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The Value of a Good Digital Camera

Updated on August 8, 2017

The Role of a Good Digital Camera

Ever heard the saying: “clothes maketh the man”. Well, that is not entirely true because there are men out there that look good in a sack cloth, however nothing beats a tailor made suit and screams “James Bond suave” like a tux. No, you did not click on the wrong article; this is just a bit of a strange analogy that emphasizes a camera's role in photography.

You need the know how to take pics, make no mistake that is an integral part of photography because even with the best camera out there you still cannot wear the mantle of a ‘photographer’ without the know-how. Say you have a delectable and decadent meal that makes you want to literally lick your plate while dancing a happy boogie? Do you turn to your maître d' to say a) “Wow, that was amazing…You must have a really good oven!” Or b) Wow, that was amazing…my compliments to the chef!” (Yes it is a toughie but with some thought I’m sure the answer shall reveal itself.)

An actual photographer can take a good picture with any camera but a good picture can become epic with the right exposure, aperture and resolution. That picture is sharper, bolder and sensational because a photographer controlled the depth of field, the exposure to light as well as the shutter speed. Those key elements can only be done with a good camera and in this modern age, a good digital camera.

Do I have the Passion for Photography?

You certainly cannot be a militant foot-soldier and expect to take photos at a wedding, your personality must be one of making people feel comfortable and at ease and not that they should prepare for war. If you have a passion for photography, then you certainly have the raw materials for developing it into a purpose of some sort. The beauty of a digital camera is that it allows you to learn as you go along.

You have what it takes to become a Photographer!

ID 31518267 © Antonio Guillem
ID 31518267 © Antonio Guillem | Source

Know what to look for in a Digital Camera

What constitutes a digital camera as good? Well, it is a camera that can let you shoot by providing proper functionality under difficult conditions. If you want to shoot a subject in a congested environment, your camera has to be able allow you to increase your aperture so your subject can be sharp and the background slightly out of focus. This allows for your focal point/subject to be front and center without distractions. Another example: You are shooting a football game where everything is happening all at once, football flying and players running across the field.

You can increase your shutter speed by setting it to a higher ISO and freeze the football/football player in the motion creating sharp images by catching the subject in the act. Although if you can gauge an appropriate ISO, you can shoot both freeze-frame and the motion behind the act which provides for interesting as well as arresting images. This is the beauty of a good digital camera, there is more to select behind the high-quality functions provided and excellent settings allows for freedom in creativity as well.

Of course and it stands to reason, if photography is really a passion of yours and you are really wanting to take it serious, then it will be best to invest into equipment that will provide you with years of mileage. As with anything, great tools (together with experience) will help to perform a good job and produce desired results.

Be Ready to Explore Fields of New Possibilities

ID 31069323 © Emevil
ID 31069323 © Emevil | Source

Tips for choosing a Digital Camera

You still unsure of where to go from here?

Another great selling point to a good camera is the fact that you are able to change lenses at will. As photographers we want different lenses for different shots. You can’t walk around in the everyday world shooting street vendors with a telephoto lens unless of course you want pics of their nose hairs then by all means, whatever floats your boat. Under normal circumstances a telephoto lens is best suited say for a safari adventure where getting up close and personal with a lion maybe a tad bit dangerous. So being able to swap and change lenses whenever you need to has great appeal when choosing a good camera.

There are many good digital SLR cameras out there and you have choices in the best makes which is not as difficult to find as you may think. Most photographers swear by Nikons and Canons so those are probably the best ones to stalk. You have to first assess your photography niche, subsequently correlate your needs and then hunt down your perfect fit.

Also, speak to the established and avid Photographers to gain advice and guidance from them. An unselfish photographer will offer advice that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars, but more importantly, will save you the frustration from buying a digital camera that you will not be happy with. The choice is ultimately yours so good luck finding your ‘soul-mate’…Happy hunting!

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