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Three Awesome Websites

Updated on January 13, 2014

At home most often visited web pages are, Facebook and And too agrees with me. In India, has listed the same in the same order, almost.

Sometimes I come across very unique website and get addicted to it. Here I am listing three of the most awesome websites, I do like to bookmark for a long, long time to come.


Since my early years in my life, I have love writing letters. First I was writing to my relatives. Once I have even written a letter to my sister who lived in a house across a few blocks from mine.

I also had lot of pen friends. Some pen friends were very close and one of them even visited me from South Africa. We exchanged hand-written letters only.

I would normally sent long letters to all my pen pals. And I would desperately wait for the replies.

home of postcrossing,,,
home of postcrossing,,,

Those were the times, Internet was not yet discovered and Sabeer Bhatia still not founded the

After net revolution, I did tried to make lot of Email friends… but not able continue the friendship. Those email friendship was short-lived - except one lone email friend from USA who wrote me till she died (very lovable lady indeed).

A week ago, I come across this website called PostCrossing, while reading an article in a newspaper. Wow! I immediately hit to PostCrossing to know about it more. I am going to love this and have registered there immediately.

Now I am asked to mail (read: snail mail) a card to an address revealed by the It is a lady in Finland. I am on my way to buy card for her (she said in her profile not to disclose her original name on the Internet, so I am writing her name here!). She has already received 4058 cards and sent out 4202. In total her cards have traveled a distance of 16 millions Kilometers.

First Address for me to Post a Card

her cards have traveled a distance of 16 million kilometers
her cards have traveled a distance of 16 million kilometers

How does it work? After registration, you will request for an address. Then you mail a postcard to the address with a Card Id (given along with address). Same way, you will receive a card from another unknown random user with Card Id. You enter Card Id in your dashboard and even upload the image of the card.

I am loving it.

postcrossing between 198 countries...
postcrossing between 198 countries...

This website is for my wife Farzana. She loves to experiments in kitchen. There are several websites listing recipes and kitchen tips. Like the one ( has dubbed this site as Facebook of Food - read the article here).

But for Farzana, HTTP:// is the most frequented website when it comes to vegetarian recipe. (for non-vegetarian, she uses Android Apps Sweet'N'Spicy).

Home to some of the best recipes
Home to some of the best recipes is simple to use recipe website. The site is maintained by Archana, a housewife from Coimbatore in Tamilnadu, South India. Her mother, now she loved to make variety of foods for the food addicted hungry family.

The website has not turned into a huge collection of vegetarian recipe and loads of tips and information on measurements and calories. Even if you cooking some non-veg food, you can turn this site for other useful information on measurements and guides. It is enriching to go through the articles section.

Recipe section is neatly categorized into various types of meals and food. In it, you will also find a category of 'Indian street food'. A section is also devoted to World recipes. And users too can contribute their own specialized recipes.

some useful and informative articles too can be found at Archana's Kitchen
some useful and informative articles too can be found at Archana's Kitchen


The most frequently visited website at my home other than Alexa ranked websites is://

I love to travel and Indian Railways fascinate me a lot. is ranked around 350 in India by Alexa, but still this is the site if you are looking for any information on Indian Railways. Though, it is not the official website of Indian Railways, the site give lot more information in a more organized method. The office Indian Railway websites (there are several websites) are very slow as lot more traffic is directed to these sites. Before you can make your booking on official e-ticketing site @, I check the information at for all possible options for travel.

India Rail Info Home Page
India Rail Info Home Page | Source

There are various forums at IndiaRailInfo website. Here you can know the average delays of running of trains. In PNR forum you can ask other users to analyze a PNR of wait listed e-ticket and predict chances of confirmation. And wow, the percentage of prediction is always high and it is listed besides the user's name. Once the wait listed PNR is confirmed, it shows up in the forums. Another of my favorite is the LIVE status of the train on Google Map.

Once visited this site a year and half ago, I am sticking to it. I have bookmarked the site. I also follow the site to advice friends who are traveling.

spot the your train... you can see live the exact location of a particular train
spot the your train... you can see live the exact location of a particular train
wait listed PNR predication by users
wait listed PNR predication by users

Now you can add your favorite or awesome websites at the end of this hubpage.

Add your favorite or awesome websites

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