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The Best Mini Projectors for PowerPoint Presentations

Updated on May 22, 2013

What is the best mini projector for presentations?

When you present a lot of powerpoint presentations you'll no doubt be aware how handy it can be to have a projector.

But you don't want to be lugging around a big bulky projector to project your powerpoint presentations on. You want a mini projector.

Mini projectors are like a boardroom in your pocket. You can present your powerpoint slides professionally and without having to crowd everyone around a laptop screen.

But what is the best mini projector for powerpoint presentations?

There's a number of features that you should be on the look out for and this article will show you exactly what you need to know to choose the right one. Additionally, we provide some recommendations of the latest mini projectors that have great support for PPTs and other rich office documents like Docs and PDFs.

PowerPoint Mini Projector Features

Features to check before you buy

When you're shopping for a mini projector to do PowerPoint presentations you want some things in particular. In fact these can be said for any business projector:

1. Higher the lumens the better

2. Lightweight and portability

3. Connectivity options, and does it require a bunch of cables?

4. Onboard software supports presentation of documents via USB or SD cards

5. Battery life

Lumens (or why Brightness matters most)


The better the lumens are on your mini projector the more visible the image will be in poorly lit situations.

Since as a business person you'll know that when you go out to present to clients the lighting of the boardroom you're in isn't particularly guaranteed to be good.

When you purchase a projector with low lumens you're only setting yourself up for disappointment. It can have the best features in the world, but there's nothing more unprofessional looking than a washed out crappy looking projection.

Make sure you check that the lumens are at least above 50, but more preferably over 100 or 200 ANSI lumens.

Mini projector recommendation

Optoma PK320 WVGA 100 Lumen DLP LED Pico Pocket Projector (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Optoma PK320 WVGA 100 Lumen DLP LED Pico Pocket Projector (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Portable, light weight, bright, and highly connectible. We recommend it’s use for business as you’ll find it’s software very compatible with all files you need to present.


Weight and portability

How good is it going to be to carry this thing around?

One of the things that is often overlooked because mini projectors are all quite small compared to their predecessors is the size and weight of the unit and all it's accessories.

Some mini projectors have carry bags that fit just the mini projector which is bad because you still have to find a place for any required cables.

That's also why it's good to get a projector that can be used standalone without attaching it to any devices. Internal memory, SD card slots and USB slots help there.

Try an balance the physical size and weight of the unit with the number of accessories required to make the thing work. Remember that you'll likely be taking this unit with you as carry on luggage so you don't want it to weight a ton.

Mini projector recommendation

Acer K11 Portable Projector
Acer K11 Portable Projector

A projector for serious business people. It has all the connectivity, design, and portability that you need in a business grade projector


Connectivity options for your mini projector

Do you know what connection options you need?

You may need to use your mini projector in a range of scenarios so it pays to be able to connect it to a wide range of devices like handheld cameras, laptops, ipads, iphones, ipods, flip cams, camcorders, dvd and bluray players and more.

Some projectors have these options built in and other have cables to achieve connection. Make sure you take note, obviously it's better to have it built in if it doesn't detriment weight and portability.

Mini projector recommendation

Samsung SP-H03 Pico Projector
Samsung SP-H03 Pico Projector

For a very tiny projector that would be great to take on the road for you, it’s perfect.

Onboard rich media playback
Onboard rich media playback

Onboard software media playback

Does your mini projector play documents without cables?

The best mini projectors that are on the market these days support playing documents and presentations straight from the device.

You can play video files, image slideshows, PDFs, and what we're most interested in: PPTs (PowerPoint presentations).

Often these devices have onboard memory for storing files, anything up to 2GB is fairly normal and expected of the higher end mini projectors.

You can also plug your USB stick or harddrive straight in and on some of the better projectors they support microSD or standard SD cards. This means you can expand your memory to 16GB or more!

This rich media playback is definitely one of the must have features if you're a presenter because you can use the mini projector completely untethered.

Mini projector recommendations

Vivitek Qumi Q2 300 Lumen WXGA HDMI 3D-Ready Pocket DLP Projector (Black)
Vivitek Qumi Q2 300 Lumen WXGA HDMI 3D-Ready Pocket DLP Projector (Black)

With it’s light weight, full 720p HD resolution and extremely high lumens for a mini projector, you’ll find the Vivitek Qumi Q2 pleasantly surprising.

Optoma ML500, WXGA, 500 LED Lumens, Mobile Projector (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Optoma ML500, WXGA, 500 LED Lumens, Mobile Projector (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The Optoma ML500 is a fantastic unit and a great example of where things are going in the world of mini projectors.


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