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The Tik Tok Controversy on American Social Media

Updated on November 12, 2023

How Do We Know?

Despite what many tech companies and experts state regarding the dangers of the Chinese app called Tic Tok, that over 160 million Americans have on their cell phones, there has been little actual proof.

That does not mean it does not exist, but it IS a public relations problem for the US government because more and more Americans download it and use it. Just what dangers could there be? According to some, if China demands from the US Tic Toc parent company location data, personal data and access to private user accounts, China could blackmail, locate, spy on Americans. The US Tic Toc CEO has said that this has never happened, and the data would not be handed over. Okay, but how could this be monitored or even known if done secretly? Maybe it has already happened as a test and the US did nothing because stealth was used. Who knows?

Now, what exactly would China want to know about my own account that I use frequently? I am nobody to them. I do not possess a Top Secret clearance in a related defense institution. I am not a senator or congressman that can steer the direction of US policy. I have no access to POTUS. I do not live near any US military base that China want information on. I am not a media influencer being able to steer opinions on US policy in favor of China, So, like most American users of this app, there is no reason why China might want to obtain information on my location, personal data or any other thing. It is no value to them.

Now, it IS a concern if I were a media influencer able to reach millions, a senator to steer US policy and access POTUS, live on a military base that is of interest to them, work inside the Pentagon where the US military decisions are made, a person of interest who works in a place of interest to them.

What Congress should do is just ban any government employee for having it on their phone as a condition of employment. Of course, just because you remove it does not mean it cannot be installed again. So, there is a Catch-22 there.

After using the app for awhile, I can see why it is so very addicting. It offers videos primarily from its users. The diversity is the entertainment. Its not movies or TV shows, its personal video content. Some of my friends that I follow include:

  • a psychiatrist
  • a solo travel expert
  • videos from different parts of the world
  • dubious news reporting
  • lonely women seeking something
  • travel vblogs
  • funny people trying to serious
  • awesome female lead guitarists
  • many how to make zillions from affiliate marketing
  • weather junkies and accurate forcasts
  • some Chinese parents trying to find mates for their daughters
  • emotional ranting on a wide variety of topics
  • Beatle fanatics of all ages and their Now and Then song

The main attraction to its users is that they can easily create their own videos using Cap Cut or a Tic Toc template where you add photos, video, music, or just talk. It allows anyone to create a cool video up to 10 minutes. Everything uploaded is checked, so there is no X-rated porn at all, it is all very "clean". Tic Toc will remove anything they think is offensive, which seems to be anything porn and negative things against China (big surprise). They may also remove material at their choosing without much info as to why.

Removing the app from American cell phones is one thing, but it can be used with your computer also. Now what?


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