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Tips and tricks to speed up online video's buffering

Updated on October 17, 2011


Youtube, Megavideo, Dailymotion, etc, are now all common among people of all ages, for video watching and uploading your own videos for others to watch, basically "video sharing".

but many times it is really annoying to wait for videos to buffer on slow networks, but fortunately there has been some tips to reduce buffering time!

speeding up buffering of videos on many sites - Speedbit video accelerator

This is a well known software which reduce the buffering time of videos on many sites.

how it works? it's easy, Actually, the servers of various video sites allow one connection per IP address to their servers. But this software allows for multiple connections per IP address simultaneously allowing for significantly improved download speeds and video playback.

Disable Qos and other services

well this is an old trick but may still work for many people.

disable hardware acceleration in browser, allow for unlimited storage and Quality of Service(QoS) in Windows. It'll make your browsing/downloading faster.

how to do it?

disabling hardware acceleration:

  1. right click a video
  2. choose settings
  3. untick hardware acceleration

allowing for unlimited storage:

  1. right click a video
  2. choose settings
  3. go to third tab and move the slider to the end so that it shows unlimited

The Qos disabling tutorial differs from xp to windows 7 so it might be lengthy, so i thought i would give the links for the tutorials, check the links section.

youtube exclusive speedup feature

Feather beta

According to Youtube :

"This is an opt-in beta for "Feather" support on YouTube. The "Feather" project is intended to serve YouTube video watch pages with the lowest latency possible. It achieves this by severely limiting the features available to the viewer and making use of advanced web techniques for reducing the total amount of bytes downloaded by the browser."

so basically just go to the link at the end of the page at links section and join the "feather_beta" program and try it yourself!

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some of these might not work with some people while it might work with others, so its not guaranteed but nevertheless just give it a try and check it out :)

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