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Otterbox iPad Case Defender and Reflex Series of Protective Cases

Updated on January 1, 2014

If you want ONLY the best level of protection

Doesn't it make sense to get a good sturdy case for an iPad? I think so!

These electronic devices are anything but cheap. They cost a pretty penny, and though they are surely worth it, I am sure the last thing you would want is something to damage your new tech toy. I know I surely like to keep mine safe.

This is where the Otterbox Defender and Reflex series for the iPad mini come in. they are just about the best defense your iPad can get.

These Apple toys are pretty tough and resilient all on their own. They are made to withstand some decent damage, but they can still actually need a 3rd party case to be really safe. Check out some of the great options below and find out if there is one that is right for YOU.

A great case for children

One of the best things about the Otterbox brand of cases for the iPad and the iPhone is that they are the absolute best at "ruggedizing" these devices. Kids can be tough on electronics. They can put them through a ton of wear and tear that could potentially leave many electronic devices broken and in pieces.

These Otterbox cases will greatly increase these chances that the electronic devices will actually last for a long time regardless of how tough the usage of these devices are put through.

See More==>>Kid Proof iPad Cases

Sturdy iPad Otterbox Case
Sturdy iPad Otterbox Case

Otterbox iPad Case Defender

*Fits 4th generation iPad (iPad 2 and iPad 3)

This Otterbox iPad case has long been one of the most popular options. It has a rugged two layer design that works as a big of an internal shock protector for your iPad, making sure that it is safe if it is dropped. I have knocked mine off of a shelf, from nearly 6 feet high and had my iPad suffer absolutely no bad consequences. I think that is pretty awesome.

Another thing I really like about this is the cover/stand. When you are not using your iPad you can cover it up and button it up, snug and secure. This is unlike many other models that are NOT Otterbox, where they provide some measure of protection, but leave the glass face; the most vulnerable spot, completely uncovered. This cover can also act as a stand.

==>>Otterbox iPad Mini Case

MORE Otterbox Defender iPad cases - Cases for the iPad AND iPad Mini in a few different styles

This is the brand that I personally own, and I have to say I am quite happy with it. I have had it for over a year now, and have dropped my tablet quite a few more times than I should have, and I still have no scratches, scrapes, nicks or damage to speak of.

Of course, some of that credit has to go to Apple for making a study device, but I think a lot of the credit is also due to this case providing a so0lid buffer against my own clumsiness and ineptitude.

I think this is also the perfect case for children. I let my kids use my iPad from time to time. Well, actually maybe even more than I use it. While I think they do a decent job of being careful, kids will be kids and accidents seem to happen around them. So far this rugged defender of my Apple tablet has been up to the job of keeping my device safe and secure.

If you have kids around, I give this model and product a very high endorsement for the high level of protection it provides.

iPad Reflex Series Case
iPad Reflex Series Case

Otterbox iPad Reflex Series of Cases

I have to admit, I like the colors of this choice. I think it is bold and fashionable.

But like all other protetive coverings of this great brand, looking good is only part of the battle. It also provides superior defense. The reflex series also has two layers of protection. One inner one that is rubber and a hard outer shell. This acts like a shock absorber if it is dropped and helps keep your expensive electronic toy snug as a bug in a rug.

The flip cover also offers a very safe cover for transporting the your tech toy from place to place. The ability to use this cover as a stand is a nice little addition, allowing for hands free viewing of TV, movies and all other sorts of visual mobile media.

==>>Reflex Series of protective covers

MORE iPad Reflex Series Protective cases for iPad 2,3,4 and iPad mini - Multiple colors and sizes of cases to protect your device

Solid and rugged design, this is made to last and strong enough to take some hard use without wearing down. The reflex is not only a good looking and colorful set of covers, but they really get the job done when it comes to the security of your tech toy!

Otterbox Cases for the iPhone

Otterbox iPhone 5

Below area couple of different views and colors of the iPhone defender and commuter series of cases. You can see the split views of these cases with the mobile device inside as well as the larger view that showcases the the case before you insert the the phone.

DO you have a protective device for your mobile device?

See results

Let me know what YOU think - Share your thoughts in the comments below

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