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TIC GS3150 Outdoor In Ground Speaker

Updated on September 13, 2015

TIC GS3150 Outdoor In Ground Speaker

When you want to put your outdoor speakers underground then the TIC GS3150 Outdoor In Ground Speaker is a great choice. This is a 150 watt outdoor speaker to bring audio out to your yard without having the need to hang them up (they are in the ground and will allow sound to carry where you want it).

Highly rated by customers (see customer review summary below) with great ratings for durability, sound quality, longevity, low maintenance, and customer service! These are the main things to look for when buying outdoor speakers and it is refreshing to find a product which offers value and quality. One reviewer suggested this is a good alternative to Bose.

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Product Features

TIC GS3150 Outdoor In Ground Speaker

Outdoor speakers need to withstand the elements and give your sound some quality as well as fit into the landscape. That is a tall order but not for the TIC GS-3 In Ground Speaker. This design has not problem fitting into the landscape as it is under ground. And as for the elements it has been double insulated to weather proof it. Additionally it has an impact resistant enclosure to keep it safe in case of stepping over it.

You will also find it has quality sound so overall it has met the primary feature needs for the best outdoor speakers series and the following features (as well as exceptional customer rating later on this page) will give you more information to help you decide which outdoor speakers to buy.

  • Weather proof and impact resistant enclosure
  • True 360 sound 'full range driver'
  • High Low Passive Crossover sensitivity
  • Green shrub finish (color)
  • Remarkable outdoor speaker
  • Install in the ground
  • Blends with other garden elements (potted plants work well)
  • High customer ratings and reviews

Find An Outdoor Speaker You Like! - High Quality Sounds At A Reasonable Price!

Outdoor Speakers add value to your home besides giving you the enjoyment of music you like filling the air in your poolside or backyard area. These speakers are just the thing you need to make your outdoor activity even more pleasurable.

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TIC GS-3 150 Watt Outdoor In Ground Speaker Ratings And Review Summary

What are people saying about the TIC GS-3 150 Watt Outdoor In Ground Speaker

How to choose the Best Outdoor Speakers.

Every now and then a landscape area will give you the feeling there isn't anywhere to put an outdoor speaker without taking away from the natural elements. This is the reason the TIC GS-3 is included in the Best Outdoor Speakers series. Not to mention the high customer ratings and remarkable quality, durability, and attention to sound and landscaping detail.

The quality vs price on this speaker is said to be a 'real value' by customers. One customer used this speaker to replace a Bose... I wouldn't begin to compare Bose with this model, but, if you want great sound and Bose isn't in the budget then this would be your next choice as far as customer reviews go.

4.7 stars out of 5 stars possible with over 25 customer reviews:

  • The 360 sound is mentioned time and again. Another theme of the customer reviews is longevity, durability, price, sound, and how great they look. Overall a great choice for the best outdoor speakers you can buy.

The best outdoor speakers series is the best place to find your best quality outdoor speakers for your yard, garden, patio, or deck. Music and other sounds are going to help you to create an environment in your outdoor spaces which can only be done with quality sound. Hope you enjoy the series and thank you for dropping by.

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