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The Main Key Features of A Mobile Phone

Updated on September 3, 2010

What are the key features of a mobile phone?


  • Calling features: Consider about call contacts that you can store as much as possible. Voice dialing makes you to call without using the keypad, which is more useful when you're using a headset or the speakerphone. Voice dialing is best, since the phone will respond to your voice without any training. Also, think about getting a unit with a full duplex speakerphone, which allows both parties to speak at the same time.
  • Messaging and e-mail: Short message service sends text only while multimedia messages send pictures and video clips as well as text. Some mobile phones support instant messaging service from service providers such as AOL, Yahoo, Skype etc. If you'd like to receive personal or work e-mail on your mobile phone, make it sure that your phone supports this feature. Most mobile phones that support e-mail use a Web interface to access your inbox, but smart phones and high-end models can send and receive e-mail automatically with your server. Although Messaging and e-mail are handy, they cost extra, however, consider a purchasing plan if you'll be using those features frequently.
  • Camera and video recorder: These let you to take pictures and shoot brief video clips. A few mobile phones still have a low-grade VGA resolution, but most camera phones now have resolutions with megapixels, which offer high quality photos. Similarly, while some camera phones offer just a few extra features, other models offer flash and editing options.
  • Organizer applications: The most basic mobile phones offer organizer applications. Normally, you can find a calendar, an alarm clock, tasks, a stopwatch, timer and a calculator. Some quality mobile phones have many more options, while other models offer offbeat applications such as a compass or a thermometer.
  • Memory: If you wish to get best experience with a multimedia phone, make sure that your phone has plenty of storage space. If it comes with an external memory card slot, which is rather best.
  • Multimedia options: These features let you to get entertainment through included media such as a digital music player, FM radio and TV. Also, many phones now support streaming video through 3G networks, live TV, and wireless music downloads. There will be an extra fee, of course, and you'll need 3G service in your area.
  • Applications and games: Every mobile phone supports games and not each and every model comes with same titles. In that case, you'll have to download them from your service provider. Sometimes they will cost extra fee. Extra applications are also available. They depend on your phone model and your service provider.
  • Bluetooth: This feature helps you to wirelessly connect via low-frequency radio waves with external devices, such as a headset for making calls. Many mobile phones also allow you to use Bluetooth to exchange or sync data with other Bluetooth devices or to connect to stereo headphones to listen to music or to get Internet connection through your mobile phone to your computer.
  • Push to talk: This feature is like a walkie-talkie system. This feature lets you to immediately connect with individuals or call groups within a particular area, which is especially useful for business people who need instant contact with their colleagues. Best of all, a mobile signal is not necessary to use this service and you won't use standard calling minutes. Not all service providers offer this feature, however, and it's not available on all mobile phones.
  • Web browser: This lets you to surf the wireless Web and get information such as news, sports, weather reports, and stock updates. And also this lets you to download files including application, software, games and ring tones. WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) browsers are optimized to view sites configured to display on a small screen, but keep in mind that all sites are not designed for WAP browsing. On the contrary, some mobile phones are included with full HTML browsers so, you can select which you'd prefer. You can use your mobile phones as a modem for your computer.



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      rajat 17 months ago

      Mobile phone is very importly

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      mohan 2 years ago

      Mobile phones are only made for advantage of students in my opinion