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The Best Samsung Galaxy Tablet Cases and Accessories

Updated on December 18, 2014

The Best Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1", 7" & Note 10.1" Cases & Accessories

Whether you own a Samsung Galaxy Note, or another Samsung Tablet, or if you plan on getting one of them soon, then you'll definitely want to read this article to know which cases & accessories are the best. I own most of these items and I can attest to their awesomeness.

All of the cases & accessories, I have listed here, are the highest rated and most popular. Each one works great and is well worth your money. You can even check on their reviews and see that other people love them as well!

Each of the Samsung Galaxy Cases & Accessories sections on this page, for every Tablet, has info on each of their shock proof/impact resistant cases, portfolio & stand type cases, as well as bluetooth keyboards & a plethora of accessories, including bundle packages(bundles that have everything you need!).

*If you're here specifically looking for a shockproof case, I've put the best ones available, for each device, in their corresponding areas that the upper links will take you to, except for this expensive high quality one!......

It's one that's really really good and really expensive! It's perfect for kids using a tablet or even for grown ups that can do a lot of damage! It's one you should definitely check out: The Gum Drops!

*That link only takes you to one option of color for their cases and for only one device. You'd have to search Amazon for other ones, for the case you need and to also check out the other color options available. They make ones for each type of Samsung Galaxy Tablet(as well as versions/generations) and also in different colors to choose from.

Up first, I'll be showcasing waterproof cases! The best thing about waterproof cases is that they fit a lot of different size tablets, even if a tablet is a fraction of a size smaller or bigger, like the difference between a 10" iPad and a 10" Galaxy....

*It's wintertime here in the United States! Which means Christmas is right around the corner, did you finish your shopping? As you most likely already know, Tablets are without a doubt the most sought after and received gift for anytime of the year, especially Birthdays & Christmas.

I wish tablets & laptops were available when I was back in school! That would've been so cool to bring some awesome electronics to school, to pass the time and to even work on. If you or someone you know is either going to college or back to school, and own a tablet(or don't and you want one) then you should get a tablet, or some cases & accessories,(if you already have one) to keep your tablet safe and functional.

The Best Waterproof Cases For Your Tablets & Smartphones

I've listed cases on this page for dealing with impacts and shock but I haven't yet added any waterproof cases! Waterproof cases are important too! Especially if you plan on hitting the high seas, going to the beach or if you're visiting a waterpark, not to mention a popular way that electronics are destroyed, by spills!

It's Winter time, don't let your tablet fall into a snow & mud puddle - slush!

No one wants that!

I'll take my slushy beverages without my electronics involved please, blue raspberry or the like.

Waterproof cases also allow you to use your device while they're being protected. These types of cases are also perfect for kids to use so they don't spill stuff on them - damage to the screen or the ports.

Pictured to the right, is a great waterproof case/bag for your Samsung Galaxy Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Universal Waterproof Tablet Sleeve Dry Bag Pouch

For about $12 - $15 you can't beat the price and functionality. You can still use your tablet while it's in the bag. It has a nice long strap/handle. They also have more different size waterproof bag/cases on Amazon as well, for different smartphones & tablets. One's specifically for each device, whether it's Samsung, Apple or Amazon's Kindle and even just ones going by size so you can put whatever size tablet or smartphone you own, into it.

*The best way to test the seal of a waterproof bag, to make sure it's water-tight, is to put a paper towel or napkin inside of it, before you try putting in your device...then submerge the bag in water and then check the towel or napkin...if it's wet, then it doesn't have a good seal, which means it's a no go! for putting an expensive electronic in it.

*(When I wrote this part....)My family & I just recently opened up our new pool for the Summer and I can't wait to use my tablet in the pool, in between having fun swimming of course - sit in there and relax and even take underwater pictures & movies! It's gonna be awesome! In fact, I was just in there all day yesterday and I really need to buy one of these waterproof cases so I can float around on a lounging raft and browse the web etc. I had a blast in the pool, without using my tablet, but I definitely want to use my tablet in there and my phone!

*Now that Summer is over and the pool's are closed, there's less of a need for a waterproof case/bag etc. Except! unless you like to take baths! lol Rub-a-dub-dub use your tablet in the tub! haha But it also comes in handy in the rain as well, perfect for a day of traveling. Just be cautious of moisture build up inside the bag. Moisture can build up even if it's sealed. It's all about temperature, air in an enclosed space and material(in this case plastic). Just like if you're stranded or ship-wrecked and have no water. As long as you have the sun and some plastic you can use the moisture from the air to make water droplets to catch in plastic, or in a container using the plastic.

Helpful Tips About Water & Electronics + Cold Temperatures & Electronics:

Because these pouches/cases/bags are waterproof, they're also dust, dirt, sand, and even some say frostproof. But as for the frost proof part, that's probably a bad thing, because you shouldn't leave your electronics in the cold and then bring them into the warmth, then you'll have condensation and your electronics will die. (You also shouldn't leave it in the cold because it will expand and crack.)

It's pretty much the same principle as when I order an electronic through the mail, and it's colder weather outside. I take everything out of the box and let it sit for at least 24 hours, to air out and dry out and I've even given more time for stuff to normalize. I've even ordered a hdtv once and let it sit for a whole week before using it so I didn't run the risk of damaging it when I supplied power to it.

Just remember, also, if you ever get an electronic wet! make sure you hurry and remove the power source, by unplugging it or taking out the batteries and then letting it sit for a long time to air dry - wait as long as possible before powering it back on! I had an emergency police type scanner, that a clumsy cable technician installer spilled water on and I let it sit for a week, in a dry place, turned upside down, so that gravity would take out the water as well, and it still works to this day.

Tablets & The Future of Electronics

Tablet Computers are one of this decades best race horses out of the gate, electronics wise. That horse is running at top speed and there's no slowing it down. As far as cool portable electronics go, the tablet will be a force to be reckoned with, for quite some time. The only other electronic that has the means to keep tied with a tablet are smartphones. Smart Phones are ultimately just smaller tablets, or vice versa. Smartphones have kind of a leg up to tablets in the sense of being small enough for a pocket and touting cell service - without being bogged down by wifi hot spots. But don't forget, they do sell tablets that can use cell service and wifi, you can switch between both or just pick wifi and of course the bigger screens of tablets are nicer than a small cellphone screen. But as we all know, it's better to just have both, a smartphone and a tablet!

Other advancements in electronics are Smart TV's. Currently the newer models are sporting internet capabilities & the older ones can even be hooked up to wifi with a nifty little add on type box,etc. Even video game consoles are getting more and more connectivity & better accessibility. I've still yet to see a TV with a camera built in(or even an adjustable webcam type one that can be moved around, to capture where you're sitting) advancing the charge. Will video calling, from your TV, ever happen? Touch screen capabilities will hopefully be integrated into laptops and TV screens, eventually. Oh! and let's not forget that Holograms are starting to knock on the door. The future of electronics is bright! So bring your sunglasses and your 3D ones as well.....

Owning A Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 - (This screenshot was taken on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1)

I purchased/ordered a tablet, for the first time, on January 14th, 2012 and received it on January 20th. The tablet I bought was A Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1(The 10.1 refers to the screen size, it's a 10 inch.) I will be talking about both sizes for the Samsung Galaxy Tablets, 10.1" & 7".

I purchased my Tablet from a popular tv shopping channel, QVC, It was a great deal too, I got it on easy pay. Also, it was a Refurbished one, which works great by the way. Refurbished items aren't bad. It pretty much means that if it was damaged before, now it's fixed and rigorously tested before being resold. Also, in a lot of cases, refurbished tablets aren't broken, just opened and returned, for a number of different reasons.

Ultimately, I decided on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet because I checked online for reviews on a lot of different tablets and kept finding the the same type of sentiment, that their tablets are either better than the iPad's or even second in command. Nothing else even came close to the Samsung's or the Apple's. I've owned Samsung Products before, so I know what quality I'm getting if I choose them. That's why I bought one of their tablets and I haven't regretted it! Especially since the price was a lot better than the iPad.

Do you currently own a tablet?

See results

Before Buying Anything: Review!

Before I purchased my tablet, I searched for reviews like crazy! Reviews for the exact tablets I was interested in.

I checked everywhere on the internet that I could, for reviews. The pro's. The con's. Reviews kept saying this tablet was either, better than or just a little under the top, big dog, tablet on the market: Apple's iPad. Having not owned a tablet ever, i can only say that the tablet I chose is a really good one. It's really fast and has a lot of functionality. Well worth the price and it seems built to last.

So just remember to do your homework before buying a product.

Review, review & then review some more. Check as many sites as possible.

Happy Hunting!

Here's a good review site for the top ten tablets:

2014 Best Tablet Side-by-Side Comparisons and Reviews

Ok now let's move on to....... "The Best Samsung Galaxy Tablet Cases & Accessories"..........

The Best 6 Cases & Accessories For The Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1"

Essential Tablet Cases And Accessories

I personally own these next 6 Cases & Accessories for my tablet. 2 of them however, have been updated and made better, like the Roocase: they added a handstrap, which mine doesn't have. They also updated the carrying bag I showcased, as well.

I filled in all the reviews & descriptions myself, check them out.

Some of these cases and accessories can work for other ones, I wrote the descriptors in each part so you can see which items can be used for which.......

RooCase for The 10.1" Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Now that you have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet you need to keep it protected & looking cool. How about a case that does both & more.

This case allows you to have your tablet stand up, in 3 different angles.

When it's not standing up, it's closed like an awesome book.

Now it comes with a great add-on, A Hand Strap.

*This case can only be used for a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1". It is not compatible with and can't be used for a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" or a Samsung Galaxy tablet 7".

rooCASE Slim-Fit (Black) Folio Case Cover with Multi-Angle Stand and Hand Strap for Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 10.1 (NOT Compatible with Galaxy Note 10.1)
rooCASE Slim-Fit (Black) Folio Case Cover with Multi-Angle Stand and Hand Strap for Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 10.1 (NOT Compatible with Galaxy Note 10.1)

I love this case! It's the main one i keep my tablet in. This one only fits for the 10.1" screen sized tablets, but if you click and search through you can find different size ones available. It's a great sturdy case. It has 3 slots for your tablet to stand up in different angles. It has a hole for the camera to see out. This is the same exact one i have, except they added a hand strap to it now. I wish it had a hand strap on it when i bought it. Kudos to the company for that. RooCase does a good job. I highly recommend this case above all else.


Impact Resistant Silicone Skin Cover For Samsung Galaxy Tablet

It's easy to grip & a safe fall if you slip! Shock proof!

*This protective cover is suited only for the Samsung Galaxy 10.1". It will not fit a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1"(Because of the Camera hole placement and other bits) It will also not fit a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7".

To find the one's for the other sizes/compatibility, please scroll down the page, they're coming up shortly.....

Sleek Impact-Resistant Silicone Skin Case with Stylus for Original Wi-Fi Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 , P7100 - Includes Cleaning Cloths and Accessory Bag
Sleek Impact-Resistant Silicone Skin Case with Stylus for Original Wi-Fi Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 , P7100 - Includes Cleaning Cloths and Accessory Bag

This pad cover fits very well. When you hold onto it, your hands grip to it for less of a chance of the tablet slipping out of your hand opposed to no case on it. It's also supposed to be able to withstand damage if you drop your tablet when this case is on, shock proof. But i wouldn't go and drop it to test it out. Also, included with this item is a drawstring pouch & 3 microfiber cloths. An awesome added bonus!


You need to clean that screen with some iKlear!

Let's face it! Touch screen capabilities leaves your screen with fingerprints, smudges & all that jazz! Using a microfiber cloth can clean those problems right off. Why not also get some other cleaners and cloths too?

*These cleaning wipes can be used on any tablet, any smartphone & any HDTV, LCD, as well as the ones with Matte screens.

iKlear iK-26K Complete Cleaning Kit
iKlear iK-26K Complete Cleaning Kit

This is a top notch cleaning kit. 2 Microfiber towels(travel size,big size), 2 cleaning solutions bottles(one travel size, one big size), 2 special anti-microbial cloths(small & big). 12 cleaning travel wipes in their individual square packages. Everything in here works great and is well worth the price!


Another Good Case, Case Crown

Why not get a zippered, easy to get up & go, travel case for your Samsung Galaxy Tablet?

This one's a good one.

*This case can be used for a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1" & a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1". You could even use it for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7", it'll just have a lot more room to move around in the case, seeing as how it's made for the 10" models.

USA Gear Tablet Carrying Bag - A Great Tablet Shoulder Carrying Case

The perfect carrying bag for your tablet with plenty of pockets & easy to carry!

*This bag can be used for any size tablet - the 10"s & the 7"s. It's very adjustable and has plenty of room for more of your accessories, cases & other electronics.

Tablet Messenger Carrying Bag with Weather Resistant Exterior, Carry Strap, & Soft Adjustable Interior Dividers by USA Gear - S7 Pro (Black) Fits Surface Pro, iPad Pro, Galaxy Tab, and more tablets
Tablet Messenger Carrying Bag with Weather Resistant Exterior, Carry Strap, & Soft Adjustable Interior Dividers by USA Gear - S7 Pro (Black) Fits Surface Pro, iPad Pro, Galaxy Tab, and more tablets

This is a perfect carrying bag for your tablet. So many pouches & pockets.

It'll hold all your accessories. There are 2 Separate zipper sides to be accessed. It has the ability to have a longer or shorter strap for carrying it by hand or shoulder. It also has a strap for the inside to keep your items secured.


USB & SD Connection Kit For Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Did your tablet come without USB & SD Card Slots/Ports?

My Samsung Galaxy Tablet has no USB or SD Card Slot/Ports on it, just the power port, so I bought this set of adapters, it comes with both. They work better than the others that are on the market because they're made by Samsung and aren't flimsy or poorly made!

Samsung Connection Kit with USB and SD Adapters for i905 Galaxy Tab - Retail Packaging - Black
Samsung Connection Kit with USB and SD Adapters for i905 Galaxy Tab - Retail Packaging - Black

If you're like me and you received your Samsung Galaxy Tablet without a USB or SD Card Port then you need this item. It's a set of 2 adapters that allow you to plug them into the power port. The same power port that you use to charge your tablet. These adapters are made well, they are durable and beat all the others on the market, they carry the Samsung name on them, so it's a no wonder why.


Will Different Size Cases Fit Different Size Tablets?

Will Bigger Cases Fit Smaller Tablets?

"Will Different Size Cases Fit Different Size Tablets?" A popular question!

There are 2 answers to this question, Yes and No! The answer comes down to what type of case. If it's a portfolio type case, like the Roocase I just mentioned, or the Silicone Shockproof cases(both cases which I just talked about up above), then no, they won't.

But, if you're talking about zipper pouch cases or carrying bags, those will fit all your devices(also like the ones I previously showcased, that I own.)Then those can easily transport, carry or house your tablet, of any size, safely.

When you're shopping for a tablet case make sure you try to find the dimensions they usually list. Sometimes the product descriptions will also list the model numbers it can fit. If you can't find dimensions for the case, then the next bet(and your best bet!) is to read the reviews people left for it. People will easily say what device it didn't and did fit for when they bought and tried it.

The biggest reason to know if a case will fit your tablet is because you don't want the wrong one, that won't have the right holes in it, to not line up the ports or the camera hole. That's not fun. I hate having to return items if they're the wrong one!

Up next is some info about Tablets & Privacy and then cases and accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1".........

More Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1" Accessories

Here are some more Accessories for your Samsung Galaxy Tablet to check out.....

Stylus', Card Readers, Longer Cords, Car Chargers, HDTV Cords & More!

*I've bought a lot of different cases & accessories for my tablets but the only thing I've never bought(and should!) are some screen protectors. When I first bought all the cases and accessories I bought, when I first got my tablets, I forgot about screen protectors but I'll probably still get some eventually. So far so good!

If you're someone who wants them, then by all means get them because you don't want to ruin your screen with all the smudging and possible scratches. Just make sure you find highly rated ones. I haven't needed them so far because I'm careful with my tablets and I always take the time to wipe down the screen after I'm doing using it(with microfiber cloths) or even after it gets smudged a lot. The great thing about Samsung tablets is they generally use what's referred to as gorilla glass, so it's hard to break or even scratch - to a certain degree of course! I sure as heck wouldn't dare testing the glass to see how good it holds up to a scratch or a hit!

Sanoxy Bluetooth Keyboard with Folding Leather Cover Case and Stand for  Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch P7500 / P7510, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Bluetoooth Keyboard Case Black (SANOXY_GLXTAB-10)
Sanoxy Bluetooth Keyboard with Folding Leather Cover Case and Stand for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch P7500 / P7510, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Bluetoooth Keyboard Case Black (SANOXY_GLXTAB-10)

This is probably the most affordable and highly rated wireless, bluetooth keyboard case they make.

The keyboard is touted as being waterproof as well as dustproof. It's a portfolio case that also has a stand so you can prop it up on a table and type.

There are some better keyboard cases on Amazon but they're more expensive than this one, so it's all up to you on how much you want to spend.


Tablet Privacy Issues

My only problems with tablets, in general, are privacy issues. It seems like corporations had too much of a hand in making & shaping them. Too much app accessing. Passwords, Where you are & What you're doing!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a paranoid person, but I don't like the hands of app's and companies reaching into my belongings. Controlling my line of sight, controlling my functions and seeing what I've got, to be used for their own personal gain. Using my information for marketing and to make money for their own survey stats, for their ads and available partners. I make sure to keep any private info, like: banking(money related in general), passwords, & anything I want kept confidential, Private! I use my computers, PC or laptop, for anything business, or personal info related.

***Hopefully there will be some future laws passed, to make it so tablet owners can't be milked for personal data. Better App regulations & standards. Although, that could be bad too! I don't want that to start a domino effect ending up with the internet being owned by a company. It's the last free space left on this planet. I & many others would absolutely protest that!

I mean can't you see it! They'd be taxing people who use the internet and gathering info at an even more substantial rate than they are already. The internet would end up being set up and portrayed in whatever agenda or vision, the said owning company would prefer. No Thank You!

Keep Your Tablet Safe!

In More Ways Than One!

Hidden Applications

Another problem with tablets are hidden applications. Tablets come pre-loaded with apps. Some of them good, some of them pointless. Pointless to us, the user. Hidden Apps! These applications have the same problem with the privacy issues I stated earlier. These hidden apps run silent in the background and you'd never know they were there until you checked your taskbar and ended all programs. Upon clicking end all programs, a bar comes up saying "Number" of applications closed. If you leave the taskbar & wait a couple minutes, then come back and do it again, there will be more to close. The same ones you closed before.

Upon further investigation into this, by searching online... The only clear way to remove these un-needed and unwanted programs is to do what's call "Rooting". Rooting is highly risky! It let's you get into the mainframe of your tablet and see the inner files & workings. If you delete something you weren't supposed to, then you risk "bricking" your tablet. Rendering it useless & therefore dead! Another problem with rooting is that if you do use rooting and something happens with your tablet... Whether it be your fault or something else..... and you send it to get fixed and they find out it's been rooted... your warranty then becomes Null & Void and you'll have to pay out of pocket for it's repair and journey back. So, if you plan on "rooting," then you do so at your own discretion.

Do You Have An Anti-Virus Program For Your Tablet?

See results

The Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Cases & Accessories

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Cases & Accessories

I love the Samsung Galaxy Note! It has to be the best tablet for using a stylus for writing and drawing, as well as a replacement for your finger, in my opinion. I love that you can split screen programs and apps to multi-task. Who needs a pad and paper to doodle anymore when you have a Samsung Galaxy Note! Save the trees, write & draw with ease, tablets are a breeze!

Just like every other tablet on the market, there are countless cases and accessories, but! With the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" I keep coming across so many great cases. Cases that are highly rated and nothing but raved about. Down below are some Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Cases & Accessories worth checking out......

They've already come out with the 2nd version of the Note and I think all the cases that are made for the 1st version can fit the 2nd generation one, you should probably check Amazon's descriptions for each case or accessory you're looking at though, just to make sure.

*When I compare The Note, to the other Samsung's I own, and to the ones I used to own, there's a huge difference.

I love the note more than the others. With a previous Samsung tablet, there were loads of hidden applications running in the background - not by my own mistakes either, they're factory installed, right out of the box. The Note, however, not a single one, when I clear my taskbar. I'm so happy about that and of course it has a lot of other perks as well - the stylus, the processor speed and quality viewing are just to name a few!

Chances are, if you're reading this section, then you already own a Samsung Galaxy Note(If you don't, then I highly recommend it!) - If you end up buying one, or already have one, then you'll definitely want to keep it safe, & looking cool - with one of these next cases....

Silicone Shock Proof Impact Resistant Cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1"

Silicone Shock Proof Impact Resistant Cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1"

That silicone cover is shock proof, it's the same type one they make for the regular Samsung Galaxy Tablet and others. Your hands grip to it and if you mistakenly, happen to drop it, it will protect against major damage. It's a great cover to get for your tablet, to keep it safe. The camera hole cut outs, as well as all the other ports, line up perfectly. It's a great buy!

There was another brand that was cheaper and still as high quality that use to sell spectacular silicone cases that also came with either an extra stylus or a pouch with 3 microfiber cloths but that company doesn't make their cases anymore, which is disappointing because they were awesome. The case up top is $10 more than the other ones that another company used to make. You won't find another silicone type case for cheaper, I guarantee it and with as many great reviews! The price is worth it!

But hey, if you're looking for a really expensive case by a top notch, always raved about brand....follow that link under the picture to Amazon and then search for "Otterbox Defender Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" or put in any type of Samsung Galaxy tablet and size in that place and check those out. Otterbox makes a wide variety of different high quality protective cases, The Defender Series ones are some of the most expensive and extremely worth it because it has 3 layers of protection. Almost all the series cases also come with a screen cover to protect your screen.

The RooCase for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1"

RooCase's Dual-Axis Leather Portfolio Case Cover for the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1

*You Can Turn The Tablet Long or Wide for either Portrait Mode or Landscape Mode!

(Click Here To See More)

Roocase's are by far, the best cases you can buy, in regards to portfolio and standing cases. The cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note are no exception! There are 3 Roocase's to choose from for the Note.

The case shown in the picture above is like a portfolio type case that can turn into a stand, but it can also shift the Note tablet, so it can stand up for portrait or landscape mode! That's awesome!

Roocase also makes two other cool portfolio cases. They make a really sharp & sophisticated, high quality leather one that can a stand and hold the tablet up in only the one the regular way(horizontal/landscape mode). So maybe you just want the basic way to hold it? It looks amazing and really professional grade.

Maybe you're a vegan and don't want actual leather, or any animal hide for that matter! then they also make a Vegan Roocase, also available on Amazon! You'll have to check Amazon for those ones if you want them. You can take that Roocase link up top and they might even be down on that page in the more products listings.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Accessory Bundle Package - 14 Items! - - Everything You Need For Your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1"

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Accessory Bundle Package - 13 Items

This package has everything you need! There are 14 items. You get all the chargers, to charge your Note, in the wall socket, by using your computer's USB, & the car charger. You get a headphone splitter, so that you can 2 people can hook up headphones and listen at the same time. You also get the headphones! You get a stylus, screen protectors and a case. You also get a fish shaped cord organizer. There's a lot of goodies in this bundle, at a decent price too! Definitely check it out!

More Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Cases & Accessories On Amazon

There are a lot more cases & accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Tablet, and the best place to find them are through Amazon......Another favorite case/accessory to get would be a bluetooth wireless keyboard case, that way you can prop your tablet on a table or desk and be able to type with both hands.

*Also, when it comes to wireless keyboards, there are a number of different options to choose from. You can either buy one that is bundled/built into a case so that your keyboard and case stay together or you can by one that stands alone. The stand alones can also be chosen by either getting one that hooks through the USB port or by using Bluetooth. Bluetooth is the easiest because then your usb port stays free, which in some instances(rare), some tablets don't come with a usb port. Which has happened to me with one of my tablets, no usb port or even a card reader access. I had to buy an adapter that plugged into the power port, thank god they had one for that otherwise I'd have no ports to do anything with.

*I've also listed a couple of cases, in these 5 options, that come in different colors, and designs, to really make your tablet look cool, check them out.....they're the last 2 on this list of 5

How To Customize Your Own Case....

A Great Way To Make Your Own Case!

Probably, the best way to customize your own case with what you want, is to buy a plain case, of whatever color you prefer and then to decorate it with stickers like superhero ones - from Marvel, like X-men, or even some other kinds of stickers like Superman or Batman.

It's a cheap and easy way to do it, or you can buy the actual cases with the themes on Amazon. The only problem though, is that the best cases that they make, for Samsung devices, with specialty themed designs, are for the Samsung Galaxy S3/SIII phones. But, don't fret, if you check Amazon, you never know, you might find one you'd want. I recently came across some cool looking ones for Halo & Iron Man! Definitely check out Amazon for what you want. Any link on this page will take you there and help you narrow down your searching.

The Best Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7" Cases & Accessories

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7"! The more compact version, in the face of it's bigger brother, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1" Just because it's smaller doesn't mean it's less powerful! It packs the same punch as the 10.1". I love the size of a 7"! It's sleek, sharp and downright cool!

When it comes to size, I like that it doesn't take up much space if i bring it with me somewhere, but over-all I prefer to use my 10" for a bigger screen when it comes to gaming & internet browsing. a 7" is definitely a great starter tablet and gift idea!

Now it's time to check out some great cases & accessories for it!

Silicone Covers for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 7"

Silicone Shock Proof Impact Resistant Cover for the Samsung Galaxy 7" PLUS

That's a silicone, shock proof, impact resistant cover for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, the 7" one. It works golden, just like the other ones I talked about for the other Samsung Galaxy Tablets. I really like the design on the back - it almost looks Superhero-esque!

If you check on Amazon, they also make a shockproof case that is made out of silicone and gel(you'd have to search for it). It has a gel backing to it, but the rest appears to be silicone like, with ease of grip. I love the feel of a gel case!

The RooCase for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7"

The rooCASE Portfolio Standing Dual-View Multi-Angle Case Cover for the Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.0

Here's the ever so popular rooCase for the Samsung Galaxy 7" tablets. It's the one shown in the pictures up top. As you can see, it can turn to the 2 different viewing modes, portrait & landscape. It comes in 3 colors: Black, Red or Magenta. You better get the black while it's priced so low, because it's only about $9 - whereas, the red and magenta are ten bucks more! So what color do you want?

They also make another, different, very nice roocase stand/portfolio/case that can hold some of your goodies in some nice pockets. It's a zipper type carrying pouch, which uses velcro as well. It's a very cool way to carry your tablet and it also has room for more of your items to be carried inside of it. It's pretty easy to find on Amazon. It's about $10 more expensive than the one I listed up top that I own. It's real leather and very cool! I'm going to go check that one out again....I might get it too. I can use the expensive one as my main case and keep the other one as a backup.

15 Item Accessory Bundle Package for the Samsung Galaxy 2 - 7"

15 Item Accessory Bundle Package for the Samsung Galaxy 7"

This package has everything you need! There are 15 items. You get all the chargers, to charge your Note, in the wall socket, by using your computer's USB, & the car charger. You get a headphone splitter, so that you can 2 people can hook up headphones and listen at the same time. You also get the headphones! You get a stylus, screen protectors and a case. You also get a fish shaped cord organizer. There's a lot of goodies in this bundle, at a decent price too! Definitely check it out!

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 - 7" Cases & Accessories on Amazon

There are a lot of different cases to choose from for the Galaxy 7", even more than the ones I've listed - all on Amazon. Have you decided on a specific color or design that you want? If you can't find the one you want, on this page, then your best bet is to check Amazon, to see if they make the one you want.

Some items to think about are Colorful Cases, Wireless Bluetooth Keyboards, 360 Degree Spinning Cases and Screen Protectors(some with a lifetime warranty). You have to take care of your expensive electronics!

Otterbox Cases - High Quality, Shockproof (& More) Cases

When it comes to high quality shockproof cases, probably the best of the best would have to be the well known Otterbox series. Otterbox has cases for every type of Samsung Galaxy Tablets - from the Note to the Pro versions.

Otterbox cases come in different series names but all usually tout shockproof, bump proof and more, some series are even waterproof. Mostly, because they come with a screen guard built in. The ports are usually covered as well, depending on what series you get.

Shockproof Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Case - Also for other series Samsung Tablets

OtterBox 77-40507 Defender Series Cover with Built-in Screen Protector for Samsung 10.1-Inch Galaxy Tab Pro / Galaxy Note 10.1-Inch 2014 Edition - Black
OtterBox 77-40507 Defender Series Cover with Built-in Screen Protector for Samsung 10.1-Inch Galaxy Tab Pro / Galaxy Note 10.1-Inch 2014 Edition - Black

Here's the Otterbox Defender Series Shockproof Case that fits the Galaxy tab Pro 10.1 and other 10.1 tablets.


Shockproof Cases For the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

If you search on Amazon, you'll be able to find shockproof cases for any tablet you own. And I do mean any tablet! Sometimes they can be hard to find but the main thing to search for, are silicone cases. They work wonders and I've owned a few for my devices. I've been fortunate enough to have never dropped a tablet when it wasn't wearing a case and I've even bumped a few table and chairs here and there.

This next case, is a very reasonably priced one, is highly rated and even comes in 5 different colors to choose from. They also don't block off the ports like the highly armored, awesome Otterbox cases do.

Shockproof Case for The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

Poetic Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Case [TURTLE SKIN Series] - Rugged Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro TabPRO 10.1 (SM-T520 / SM-T525) Black (3-Year Manufacturer Warranty from Poetic)
Poetic Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Case [TURTLE SKIN Series] - Rugged Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro TabPRO 10.1 (SM-T520 / SM-T525) Black (3-Year Manufacturer Warranty from Poetic)

Here's a really nicely priced Shockproof Case for a Samsung Galaxy Pro 10.1

You can even choose between 5 different colors and they're all highly rated to fit your needs.


Great Deals On Tablets - eBay

If you're looking for some great deals on tablets & smartphones then eBay would be the place to not break your wallet. The best deals you'll find would be on used ones. You could also check Craigslist for them as well. If you want new ones but don't have all the money for it right away then QVC or HSN would be the place to do a payment plan for one.

Another Great Way To Find The Case You're Looking For....

If you were unable to find a specific case on this page, that you were looking for, then the best idea to find the one you want is by browsing Amazon's selection of Samsung Galaxy Cases. Any of the Amazon links on this page will take you there.

When you're there, just narrow the selection down to whatever Samsung Galaxy device you're looking for a case for and then sort the results by going with the highest rated ones that come up first, so you can root out all the bad ones that have low ratings The good thing about cases is that they generally are highly rated because they're basic cases when it comes to ones with designs on them. Always check the reviews and ratings for anything you buy! Don't lose your money on junk, or your time, when it comes to the hassle of returns, etc..

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Reviews On Youtube

If you're still on the fence about buying a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and need to know more about reviews for tablets, the best place to check is Amazon customer reviews and even Youtube for special video reviews that people have put together......

Please leave a comment down below if you stopped by.......

Do you own a tablet?

What tablet do you own?

Do you love electronics & gadgets as much as I do?

Were you able to find a case or some accessories to your liking?

I hope I was able to help you in your search for some great cases and accessories for your Samsung Galaxy devices.

© 2012 MarcStorm LM

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      Can anyone please help me. Im stuggling to find a shockproof case for Galaxy pro 10.1 tab

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      I have had my iPad for a few months, but it hasn't left home yet, so am still looking for all the right accessories. Thank you for your suggestions.

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      @anonymous: Thanks for liking this lens! They are good cases & accessories. I own them and can speak to their quality,etc. I only have 3 of the 6 items, that i own, listed because the amazon spotlight module won't load the other 3. I'm going to have to try and post them as just plain amazon modules, for the other 3. Yeah, Tablets are pretty darn cool & are worth the money, i think. Thanks for stopping by and if you get the time please check out my other lenses. I don't think you'll be disappointed. :o) Best Wishes!

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      They look like nice table cases. I don't have a table, yet. :)

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      Samsung Galaxy tablet looks like great gadget and it certainly deserves cool cases and all accessories to shine in full potential!