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New Tips For Buying a Laptop

Updated on January 19, 2015

Choosing The Right Laptop

There are many brands and specifications for laptops these days and a lot of factors that make their price ranges from a few hundreds to a few thousand dollars. Everyone is looking for an affordable laptops that can be useful for one's uses and purposes but the wide variety of options make it hard to choose the best laptop in terms of features, price and stability.

Getting a low specifications laptop is really frustrating if you are a designer or gamer, while it is not a bad idea to get a powerful laptop even if you are planning to use it in office only as long as you can afford it.


Laptops Problems

This is the main mistake all buyers make when they get a new laptop, They forget to prepare for the bad things first, certainly it's better to avoid models with problems than trying to solve them.

Among all laptops manufactures, there are some models or series that have a high number of problems, this can be the most important factor for buying a new laptop, because no matter how powerful, beautiful or affordable price your new laptop is, you will hate it when it starts to hang, cam stops or simply can't complete booting.

Basically, you have to check the laptop warranty period and how the local store or laptop manufacture deal with problems, do they provide 30-Day money back guarantee.

After you choose a suitable laptop you must search if anyone had a problem when he use it. Keep in mind that searching for review may reveal some cons the laptop has but to get the most accurate results google for the full name of laptop model with words "problem" or "help" in forums (you may add "intitle:forum" to search keywords to get results only from forums), you may take a long time to go through all threads but it stills better than getting a laptop full of malfunctions.


CPU and Graphics Card

These two factors have great effect on the price and they depends on how you are going to use your laptop, for gaming and designing purposes you must get advanced specifications while for office and internet a low-end stuff will be fine.

You will notice that CPUs and video cards have many technical specifications such as Speed, Memory, Cores, Cache and other models number which makes the comparison very hard and requires intensive knowledge regarding how these parts work.

Alternatively, there are some benchmark software that make special tests and produce final number that you can use to make the comparison easy. Here are some websites that list the results of thousands of tests for almost every video card and cpu:

Also, these benchmark websites gives a total number of submitted tests for a given video card or CPU which determine the popularity of this model. I recommend to get one of the popular top ten CPUs for your laptop because popularity means that laptops with this CPUs has less problems and great performance.

For gamers, you have to compare video cards carefully, this website provides more details and allows to compare two GPUs side by side by many important factors such as FPS (Frames Per Second) for popular new video games:

Cast your vote for Benchmark Software Efficiency

Used Laptops

In case you need an average laptop, try searching local second hand laptops directories online and offline, you will find a lot of cheap good laptops because many people wants to upgrade to high end laptops.

It's recommended to check any used laptop by a professional before you buy, because it may contain hidden problems which can't be discovered before using it for long time.


Brand Does Not Matter

It's a big lie ! Don't think that a laptop from famous brand will be better than less known one, the only difference might be is in after sale services, but this also depends on the local retail store.

Warranty is very important issue and some laptops come with up to three years of warranty, this usually mean two things, first, the manufacturer has confidence in this product and second, even if something went wrong with your laptop in the feature, you will have help for free.

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