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The GoPro Hero3 White Edition is a true Extreme Sports camera!

Updated on July 1, 2016

I am an avid motorcyclist, so I thought it would be cool to get live action shots of my cycle adventures. After researching online I set my sights on the moderately priced Hero3 White Edition. Make no mistake, this is a true "Adventure" camera that is both shock proof and waterproof and with the great line of GoPro accessories it can be mounted on a motorcycle, bicycle, various sport helmets, your body, and even a surf board! In fact you can pretty much film yourself doing whatever extreme sport you desire!

The Hero3 comes smartly packaged with the camera displayed in its shock proof and water proof case under a plastic display case. It comes with two adhesive mounts, a spare rear cover for the protective case, USB Cable, and some cool GoPro stickers. You can also use the demo mount attached to the top of the packaging as yet a third mount. I am amazed on how small the actual camera is once removed from the protective case. It measures only 6cm x 4cm x 2cm.

Initial setup is simple, remove the camera from the protective case, install the Lithium-Ion battery and micro SD card then re-install in protective case and you are ready to take some action shots! The battery is initially half charged and can easily be recharged by attaching the provided USB cable between your computer and camera. Note: The Hero3 does not come with a micro SD card, you will need to purchase one before being able to take any pictures. It can support up to a 64GB micro SD card. 

The Hero3 has many camera modes including a Video mode to record constant live action, Photo for a single picture, Burst to capture three photos in succession, and Time Lapse to capture a series of photos at time intervals.

Three really cool features of the Hero3:

  • Wireless Controls: Camera has built in Wi-Fi! You can control the camera from using the Wi-Fi remote (sold separately) or the free GoPro app for the iPhone or Droid. The Go Pro app also acts as a viewer for the camera as it does not have one built in.
  • Upside Down Mode: Allows you to mount the Hero3 upside down but the files appear upright when viewing or editing.
  • One Button Mode: The camera automatically begins recording when powered on.

Transferring files from the Hero3 to your computer is a snap! Simply connect the camera to your computer via USB cable and your will see a shiny brand new removable disk icon. Simply copy the files from the removable disk to your computer's hard drive.

The Hero3 is a great "Adventure" camera and is a must for anyone who wants a to capture live event in picture or video!

GoPro Suction Cup (GoPro Official Mount)
GoPro Suction Cup (GoPro Official Mount)

I use the GoPro Suction Cup Mount to attached my Hero3 to the fairing of my Honda CBR250R.


Actual videos taken with a GoPro Hero3.

Tutorial about the GoPro Suction Cup Mount.

GoPro Hero3 Getting Started Video.


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