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Updated on June 19, 2012

Kids are curious

The bars are too low! The average kid, with it's first contact to the sexual content on Internet is 12! This is frighten!
The bars are too low! The average kid, with it's first contact to the sexual content on Internet is 12! This is frighten!

Bars too low!

We all know what Internet using brings... Many good things, and sadly - many bad things. This is not such an issue if you are an formed person with a good knowledge of Internet usage and if you aware of risk entering into some sites.


Do our kids , and youth, know the consequences and risks of using video chat? Video chat rooms ? Chat rooms in general ? Society networks .. ? Kids are generally unformed persons, and they are mostly the most exposed parts of our society. Children, in these days, have put the bar very low, when it comes to the chatting with someone who they don't know - at all! What's most worrying , is the fact the sites that offer "Stranger-to-Stranger" VIDEO chat, are becoming more and more popular. This trend brings us to the conclusion that those kind of Internet services, are becoming "paradise" for pedophiles and those who we need to take heavy precautions when we expose our children to services where they DO exist. Within spreading of pedo-pornography via Internet - all we can do is to protect ourself and our children! How?

Now and then, then and now.

Parental Control. That is just a phrase, unfortunately. Every operating system, in it's features, offers "Parental Controls" which lock the sexual, nude, or violent content on Internet. There are many, many additional programs that can help parents and/or supervisors of kids, to control and monitor their movement trough Internet and their activity on each web-site - individual.

What is, actually, the crucial thing about protecting your kid from explicit content is actual TALK - conversation. On certain level, in certain age, kids have a need (from personal experience and personal mistakes) to talk with their parents without any "taboo" topics.Of course, they will not tell you whether they have a need to talk or not - its on You to discover "what's in their heads". You have to have in mind, that times have changed. Kids are no more kids, at certain age - as they were when You were at the same age as them. Todays kids, want to be appreciated and respected AND talked with them like they're grown ups and ... They have different needs and different interests - from the time when You, the parents of todays kids, were kids. Sadly, the television, as a main media for broadcasting things that should be viewed from the eyes of kids (under 16 AT LEAST) , is putting under influence unformed persons to "discover" their sexuality, to put the interest in sex - in general, and pushing them to idealize their future by those who are, in at least, something that they shouldn't be at all (in their heads - if You understand me?).

Parental Control, the integrated feature in Windows O.S's. How to configure Your "Parental Controls" on shared computer, or computer of your kid(s). Go to "Start". Click on the "Control Panel", and then double click on "Parental Controls". Note: that you have to have "Administrator" or "Enterprise" rights for account. You will see at the beginning the option to "Force every user to enter their password before they log in..." . Take a look at the pictures beside.As You can see, you have to categorize your icons as small ones, and find "Parental Controls", and then there adjust the settings.Believe me, it it worth of try to protect You and children that use the computer, connected to the Internet.

Now I will represent you some tools that can help you, maybe more than ordinary parental controls integrated to Windows. It is maybe a little bit "unethical" or it may represent interrupting "children" privacy - but the cause justifies the measures-tools.


Here are few useful links, that You might want to visit, in order to SET YOUR BARS HIGH :

  • ("K9 Web Protection is a free Internet filter and parental control software for your home Windows or Mac computer. K9 puts YOU in control of the Internet so you can protect your kids.")
  • (TechMission - Safe Families, tips and download-able software for rising up security of Your family)
  • ( Software developing organization, with 10 year of experience in key logging development. Trial-version of program available.)
  • ("Great Product! Your keylogger software allows me to keep a close eye on my kids while they are using our computers. I've used other products of this nature before but none of them worked as well." review by :John Clark )
  • ("The most powerful invisible computer monitoring software for home and office! Try Keylogger FREE!" source: homepage of

"Keyloggers" - stict measure!

There are group of programs that are called "keyloggers". They are mostly used in "spy-ware" meaning, but with same "trusted" and well-developed programs - You can actually follow Your child's activity - wherever You are, what ever he's doing. How is that possible? Simply. By installing some of these programs, they instantly start to follow whatever you (or Your child) does on computer by recording everything that's typed on keyboard, every site that has been visited, every mail that is sent, every program installed/removed, and even every instant message that has been sent or received. There are also an good feature, that can be found at these kind of programs called "snapshooting". The program will take a picture, at the time that you've set up.(example, every 15min.)
The good thing is that these kind of programs, that actually spy your machine, are running in background, in your memory, so they are invisible to others. Only with special set up combination of keys, pressed together, the program can be called up from memory, and be paused or additionally changed(settings).

What makes these measure, of installing professional spy-ware tools on Your computer, in order to keep your children safe and under control - as they are still unformed persons - AMAZING is that log files , the files that contain reports of what's done on computer where program is installed, can be sent trough the Internet connection to the remote locations. For example: You are going to the one or two day trip.You doubt about your children security on Internet. This program can send you, every hour or so, an e-mail with attachment, where all informations like snap-shoots of screen, keyboard type reports, I.M reports, web-sites visits,e-mails, etc , are in it. Additionally, these files (file) can be compressed in ".zip" or ".rar" extension, and be sent via FTP connection - DIRECTLY YOUR PRIVATE FTP DATA SERVER.


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