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Is This the End of Netflix?

Updated on March 12, 2013


Is This the End of Netflix?

On 07/12/2011 Netflix announced changes to their subscription plan and the natives are more than restless. The recent changes at Netflix have many Netflix subscribes irate. The main change was unbundling their unlimited streaming and DVD/Bluray services.

Starting in September, existing Netflix subscribers will need to pay more for the privilege of receiving DVDs in the mail. Unlimited streaming will still be $7.99 a month but the DVD options will be priced separately at an additional $7.99 for one DVD out a time and $11.99 a month for 2 DVDs out a time.

On the surface this doesn't seem too expensive. However it's a 60% increase in prices for the same exact service and many Netflix users are vowing to be EX Netflix subscribers as a result.

When the price changes were announced I was a Netflix subscriber at one of Netflix's most popular and economical plan levels: Unlimited Streaming of Video and Unlimited DVDs each month (one out at a time) for $9.99 a month. I was happy enough and it was a fair enough price for me to overlook some of the pitfalls of the service. What pitfalls? You know, things like scratched or broken DVDs, lost shipments, problems with streaming, lack of selection, clunky interfaces and useless browsing on some devices etc. I even overlooked the horrible website overhaul back in June, 2011.

Now I'm supposed to overlook these same annoyances and fork out an extra 60% each month while I do so? DOUBTFUL!

While an extra $5.99 a month won't break anyone, that IS an extra $71 and change each year. I'm definitely asking myself if I like Netflix that much. No doubt users who were on the more expensive plans are already answering that question with a resounding NO!

I created this lens to help Netflix lovers and haters alike hash it out in one central area. Feel free to leave your honest opinion below. Be sure to participate in the polls, add links, make your predictions, and leave a comment. Maybe if we all make enough noise Netflix will listen!

YOUR TURN! WHAT DO YOU THINK? - Is this the END of Netflix?

Is this latest fiasco with the website overhaul and the changes to pricing the end of Netflix?

What do YOU think?

Don't stop with just sounding off here. Scroll down and take some polls and participate in the other interactive areas on this page!

Is This the End of Netflix?

YOUR TURN! Will Netflix realize the error of their ways?

Do you think Netflix will realize they've alienated too many subscribers and make changes for the better?

Will Netflix realize they've messed up and make things right?

Debate! Is This All Part of a Bigger Plan? - Does Netflix have motives beyond making a little more money?

I think this may all be part of a bigger plan. While the Netflix blog and site try to paint us a picture of a company that is trying to protect the long term interests of its DVD customers, their actions are quite to the contrary.

By unbundling unlimited streaming and DVDs Netflix is clearly trying to alienate and exploit their DVD customers. In the future more price increases will come and receiving DVDs via the mail from Netflix will simply be cost prohibitive for many subscribers.

These Netflix members are likely going to downgrade to the the unlimited streaming only plan. While this may hurt Netflix in the beginning, it benefits them in the long run. Once DVD rentals have dropped their overhead will have dropped drastically as well. Once the majority of subscribers have committed to unlimited streaming, Netflix will no doubt start increasing those subscription plan prices as well!

Does Netflix Have Ulterior Motives Surrounding This Recent Price Increase?

Netflix Price Increase Videos on YouTube

YouTube has been lighting up lately about the announcement of Netflix's price hike. It seems a LOT of people are not happy about the Netflix price increase and they are grabbing their cameras and webcams to vent. Check out a few of those videos below.

Poll: What Do You Think of the Netflix Price Increase? - Cast your vote here and be heard!

What Do You Think of the 7/12/2011 Netflix Price Increase?

See results

Poll: Should Netflix Have Separated Unlimited DVDs and Streaming? - What are your thoughts on the unbundling of services?

Do YOU Think Netflix Should Have Separated Unlimited Streaming and DVD/Bluray?

See results

Poll: How are You Planning on Responding to the Price Changes? - Will you be downgrading or cancelling your Netflix account?

Many people are extremely upset over the Netflix price increases announced on 7/12/2011. Talk is cheap. How do you plan on responding to the increase in subscription costs?

How Will You be Responding to the Increased Monthly Fees for Netflix?

See results

Poll: Why Did Netflix Increase Their Prices? - What do YOU think?

Why Do You Think Netflix Chose to Increase Prices?

See results

Poll: What Would Make You More Receptive to the Netflix Price Increase? - Would anything help justify paying 60% more?

What Would Make You More Tolerant or Accepting of the Netflix Price Increase?

See results

Poll: Should Netflix Subscribers Pay 60% MORE for DVDs?

Should Netflix Subscribers Pay 60% MORE for the DVD via Mail Option?

See results

Poll: Could Netflix Earn Your Business Back?

Suppose you cancel your Netflix subscription due to the price increase and other related Netflix fiascoes. If Netflix makes an effort to make things right would you come back?

If You Cancel Your Account and Netflix Sees the Light, Would You Come Back?

See results

Disclaimer Etc.

This lens is in no way affiliated with, or endorsed by, Netflix, inc. or any of its subsidiaries, employees, or associates. We offer no suggestion that the work presented on this web page is "official" or produced or sanctioned by the owner or any licensees of the aforementioned trademarks. The author of this lens will take all steps necessary to ensure that any usage of trademarked items in no way confuses the audience of this site as to its origin. This lens, and its creator make no claim to own Netflix, inc. or any of the copyrights or trademarks related to it. Images that are displayed on this site have been released into the public domain or are copyright of Netflix, Inc., the creator of the image and used with permission or under terms of fair use.

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External links policy: In the interest of fairness and full disclosure, the following external links policy is offered voluntarily. This lens may contain links to many other web sites. The author and creator of this lens, user-name ClinicallySignificantProductions, (henceforth referred to as "author") cannot guarantee the accuracy of information found at any linked site. Links to or from external web sites sites not owned or controlled by the author of this lens does not constitute any actual endorsement by the author, or any of its employees, of the sponsors of these sites or the products or information presented there. Although the main objective of this lens is to provide valuable information and useful content, a small royalty or commission may be earned by the author from purchases made after clicking on some of the external links in this lens.If you have any questions please feel free to contact the author with questions, comments, or concerns.

Still have something to say? Whether you want to comment about Netflix or this lens, please take the time to leave a comment in the comment section below.

LEAVE A COMMENT! - Please leave a comment below.

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      7 years ago

      Great lens! It's very interesting.


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