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BEST IPAD CASES FOR KIDS REVIEW | Best Kid Friendly IPad Case & Cover

Updated on January 11, 2014

The Best IPad Cases for Kids - The Most Sturdy iPad Case - Read my Review Here..

Read my REVIEW on the Best iPad Cases for Kids BEFORE you choose one. An New Apple iPad 1, 2, 3 or 4 is expensive and delicate, and if your case is flimsy, the iPad may not survive what your kids dish out to it. I had to find a kid friendly case because kids, (well my son), tends to drop things (or throw them). The one I highly recommend is the GRIPCASE, (photographed with my son, left). Photograph is by me.

I actually decided to write about it after I had purchased it, because we were so happy with it. I wanted an i Pad case that didn't look like it was my son's if I use it in public. I wanted a lightweight and easy to carry case. I found a fabulous rubber Case (EVA Foam) perfect for kids of all ages. It is pretty indestructible and has been dropped on my floor (a Slate floor) many times without damage. I can even carry it with one finger.. perfect for moms on the run. I have had quite a lot of people come up to me and ask where I got the case from (just this week in fact someone asked me when we were out when they saw my son with it). See the case

(HERE) ...It comes in 5 amazing colors (also available in the iPad Mini size).. or scroll down further.. for a full listing of the best iPad Cases for kids available..

Gripcase have also just released a stand for their Case.. see it below.. it's a beauty.. My son can use it for some games and l can sit at the kitchen bench and check my emails. Best of all because it is not just a flimsy stand at the back of a case, it won't snap off. It is also great to use for facetime.

I have also listed some of the other cases I consider the Best Covers for kids.. Scroll down .. including funky iPad Mini cases and some cute iPad cases for kids.

I also recommend a great kids stylus to help with your kids writing and drawing on the i Pad / tablet.. Unlike most, this one actually is shaped like a pencil with flat notches on the sides so provides a better grip to hold. Great idea. After trying my son on a normal stylus I found it was too thin and was slipping from his fingers too easily. This one gives more control, especially important when they are learning to write. I would not recommend using the stylus though until they can hold a pencil properly as you don't want to scratch the screen. A screen protector is good protection in any event.

The Gripcase was the original iPad case with "Grips" or handles... It was designed by a father for his 2 year old (in the US) but it is great for kids of all ages. It is also being extensively used in schools and schoolrooms, even at the elementary level, and by the autism community for autistic kids. Many parents are saying the Gripcase is a great ipad case for children with autism (and also kids with special needs and disabilities). There are now other cases that have handles but this is the only rubber one one that the handles go the whole way around the case. The case has a Patent Pending for it. It is also manufactured in the United States (US), rare these days when everything is manufactured in Asia.

The Fischer Price Apptivity case for toddlers has handles but it is a hard handle, not rubber and is really only suitable for babies and toddlers.. not really suitable for older children. I can't imagine a ten year old wanting to be seen using it in public

The Gripcase would be good anyone in business (like couriers or surveyors) or even for seniors who need to grip the iPad as they are using it or for teachers walking around the room carrying it. The handle is also great to sit up in bed and read ..perfect.

I also like it because I can carry it in one hand with my bags, while trying to grab my son, and also my car keys at the same time.

No worry of dropping it.

Scroll down for my other Top Picks of other sturdy (and durable) Kid Safe iPad Cases for IPad 1,2, and 3 third generation cases and 4. (models 3 and 4 both have the Retina Screen. I am always looking for awesome new models of cases on release and also Accessories and update the page regularly. I also note if the case is available in the iPad Mini 7" size

Some other excellent cases offer top protection (including some that have built in screens (some replaceable) for added protection). I am confident any of the ones I have listed would be fantastic for kids. There are also some pretty pink cases for girls as well as purple and blue cases.

If you live in a dry dusty area (or want to take the iPad to the beach) there are some fabulous cases that have port cover protection against dust which I think is necessary in a dusty environment (farms, warehouses etc.).

I have also added some super cute cases for older kids, tweens & teenagers.. Teens invariably are harder to please (and don't necessarily need the extra toughness that younger kids need) and I have found some really cute cases. I have also added some carrying cases protect the tablet when it goes to school.

The iPad is fabulous but it is also expensive so it's important to get a case that will provide good protection especially if kids have access to it.

Also I recommend you read my latest article .. why teaching kids to read by sight words is so dangerous for their future literacy ability. SCROLL DOWN to see the link to my article. If you are like me and was buying sight word flash cards and you need to read my article. I even bought phonics apps only to realize they were sight words hidden as phonics.

Gripcase IPad Case Excellent for 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation, 4th Generation - Green - Best iPad Cover for Kids

(Back to the top)

Scroll down for more great iPad Cases for Kids

GRIPCASE FOR iPad 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Gen - GREEN
GRIPCASE FOR iPad 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Gen - GREEN

Comes in Green, Black, Red, Purple and Blue..

- This case is for the iPad 2, iPad 3 and the iPad 4 (4th Generation). The same case is also available for the 1st Generation iPad

- The handles are also great for motion activated apps like car racing .. perfect to use like a steering wheel ..

- Scroll down to see the Gripcase stand now available..


iPad Case with Handles for Kids....

Best iPad Covers for Kids is a Rubber iPad Case with Handle

The Gripcase Case ticked all my boxes. In my opinion it is one of the Best iPad Covers For Kids to use. It is a great Rubber like Case made of a thick soft EVA foam and is very lightweight. The iPad fits snuggly inside the case (like a glove). It has a handle all the way around it perfect for holding while the child uses it and also to carry the tablet around (as they are wont to do). It comes in one piece so no fiddling around trying to put it together. It is super easy to put in and out of the case. There is absolutely nothing to break or snap off the case.. it is super durable.

The handle is actually forward of the tablet so if it falls to the floor it takes the shock of the fall first. It also has thick rubber on the corner of each handle. It has a very thick rubber back to protect the back of the IPad if dropped and the front is raised around the edges. It is one of the few iPad Case with handles that I have found that are good for kids and adults alike. It is also very easy to wipe clean.

All of the ports are accessible with the case on including the camera and the charging port so you don't have to remove the case to charge it like you do with some iPad Holders.

It is excellent for children with learning delays or disabilities to use, or those with autism or asperger's syndrome because it is so sturdy and easy to hold. I have had quite a few mothers come up to me while my son has been using Apps in public to ask me where I purchased the case, or what brand it is. They said they have never seen a case like it. They have commented how great it is even for very young children. I have written the name on many a napkin for them. This is the first time people have come up and asked me where I purchased something.

It comes in 5 gorgeous colors: Blue; Red; Green; Purple and Black

But don't go thinking the Gripcase is only good for children. It is perfect for anyone who uses an IPad. it is so convenient to be able to hold it via the handles. and so comfortable either with the screen wide or long. I don't know about anyone else but I can't use it just sitting flat on the table, I like to hold it in my lap at an angle. At a coffee shop, I like to hold the cup in one hand and the IPad in the other with my thumb tucked into the handle for support. I confess since I got the Gripcase, I have to sneak it off my son and I haven't got my laptop out that much.

It is also good for games or if you have a gamer in the family - A perfect gamer iPad holder because you can use all handles very comfortably. The case doubles as great steering wheels when needed.

Ipad Case
Ipad Case

Best iPad Case with Handle

The Perfect Kid Friendly iPad Case | Best Kids iPad Case

I spent a good few days to a week in stores and on the internet comparing the IPad cases that were available.

My Top 10 Requirements for a good kid friendly case were:

1. A Case with a Handle

2. No breakable parts

3. No flimsy catches

4. Able to be held by a child easily

5. Able to withstand sticky fingers on a regular basis

6. Shock resistant; able to withstand being dropped

7. A case that is comfortable to hold

8. A price that is reasonable

9. Smart looking that an adult can use in public not obviously marketed just for kids... (that is just me)..

10. Rugged Case / value for money. You don't want to have to replace it anytime soon

This photo is also by me.

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Gripcase: Verdict after more than 10 Month's Use?

Definitely the Best iPad Case for Kids .. Super Protective iPad Covers

We have had the Gripcase now for well over ten months now (over a year) and it really has had a lot of use and I can honestly say I am thrilled with it and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone with small children or for those who need a sturdy case for the IPad. There are no parts to break or chip.. it is still perfect. At this stage it will most definitely outlast the iPad... or at least when I need to upgrade.

My son has dropped it on the state floor numerous times and no damage was done whatsoever. I also caught him putting it on one of his chairs that was on top of his table... It did drop but once again no damage done to either case or IPad. He also uses it in the car and when we are out and I never even worry about it. He has grown out of dropping it incessantly but can still be very careless.

In my opinion it is the best case for children, or teens, or even adults (like me). I have even seen my mum having a go with it with a big smile on her face.

I would love to buy one in blue... or red... or purple..

(Back to the top)

iPad Stand

You need a sturdy Stand for Kids

Some stands tend to be a bit flimsy especially for kids so you need to ensure that the stand will not break easily with too much pressure or overuse.

Gripcase have released a **NEW** stand for their Case (see the stand at right with my son using it) ..The stand is made of rubber (but a hard rubber not a soft rubber like their Case for the iPad). It is very smooth and lightweight with no sharp edges. The Gripcase fits in the stand (sits in the stand) either in Portrait or Landscape view and is perfect for keeping the iPad Propped up. All in one piece, solid, nothing to break or sag.. very durable. iPad can be charged in the stand. It also brings the tablet up higher so it is at a more comfortable height. Oh... and it is made in the US... you can't beat that for quality. Definitely won't break (unless you run over it with your car).

My son loves to sit at the kitchen bench and play on his Apps with the case sitting in the stand. I love to sit at the kitchen bench and send my emails. Photo is by me.

I definitely recommend it for either kids or adults to use. You will love it.

Poll: What's your favourite color Gripcase

What is your favourite colour Gripcase

See results

Great Kids Safe Cases for Kids | iPad Holder - Super Protective Covers

Gripcase Base
Gripcase Base

Stand for the Gripcase.. I love it

GRIPCASE FOR IPAD 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Gen - BLUE
GRIPCASE FOR IPAD 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Gen - BLUE

Suitable for iPad 2, 3 and 4 (not 1)Note: the same case is available for 1st generation but you need to the link and then search for 1st generation Gripcase. They are available but you need a different one to the listed.

- (it is a different case but looks the same)

Colors: Black, Blue, Purple, Red and Green

i-Blason ArmorBox Stand Series 2 Layer Kids Friendly Convertible Hybrid Protection Kick Stand Case for Apple iPad 2/3/4 (iPad3ArmorBoxStand-Pink/White)
i-Blason ArmorBox Stand Series 2 Layer Kids Friendly Convertible Hybrid Protection Kick Stand Case for Apple iPad 2/3/4 (iPad3ArmorBoxStand-Pink/White)

- Lightweight.

- Inner Polycarbonate with a silicon inner sleeve.

- The corners have extra protection.

- This case fits the models 2, 3 or 4.

- Kick-stand attached to the back.

Colors available: Pink, Blue, Green, Black, White Magenta**This case is also available in the iPad Mini size**(HERE)

Trident AMS-NEW-IPAD-TG Trident Ams-New-Ipad-Tg The New Ipad(R) 3Rd Gen Kraken Ams Case (Green)
Trident AMS-NEW-IPAD-TG Trident Ams-New-Ipad-Tg The New Ipad(R) 3Rd Gen Kraken Ams Case (Green)

- A great case for the 3rd Generation models.

- Built in Screen Protector.

- Dust covers over the ports.

A very stylish good looking case... but it also is very sturdy.

Would definitely pass the kid friendly test. Many colors available.

**Scroll down for the fabulous new Trident case for the 7" size.

This case comes in Black, Red, Pink and Blue

Seidio CSK5IPD2-PR DILEX Case with Multi-Purpose Cover for use with Apple iPad 2 and iPad (3rd generation) - Amethyst
Seidio CSK5IPD2-PR DILEX Case with Multi-Purpose Cover for use with Apple iPad 2 and iPad (3rd generation) - Amethyst

Fits iPad 2 & 3 (3rd Generation)

A comparison has been made of this case to the Otterbox

- 3 layers of protection

- Outer hard layer, inner silicon layer & outer protection screen cover

- Screen cover also acts as stand when in transit (15 positions)

Colors: Amethyst (pictured), Saphire Blue, Garnet Red, Black


Great protective cases for Babies and Toddlers - IPad Covers for Kids

Fisher-Price Create and Learn Apptivity Case for iPad, Girls
Fisher-Price Create and Learn Apptivity Case for iPad, Girls

** New Cute case for babies or toddlers with the added protection of a screen protector. Cute colors .. also a blue one for boys..


i Pad Case with Built in Screen Protector - Generation 2, 3 and 4 Cases with Built in Screen Protector

Perfect for sticky fingers

Griffin GB02480 Survivor Extreme-duty Military case for the new iPad (4th Generation), iPad 3 and iPad 2, Black
Griffin GB02480 Survivor Extreme-duty Military case for the new iPad (4th Generation), iPad 3 and iPad 2, Black

The "Survivor" cases were made to military "specs".... so you know they are pretty tough. Perfect for kids.

OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPad 2/3/4 Alpenglow (Peony Pink/Gunmetal Gray) (77-19708)
OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPad 2/3/4 Alpenglow (Peony Pink/Gunmetal Gray) (77-19708)

This case fits 2, 3 and 4th Generation models

*All ports are covered - protection against dust

*Built in screen protector - protects against scratches

Colors: Black, Alpenglow (pictured), Crevasse (white), Deep Sea (Blue)

Note: The Otterbox is also available in the iPad Mini Size


Apple iPad 2 iPad 3 iPad 4 Drop Tech Red Gumdrop Cases Silicone Rugged Shock Absorbing Protective Dual Layer Cover Case
Apple iPad 2 iPad 3 iPad 4 Drop Tech Red Gumdrop Cases Silicone Rugged Shock Absorbing Protective Dual Layer Cover Case

- Good looking, rugged super tough cases..

- Port Protection

- Built in Screen Protector

Comes with a replaceable snap-on, removable screen - added protection against scratches and spills


A Great Red Case for 7" i Pad Mini..

I will be adding to this list..

(Back to the Top)



iPad Mini - Shockdrop - Rugged Case - Red - Black
iPad Mini - Shockdrop - Rugged Case - Red - Black

This super looking case has an inbuilt screen protector..

- Added protection to the corners.

- Ports are covered to protect against dust/spills

- Extra grip on case

- Fairly lightweight in comparison to Otterbox/Griffin type cases

Colors Available: Red/Black, Black/Gray

Note this is for iPad Mini only

Kid's Light Weight EVA Drop-Proof iPad Protective Case with Handles (for iPad Mini) [Previous Generation] + Universal Stylus Pen with fashion hat gift for children, Great Gift ! (Bluey)
Kid's Light Weight EVA Drop-Proof iPad Protective Case with Handles (for iPad Mini) [Previous Generation] + Universal Stylus Pen with fashion hat gift for children, Great Gift ! (Bluey)

A cute new case .. made of EVA foam.. with handles at the side and top and a stand at the back which is also a handle. Available in a gorgeous pink also. Comes with free stylus and keychain mini rubics cube


My Latest Article

Reverse Reading Problems in Kids, Teenagers and Adults with Phonics 2013
April 2013: Don't teach your child to read using the Sight Word method until you have read my latest article on why Sight Words are having a detrimental effect on kids reading abilities... Best of all this book contains all the information you need to teach your child phonics. Just follow the guidelines outlined in the correct order.

Which case do you think is the Best iPad Case for Kids? - Share which one you prefer

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      Love how much work you did on this page. Very extensive information that will surely be useful to parents.

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      Cool lens! I like the large handles on the Gripcase. My nephew's a butterfingers... he NEEDS that lol

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      Had no idea there were quite that many cases around for the iPad. Kids really do need good cases for their electronics . . . being that their kids and all;)

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      Such a great range of information here and selection of products featured. Great lens, thanks for sharing

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      Excellent Article! If i had a small child, i believe it would be great to install on my iPad educational games for it, and i would certainly pay a little more money to get the otterbox defender case.

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      Lovely selection of IPAD CASES :) Thank you!

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      classic black is the colour for me!

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      These are soooo cool! I've never seen such funky looking iPad cases!

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      My grandson isn't old enough to work with an iPad yet, but when he is, this Gripcase would make a lot of sense for him!

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      Awesome lens you have here! My fiancé has a hard cover iphone case because she is always around her young nephews:)

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      @SusannaDuffy: Thanks susanna. You will love it.

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      Great lens! My 3 year old loves mummy's iPad, we have a leather flipcase on it, but something like this looks so much more suitable for her little hands!



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      Now I know that my iPad needs a Gripcase - you've done all the research for me!

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      That looks fantastic just what I have been looking for. I have been worried about letting my kids play with my ipad.

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      Looks like an excellent case. You did your homework well!

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      @pawpaw911: Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it very much.

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      @AmandaTWaH: Thanks Amanda, I am glad you agree it is perfect for children with special needs.

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      Welcome to Squidoo, and enjoyed the lens. Keep up the great work.

    • AmandaTWaH profile image


      7 years ago

      My sister-in-law is 10 and disabled. She uses an iPad for entertainment and learning and that is the exact case she got. It is really excellent. The way the handles come forward keep the screen from hitting the ground if it is dropped and absorbs shock really well.


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