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The Kindle Fire: Not Just Another Kindle

Updated on December 16, 2012

An E-reader/Tablet

The Kindle Fire is Amazon's most recent addition to the Kindle family of electronic reading devices. The Kindle Fire is more than just an e-reader. It is also considered a tablet computer because it can do much more than allow the owner to read digital books and magazine or newspaper subscriptions. The $199.00 price tag for the Kindle Fire is reasonable and virtually affordable for any budget. Many of the books available for the Kindle Fire are free and many more are available at a low cost.

Portable Entertainment

The Kindle Fire also allows the owner to play games, watch videos, listen to music and many other fun things by utilizing its ability to download and run certain apps. Although the Kindle Fire has 8 GB of storage capacity, only 5.36 GB is allotted for downloaded content such as books, music, videos and items from the newsstand. A separate allotment of 1.17 GB is set aside for the installation of apps to the device. The rest of the storage capacity is designated for operating software and preloaded apps which cannot be removed if the owner does not desire to have these apps. Although the operating system is android, the apps must be acquired through Amazon. You can either transfer your music and videos from your computer to your Kindle Fire or you can buy music and videos from Amazon and download them to the Kindle Fire.

Perfect Fit

With its seven inch color touchscreen which has an adjustable backlight, the Kindle Fire's compact size makes it convenient and portable, yet it is large enough to read comfortably. The text size can even be adjusted to larger or smaller text for the comfort of the individual. The clear, crisp audio provided by two small speakers is truly amazing. If you do not wish to disturb others, there is an earphone jack on the device.

There are several accessories that are virtually necessary to extend the life of your new Kindle Fire. Clear plastic screen protector sheets help protect the screen from dirt and scratches. A stylus pen is helpful for safely operating the touchscreen by decreasing the amount of pressure applied and oils from the fingertips. The carrying case helps protect the entire device from damage.

Get Your Own Kindle and Necessary Accessories

Go and Go Online

The wi-fi connection allows the owner to easily purchase books and other digital content from the Amazon store. The wi-fi connection allows the device to stream Amazon videos with vibrant quality. The wi-fi connection also allows the owner to access the internet using a mobile browser. With so much to do with a Kindle Fire, even people who don't like to read will love this device.


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    • Tammy L profile image

      Tammy L 4 years ago from Jacksonville, Texas

      Thank you for the vote up. The Kindle Fire is a very versatile little thing. As a matter of fact, I decided I would use it to respond to your comment. :)

    • seanorjohn profile image

      seanorjohn 4 years ago

      Wow I just didn't realise the power of kindle fire. Never knew it did music. Thanks for the info. Voted up.

    • Tammy L profile image

      Tammy L 5 years ago from Jacksonville, Texas


      Yes it is. I have even downloaded a free notepad app that I use for writing if I happen to be away from my laptop. There is also a free anti-virus security app available at the App Store.

    • tlmcgaa70 profile image

      tlmcgaa70 5 years ago from south dakota, usa

      great hub...the kindle fire allows the use of storage space in the cloud...a virtual storage space. i love my kindle fire. yes it does have a few issues but i like it nonetheless. i play games and watch stuff on netflix and read books and check the weather...very versatile tablet.