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The New Internet - A look into the Human Brain

Updated on January 16, 2017


Today We will be learning a little bit about the Brain, the Internet and the “New” Internet. And continue the battle between Science and Religion.

To claim someone (a single person or faction) knows hands down everything on a single subject would be a false statement to make. According to scientists humans have only been the way we are now (bipedal hominoids) for between 10,000 and 18,000 years (depending on who you believe) (Mind you we have been evolving for millions of years, im talking about our present state of being) in my opinion an inadequate amount of information has been discovered about the human brain, its functions and about our place on this planet.

For the last 4.5 – 3000 years humans have had religions and beliefs, but where do all these Gods, Deity’s and profits come from? In the movie Zeitgeist it suggests that Jesus Christ is actually a combination of the majority of the pagan and past religions, and the movie also suggests that no evidence of Jesus Christ actually existing has ever been presented. Now I’m not saying in any way do I believe or support this movie however it does raise the issue. If not God then what?

Peoples all over the world have always believed in the spirits of things, the wind, the air, the water, fire, the feminine spirit has been always seen as a goddess of fertility. Women have the power to create life inside their bodies, this happens on a cellular level. To deny science is to deny your existence. And a religious person would argue that to deny god would be to deny your existence. On this I believe we need to agree to disagree. Just because we can understand the basic forms of atoms and what we are made of, does not in any way deny the existence of “God” I think before I continue we need to discuss God, or at least my version of God.

To me God is not an old man sitting on his cloud in heaven, God does not have giant golden gates blocking “sinners” from entering. In my mind I would in vision God as a father figure someone who would tell you like it is and let you learn for yourself. Someone who would let you fall to learn how to pick yourself back up, and let you lay there if you chose to give up; Someone who is always there watching and supporting your every decision, even if it is against him. I don’t believe in God as a let’s say disembodied consciousness as much as I think of him as the essence of life.

Bringing me back to my original point, as humans we crave authority. Something to keep us in check for those days where we just can’t do it ourselves anymore, many people find it comforting to relinquish all responsibility of their lives to the universe (God)

Why should you feel bad about rejoicing in the miracle of life you have been given, regardless of what you believe; life is a miracle. Maybe you have not seen that for yourself yet, or maybe you haven’t been looking in the right places. I know that when my son was born, and I looked into his eyes for the first time that I was seeing the face of God. That what I am, is the same as what he is (my son) and that we made from the dirt. From dust to dust. Everything that exists on this planet is made from the same cellular arrangement; everything has another part of something else in it. Even our blood has iron in it (that’s why it is red)


Ok, before I start to ramble on to the next subject: The Brain

Little is known about the Brain, however we do know it weighs about 3 lbs, that the brain is actually two brains (left & right) or three if you want to break It down to basic functions versus the ‘animal’ brain. Our brains have evolved since the dawn of mammals, each time our brains develop our heads grow larger and a new part of the brain is grown over the old brain. During the ice age our brains increased in size by 40%

It is believed that one side of the brain handles our calculatory functions while the other side handles our personality traits and thoughts. So in short if you are a right handed person (no offence south paws) then the left side or your brain handles your basic motor and cognitive functions and the right side would be your memory storage and basically everything that makes you; you. Considering men only use 10% of their brains ability and women use 15% it leaves a huge question open (answered below)

Neurological studies are the most important studies done on the brain; these measure the synapsis between connections and the neurological activity that happens in one’s mind. Scientist discovered recently that a low frequency signal is emitted from the brain even in the deepest dreamless sleep, Including comas. This research is fundamental in understanding what part of the brain activates when you hear a sound and which part activates when you are reacting to something visual. As I said before very little is known about the human mind.

The brain is only 2% of our bodies weight yet it uses 20% of the bodies energy consumption, this is believed to be caused by the low frequency electrical signal and the high frequency signal emitted when the mind is alert or awake, that the mind does a lot of predicting (your heart is going to beat again, you are going to blink again, you are about to get thirsty and so on) so it uses a lot of the bodies stored electricity.

THE GOLD MIND: is an expression that is used to describe someone who has more than 15% control over their brain. A ‘Golden Mind’ can only be built, Usualy one is not born with the perfect mind and through thought pattern building and neurological construction brought on by thought and learning can a golden or “open” mind be achieved. (in other words, go learn something new – Keep reading im sure you will)

Scientists have discovered that “intelligence” and a “conscious mind” are determined by the frontal lobe. That is why Albert Einstein is such a celebrated scientist because he was said to have a unique frontal lobe (I believe this is said also of Galileo & Tesla) So if the lobes have it, then there are a few things you need to know; moving onto the next part of the article: The New internet.

The New Internet.

Alas we are on the home stretch of the article and we have come to my article highlight and my point conclusion.

Our planet orbits an M class star. M class stars are the perfect size; not too big and un-predictable and not to small and won’t burn-out. Let me tell you right now, to not believe in intelligences beyond our own planet would be downright disrespectful to intelligence in general. Let’s do some math!

Never mind the billions and billions of other galaxies out in the universe (the part of the universe we can see anyway) Never mind the trillions and trillions of stars in our galaxy alone. Just forget about all that. Now, if 1% of all M class start is our galaxy alone had 1 sustainable planet, and if only 1% of those planets have intelligent life (just bear with me for a minute) that is still billions and billions of other inhabited planets in our galaxy alone. I think that it would be very foolish to rule out the existence of Any type of life outside our solar system, let alone out galaxy. Did you know that Titan (a moon orbiting Jupiter) has an atmosphere made of oxygen and a magnetosphere! Just like our planet, it has lakes of liquid gases (just like us) liquid oxygen and hydrogen! And this planet is in our own solar system!

This means that there are bacteria living inside these gases and possibly on the surface or under the dirt. HELLO! That means extra-terrestrial life! We have discovered bacteria frozen on asteroids, this means that there is life outside our planet, bacteria is one of the most basic life forms. I think that were life can happen it will happen I think we are living proof that there is intelligent life in the universe!

Now that you have learned about religion, the brain and extra-terrestrial life your mind is open to receive my final point: The New Internet!


For centuries man has been obsessed with communication and global surveillance, the greatest string to link mankind together came one day from the military. Much like television captivated the world and united us in a world together. The internet was our saviour from the controlled commodity that is television. For almost three decades now the internet has brought people closer together, at least that’s what you think…

The internet and cell phones, under the guise of keeping in touch have invaded our lives and now some people can’t even sleep without their cellphone near them. We cannot go one day without answering our email or checking our Facebook. And why? Because instant response is demanded of us by our technology, when did your phone become the master of you? When did you become a slave to your technology? Some of us find it scary that our phone is actually smarter than you. You don’t know when the next bus is coming, or what time your movie is playing, or when Napoleon Died. But I bet your phone does. Just Google it.

The new internet is coming one day soon. The reason I was discussing extra-terrestrials with you (and the brains frontal lobe) was to explain that Aliens (People from another planet) who’s civilization is a little older than 10,000 years. Have evolved to communicate with their mind, their frontal lobe has increased in size over the course of their history and because they have evolved to use 100% of their brains ability; matter is but a word to the electrical brain.

Some humans have already opened their minds enough to move matter with their minds (telekinesis) and communicate with one another (psychics)

Now this is the introduction of the idea (the new internet) now suppose you can store information in your brain (oh, wait you can) now suppose you are a psychic person. If you could communicate with another psychic person over a great distance, now imagine of you saw a flower on the top of Mount Fuji.

And your psychic friend was at the bottom, imagine of you could send him an image of that flower (physically) and he could store it in his mind (almost like a data file)

I’m sure you are thinking, how would this be done? Well much like a radio signal you can’t see the electrical signal; the brain emits a signal that can be measured. We if i electrically charged a signal from my brain (the image of the flower) and sent it like a signal through the air to you, you would receive it. This would eliminate the need for email accounts and email addresses.

Much like in James Cameron’s Movie Avatar, the Na’Vi People have their own internet like system where all beings and animals can access the knowledge of everything ever uploaded into their system by ‘connecting’ themselves to their “internet”.

Now this is a scary thought for many people who aren’t confused already, “anybody could read my mind” this is true in a sense. Yes your thoughts would be broadcasted like in twitter but if you were a being of such amazing metal ability you would be able to shield your secrets from invasion, in other words. You don't want all your friends to know you like wearing women’s underwear you would block them from accessing that part of your mind.

Such as changing a “my friends can view my photos” rule to an “only I can see this album” setting. Now psychic ability and mental force or strength is determined by the frontal lobe as well.

So in short my proposal is that not only is the internet one day going to be obsolete that we also will join the real network of data flowing above our heads in un-cyber space.

Imagine anything you ever wanted to know already being available in someone else’s mind, forget web pages. Imagine everything you ever wanted to see already available in someone memory! Imagine countless friends and knowledge. That Is the real internet!

So get evolving and access the real internet today!


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    • FaceThe Facts profile image

      Righ Knight 6 years ago from Vancouver, BC

      Thank you very much!

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 6 years ago from Isle of Man

      This is a great hub from someone with a gold mind! I agree with what you say and your ideas are a breath of fresh air. We are all connected already but simply unaware that we are and I agree that it is only a matter of time before the human race wakes up and starts using the computer of their minds to THINK and not just watch their lives the way they trance out in front of TV or their computer screens. Fantastic. Voted up and awesome.

    • profile image

      Darkages 6 years ago

      WOAH! Its like there is an unseen web connecting all of us to one another, that each person can access!

      i wonder what my facebrain looks like. lol