- Until you remember the next day exactly what you got up to. Sure, there's nothing wrong with a little alcohol driven fun, but as long as it falls in line with basic health and safety guidelines.

"It's Impossible To Be Unhappy In A Poncho"

- This may seem like a bold enough statement for anyone to make, but don't knock it until you've tried it. The British actor Noel Fielding knew exactly what he was talking about when he stated this in 'The Mighty Boosh' (a creatively original and superiorly funny TV series).

"JD and Turk"

- They're two of the most popular household names for anyone who's into their TV comedies. This hilarious duo raises the benchmark for the meaning of the phrase 'plutonic love', while securing the foundation for one of the most comical shows on television.

"Liking Things"

- One of the most satisfying things about Facebook is that we the people can publicly like whatever we see fit at just the click of a button. Liking funny Facebook pages is definitely a popular interest for many. What better page to like than this one =P

"Of Course I Flinched! You Almost Punched Me In The Face!!!"

- This may bring some people back to the days of childhood and remind them why life now is so much better. Trying to test someone's reactions by sparring with their face is more irritating than anything else.

"Shoop Da Woop"

- This crudely animated character is said to have been derived from the character Cell's angry face, as seen in episode 157 of the Dragon Ball Z anime series. The shoop da woop face has to be one of the funniest animated faces on the web, starring a spot in a vast number of parody driven home made videos.

Shoop Da Whoop Clip

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