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Things to Watch Out For in the Tech World

Updated on December 7, 2012

5 Things To Look Out For In The Tech World

The Technology World is unique. It is a world of confusion and uncertainty for most consumers. I have compiled 5 things to avoid in the tech world to help you find a computer technician that is good and honest, in the midst of scams and bad technicians.

Computer Repair
Computer Repair

5 Things to Avoid in the Tech World

From An Honest Technician

Things to watch out for in the Tech World

This morning I was browsing through some local ads and I came across several that quite frankly scared me for the people out there who are seeking help with their technology needs. When we operated out of a retail store, we had a lot of clients who would come in very upset over whatever issue their computer was having. They don't know a lot about the technology that they are using every day, so when something goes wrong, panic quickly takes over.

We would do our best to alleviate their fears and fix the problem. Between our advertising, our positive and extensive word-of-mouth, the fact that one of us was ALWAYS there for our clients, and our extensive work to make sure not only the problem they were describing but ANY problem on the machine was taken care of, we became trusted advisors.

However, there are a lot of "technicians" out there who are not always honest. I want to tell you about a few things to avoid in the tech world. Following these tips will save you time, money and headache in the future.

I Will Install Windows 7 on Your Computer for Only $20!

Run Away. Fast. This is a big problem. A technician has to make money. Why else would s/he be doing the work? If the price is equal to or less than the cost of the software, you are not getting a genuine product. Even mass distributors of software cannot sell for less than Microsoft. Microsoft and other big name software names have prosecuted users of bootleg software. It's simply not worth it. Another thing, Microsoft requires that we put their product key sticker on your machine. ALL COPIES OF A MICROSOFT OPERATING SYSTEM COME WITH A PRODUCT KEY STICKER.

Crative Solutons (Yes, I really saw this!)

If your tech can't spell, don't trust them with your computer. I know this sounds a bit harsh, but really, misspelled words in your command prompt or registry can be bad all the way around. Besides, Spell Check exists. If they aren't putting at least that much effort into their own advertising, how much effort will they be putting into your computer?

Cheapest Prices in Town!

I don't want to pay the cheapest electrician. I don't want to pay the cheapest babysitter or dog groomer. I want the best. If I have a problem with something I value, going to the cheapest in town is not the solution. I don't want someone who feels like they have to be the cheapest because:

1) They obviously do not place enough value on their work.

2) I would assume their confidence in their work is as low as their price.

3) You really do get what you pay for in this industry.

4) You will most likely rack up extra costs.

Help Me Build My Portfolio

I don't want an inexperienced web designer building a website for my business. Web Design is not only about what you see. It is obviously visual, but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that could affect how your website loads, how it is seen and ranked by Google and other search engines, and also your clients. A great website will turn potential into sales.

You should like your website designer's website. It should not look outdated. Examples of previous work should not be outdated. Website design is constantly evolving and changing. Keeping current on web design standards should be expected and real world experience should be priority.

I Am Out Of Work and Can Fix Your Computer

Everyone wants to help someone experiencing hard times. This is not the way to do it. Everyone wants to save money. This is not the way to save it. The truth is, a great tech will always be able to find a job. This is no better than taking your computer to the nerdy teenager down the street, or the guy from church who knows oh-so-much about computers, or the girl who went to college for computer information technology with no real experience. I've got to tell you, not everyone who thinks they know how to work on computers really knows how to work on computers. It is very hard to find a technician with the skills, smarts, and experience that you really do need to be able to properly repair a computer. Most techs will want to reload your OS right away to keep them from having to do any real work. The truth is, it IS good to reload every once in a while, but most problems can be repaired without it. Also, 99% of the time, you don't need to lose your data.

We have hired and fired a lot of techs in the years that we owned our business. One had every college degree relating to computer science. He had all of the necessary certifications and could answer our questions relating to a lot of common scenarios. But, every time he touched a computer, we had to repair it behind him. It was not worth it. The final straw was the day we had a very new Macbook Pro come into the shop for a larger hard drive. We told him not to touch it until we got back from lunch and could supervise the transfer. He took it upon himself to make the swap and completely destroyed the computer. That was not a cheap mistake for us. He has been hired and fired by several competitors and is now working at a big box store that does not care if their techs are horrible as long as they sound smart and make sales.

Another employee, had no college degree but had worked for a big box store previously. He had certifications that we desired and although he was decent with the repairs, he would often overlook some things we deem important. Such as making sure that each computer has acceptable anti-virus, a backup solution in place, and that each system was fully repaired and completely optimized. He wanted to just fix the initial problem and leave everything else for another bill later. This is not how we work and we had to let him go. He has since bounced around to several other jobs and is currently working in a guitar store.

The final employee that I'll write about is the one who came to us through a client whose son needed a job. She told us, he doesn't have to repair anything, just make him your secretary or go-for guy. At first, we had him answering phones or checking in or out clients. He HAD to pick up some knowledge about what he was working with in order to answer clients. He started asking questions and absorbing the answers. So, we trained him how to work with us. It didn't take this guy very long to pick up the basics and we got more use out of him than any other employee we had. When we changed our business focus, we helped him find another repair job in the area and his current employer couldn't be happier.

A good technician can always find a job. Don't be suckered into someone's out of work business plan. Most of the time, it will come back to haunt you.

Big Box Stores

Some names are better left unsaid. Big Box electronic stores are there to make sales. I told you earlier to avoid cheap techs. Now, I want you to avoid overly expensive non-techs. Geeks are not necessarily techs. Big Electronic stores hire young people and train them to sound half way smart and to make sales. They do not usually hire actual certified technicians and there is no extended training. They often send off computers for repair and do not have many in house technicians- if any at all. This is why it will take weeks to repair your system and also why you will end up with a $299 bill for virus removal. They want you to think," Why pay $299 for virus removal when I could just buy a new computer. This time I'll get a warranty." (Which doesn't cover virus removal, by the way) Big Box Stores give real technicians a bad name. Until you go to a real technician, anyway.

I could go on for weeks about things to avoid in the tech world. It is a unique market because most consumers are very wary of their electronics; especially their computers. They don't understand them and think they are above their heads. They want someone to deal with their mishaps in a timely, affordable and thorough manner. You should look for a technician who is able to talk to you in terms you understand, who is professional and confident, has a good, honest reputation, and offers a fair ( to all parties) price.

Just remember, a lot of your life is stored on your computer. If you do not trust your technician, find a new one.

When you can't find a trusted Technician in your area....

Count on Us!

We can repair most computers remotely through the internet. If we cannot fix it remotely, we will help you locate a computer repair shop in your area! Visit us online today at or call us toll-free at (888)332-8113

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