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The Top Self-Defense Products

Updated on July 24, 2013

Stand Up For Your Rights - Take Control and Prepare for Self-Defense

Walking to your car at night. Traveling across a parking lot at the mall. Checking the mail. Even sitting in the park. All are areas that are can potentially leave you vulnerable to a horrific crime.

Hi, Jake here again. When I first attended college, I was astounded at how many painted hand prints I saw across campus. I later found out they were places that a rape occurred. The hand prints served as a reminder to women and men to be on guard and be aware of your surroundings.

Crime, especially rape, is not an easy subject. This lens was designed to help protect both women and men in times of vulnerability. I too was a victim of a crime once on campus and was lucky to get out with just my wallet stolen. Today, I carry pepper spray when I know I could be at risk. I strongly suggest you prepare yourself as well.

Take Control of a Dangerous Situation

Compact Pepper Spray

The Basics Everyone Should Have

Stay safe regardless of the situation with this Sabre pink pepper spray keychain. The most popular Sabre style, the 0.54-ounce pepper spray offers a quick-release design, producing a powerful ballistic stream that reduces wind blowback by about 8 to 10 feet. As a result, you can reliably protect yourself in unfamiliar or dangerous neighborhoods and situations. The detachable keychain, meanwhile, gives you immediate access to your defense spray when unlocking a door or driving a car. Best of all, Sabre makes a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) with each purchase of a pink pepper spray unit. The pepper spray canister--which is a breeze to carry--includes approximately 25 shots. Sabre products are used by the New York Police Department, U.S. Marshalls, and thousands of police departments worldwide.

Cool style and hot protection are combined in SABRE's most popular product. This attractive, pink compact pepper spray delivers a strong balistic stream to reduce wind blow back. Providing extremely practical protection, SABRE permits distance from your threat with its ten (10) foot range, and its quick release key ring and attachment clip ensure its accessible when needed! Help fight breast cancer as sales of this product support the National Breast Cancer Foundation!

Comtech Stinger

Small and Effective

This is the newest version of the Comtech Stinger. It is slightly larger than the old version and the key ring hole is thicker and much stronger. The lines on the new version are much cleaner which, compared to the old version, gives you a much firmer grip. It now also comes in a matte finish. James Keating developed this tool many years ago and the Stinger has become a household name in personal self defense circles. It is designed to be a simple key chain tool that will also act as a "Force multiplier". It is very easily carried and concealed and it is an effective tool to stun an attacker, allowing you time to escape. The Stinger measures about 1/2" thick x 2" wide x 3" long.

The Stinger has been around a long time.. not spoken about much. Guys who work in security know about it. Light, concealable, easily deployed.

This is a great item. It feels strong and comfortable in the hand. Although it was a couple more dollars to order from this seller I feel like it was worth it because I wanted a transparent stinger and this was the only seller I found who had it. Also the shipping was super fast, I received the shipment notice on a Tuesday and received the item the next day. WOW!!!! I may have just been close to the seller but next day shipping is still pretty amazing. This thing could do some real damage so it should only be used in a life threatening situation, let's hope I will never need to use it but it does provide an extra sense of security when I carry it. I'm a college student in the city and walking to and from class at night with this thing makes me feel safer.

Flexible Leather Billy Club

This leather billy club is 9 1/2 inches long, easy to control and packs a wallop! It's the ideal personal protection tool for the safety minded person.

These are pretty darn hard to find these days. Based on what I've seen, there's probably a single location overseas making them and everyone is just importing the same one. The quality here is very good for the price. Good leather, good spring, solid head, good overall construction. If a US dealer in police supplies re-branded this with their trade name, you'd be paying $39.99 for it (which I doubt will happen- these are probably destined to remain esoteric. I don't think there are too many PD's that let officers carry them anymore and not too many average Joes even know they exist)

Police Magnum Keychain Mace Red Pepper Spray

With UV Dye

Police Magnum OC-17 Pepper Spray offers the most powerful concentration of pepper spray allowed by law. This is the same spray used by police officers. Each unit also includes UV dye for later identification of the perpetrator by law enforcement. The handy unit allows for one hand operation and can be used to provide multiple blasts up to 12 feet away. A suspect will be immediately affected with burning skin, coughing, watery eyes, runny nose, difficulty breathing but will have no permanent injuries. It is both non-toxic and non-flammable. Effective against: muggers, carjackers, rapists, vicious animals, etc.. The included leather cases are made of genuine leather and feature a keychain attachment. 2 per order.

This was a great peace of mind purchase for me. My wife works in downtown New Haven and has to walk to her car everyday in a parking garage and at times it can get late. It is not bulky and is pretty discrete. She is able to carry it on her keychain. It has a button clasp on the leather case that exposes the canister and to activate you need to slide the trigger over with your thumb then press down; so there is a pretty slim chance it will go off by accident in your purse or bag.

It's great that this purchase comes in a two-pack .. because it may be a good idea to fire off one as a "test" to see how it performs it will give you a good idea of range & duration. This is seriously a great non-lethal deterrent for would be attackers and animals. Live, Work, Play Safe!

Self-Defense Keychain Stick

Instrument of Attitude Adjustment

The Kubotan is a pressure point self defense device. the principal areas for attacks in self-defense include bony, fleshy and nerve targets such as knuckles, forearms, bridge of the nose, shins, stomach, solar plexus, spine, temple, ribs, groin, neck, eyes etc. The Kubotan is usually held in either an icepick grip (for hammerfist strikes) or forward grip (for stabbing and pressure point attacks). Common uses include hardening the fist (fistload) for punching, attacking vulnerable parts of an assailant's body, and gaining leverage on an assailant's wrist, fingers and joints. With keys attached, it can also function as a flailing weapon. Self Defense keychain kubotan Composition: Machined Aluminum Length: 5 7/16" Weight: 2.4 oz. Color: Black

This is a fine weapon for the average citizen who is not inclined to carry a knife or handgun, but it cannot be as effective as a cane or a police baton, two other alternatives to consider. The cane is perhaps the most innocent seeming yet it has reach advantages over the kubotan and will deal a most damaging strike.

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    • Normyo Yonormyo profile image

      Normyo Yonormyo 4 years ago

      Interesting lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Awesome lens! Very important information for everyone. My brother was mugged years ago,and he made everyone in our family get pepper spray!Blessed by a Squidoo Angel on 2/6/2011

    • tigerheartlegend profile image

      tigerheartlegend 7 years ago

      Highly effective tools listed here. Great article

    • OliveHouse profile image

      OliveHouse 7 years ago

      @anonymous: Thank you for sharing, Teresa and congrats on taking back control!

    • profile image

      martialartstraining 7 years ago

      Danger is in the air and security is something we deserve. Yes, we have to fight for our right and be prepared. For sure they will be all surprised and regret for their crime.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I was mugged in 2007. Now I carry a canister of pepper spray and I've actually had to threaten to use it twice.