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The Secret Pays

Updated on June 30, 2009

Review of The Secret Pays

The Secret Pays is an online wholesaler of a WIDE variety of digitally down-loadable software and how-to products available for sale on the internet. It has potential to be not only a great investment in software and ebooks but also very profitable in sales. With a price tag of only $125 - ONE time - is also very affordable to the masses.

The Secret Pays program was created as a way to help the average person receive a great income from home, but without spending a large of money to do so. Members may use it as a business investment and/or income opportunity.

This program offers members a package of software and ebooks worth more than $5000 for $125! The software programs and ebooks can then can then be used or sold at the member's discretion. When someone purchases the program for $125 the seller is paid $100 directly. There is no waiting involved. There are no additional fees...ever!

For this $125.00 you get access to:

  • a HUGE library of software, e-books and how-to articles which you are free to download and use at your discretion.
  • a well-developed replicated website
  • your choice of 3 squeeze pages
  • a free auto-responder system ready to GO
  • resources for marketing,advertising, scripts, banners, etc.
  • access to a training site, which is filled with ideas for marketing as well as large banks of ways to advertise either for free or for low cost with descriptions of each. Many people make money just by re-selling the items they get from this library which is nothing out of the ordinary on the internet.

The Secret Pays System was developed by Sherm Mason as a solution for average people to receive large amounts of income from home, with little time or money. This program was inspired by and founded based on the principles taught in 'The Secret' film, though not directly affiliated.

Sherm's mission was to create the largest online network of successful first time and seasoned money makers through the sale of a massive collection of profit pulling products. The system seeks like-minded individuals searching for abundance through spiritual marketing and the law of attraction. As a believer in both, I was drawn to this program - no regrets.

Simple Secret System that Pays

Low ONE TIME investment without risk for a complete system that delivers.  Free trial.
Low ONE TIME investment without risk for a complete system that delivers. Free trial.

How the Secret Pays System Works

The Secret Pays is a "1 up program" which means that every member must hand their first sale "up" to their sponsor. This method ensures an on going flow of residual income for all its members that can bring in new prospects at a steady pace. So, after the first sale, members receive $100 per person who signs up for the program. In addition, members have the option of selling the ebooks and software within the 'vault' as an additional income stream.

How the money is transferred: This program uses reliable and quite safe digital online accounts such as Paypal and also Alert Pay, and eGold. These accounts deliver funds to you immediately and automatically. No touch required. Users have the choice of signing up for one or all of these online accounts in order to transfer funds safely.

ALSO, there's a No strings attached 7 day trial available to those who want to try it out. Test it out and see whether if fits YOU! THEN decide. I'm having fun with this one, and recommend it highly, especially to newbies. Why?

It's a one purchase deal with all the tools needed included. In most cases, newcomers to the world of internet marketing get started with 'free' programs, only to learn later that a stream of investments must be made in order to activate. They'll need tools such as an autoresponder. Ka-ching. Then build a list with a newsletter. Ka-ching. ...and register here and there for advertizing and marketing opps...Ka-ching. SEO and PPC and all those other acronyms...Ka-Ching-Ka-Ching-KaChing!!!

While the above are certainly options, many have been successful with this program at just an investment of $125 and some time and effort. Instructions on how exactly to do this are in the private member's area. Even better, the program continues to expand with new additions to the vault of free items for members as well as marketing tools such as free squeeze pages and much more.

Info Overload???

This is likely the BIGGEST roadblock to online success.  Having a well developed system can make a HUGE difference.
This is likely the BIGGEST roadblock to online success. Having a well developed system can make a HUGE difference.

Who Might Most Appreciate this System?

It is very common to become overwhelmed quickly with information overload on the internet. Newbies as well as those with some experience will appreciate a complete system that can actually be utilized just as it is without further purchases and long learning curves. Marketing tools that often must be purchased elsewhere and then developed are already preloaded into this system, along with instructions on how to use them. Members DO have to spend some time marketing, but do not have to leave the resources within the site nor spend more money to do so. For this reason, it has potential to be an excellent system for newbies to learn how systems work prior to taking on the task of creating them.

Pro and Cons of the Secret Pays System

The good:

  • VERY small investment for HIGH return on a large collection of quality software and ebooks sold elsewhere.
  • HIGH potential return on selling this same system that includes quality web based products and already created websites and tools needed to resell them.
  • A complete package, members will NOT have to invest in other programs to make it come alive.
  • Includes 7 day free trial.
  • Includes complete marketing system and training.
  • The Secret Pays is not here today and gone tomorrow. The program launched in 2006 and is still going strong in its 3rd year. Many updates have been added for members at no additional cost.
  • There is a strict anti-spam policy in place and memberships could be lost if spam activity is utilized.

My only concerns are:

A lot of programs appear on the internet as home business opportunities, and although we would all like to become wealthy from our homes you have to ask yourself questions it legal and legit? Yes to both. See more below about that issue.

Is it a REAL opportunity? Assuming you have a realistic view of making money online and have marketing plans in place or else plans for such, then ...YES!

Many people make money just by re-selling the items they get from this library which is nothing out of the ordinary on the internet. And yes, a few of the ebooks in the members' vault are available elsewhere on the internet at no charge. Still members get huge value for a one-time investment.

With that said, I'd add these concerns:

  • Tax Liability - Some people might believe you do not have to pay any income tax. You DO. The income is quite traceable by the IRS, and to avoid claiming such is not recommended.
  • NOT Automatic Income. One cannot expect to earn income just by joining. A solid marketing plan is required. There's a good source of help with this on the inside of the website for members, but one must do their true diligence with marketing and support in order to expect the $$$ to flow, same as any other biz opp. Not a get-rich-quick, which is fiction anyway, yet still a valuable investment.
  • Is this a gifting program or an mlm? I've seen a few online comments suggesting such, but I'd say NO to both. See why below.

About Gifting: Gifting programs basically promise a return on investment basically for nothing more than an exchange of funds. For example..." I'll give you X dollars in the hopes that it will make me XXX dollars"...THAT is gifting. It is frowned upon for obvious reasons...I give X person $ with the hope that if I do nothing else, then my $ will become $$$$? Try the stock market then.

In contrast, there IS an exchange of product for investment with this program. Members get a HUGE collection of software and ebooks and in many cases with resale and rebranding rights. Members receive a huge return in actual product to download and use as they see fit, making it NOT gifting. Many consider it a tremendous buy even if one only wanted access to those web software and ebook products personally. After purchasing, I even found a few of the ebooks already stored on my machine, as I had purchased them elsewhere before I found this program.

About MLMs: In order to earn any money,they ALL require a monthly payment/purchase. In contrast, this program requires only a ONE time payment of $125, for LIFE! That is a HUGE difference. Now there are some similarities in that there IS a downline in place and that is a potential source of income, yet I challenge you to find an mlm with such potential for a ONE TIME fee of $125 that gets you a ton of useful web products and the tools to sell such with no requirement for future purchases at all to make money from them.

Further, the downfall of mlms most often has to do with the complete absence of a real marketing system. Also the hype of 'get rich quick'...NOT! While mlm as a business has merit in some ways, the claims of quick return are hyped, generally does not exist in real life. It is wise to look at it as a long-term plan toward leveraged and passive income that has existed in real life for only a few. Those few likely have either a rolodex full of contacts with ample income already and/or a powerful marketing system in place.

To think that the average person with no real background in marketing can explode any mlm opp quickly without a powerful marketing system is hype and fairy tale. Chasing friends and family, spam mails, home parties or hotel rah-rah presentations - NOT powerful marketing. You will lose much more than you gain with such age-old tactics.

No Hype

Are you weary of hyped claims about online systems that are just another scam?
Are you weary of hyped claims about online systems that are just another scam?


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