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Updated on April 12, 2014



MP3 players and portable media players are common today.These are ideal travel companions for music lovers and movie buffs.You can carry your favorite musics and videos on a pocketable devices.There are Many types of media players available in the market. There are lot of things to be considered before buying an mp3 player or portable player.Because they vary so drastically in size, form factor, functionality and features. Each player has to be analyzed on the basis of its features, build quality, ergonomics and overall performance.


Every portable player is different. For example, if some players can entertain you with just music and video, others let you surf the Internet, play motion-controlled games, and read e-books. The players characteristics such as dimensions, weight, storage capacity and expansion type, display size and type, supported media formats, audio equalizations, and battery life. Additional features beyond the players’ core functionalities, such as audio recording, networking, games, A/V out, e-book reader, and built-in speakers are also to be noted. Finally, You should evaluate the aesthetics of player. The player's versatility depends on its feature set.


You should give close attention to the quality of the player’s overall construction sturdiness of the buttons and that of the bundled earphones. These players require lots of user control, the shell’s resistance to fingerprints and scratches and the presence of port flaps was also to be noted.


This is one of the most important sections, as it determines the overall usability of the player. Quick and user-friendly operation goes a long way towards improving the overall user experience. It highlights the size, spacing and tactility of the buttons, the type of navigation aids present, ease-of-operation, and the player's overall grip.


Gauging the performance is often the most tedious part of any test process, and that was certainly the case here. We loaded each player with music, movies and photos (transcode audio/video and converted photos to the respective players’ file formats and specifications) to analyze the audio, video and image performance. Audio quality should scrutinize across various genres of Indian and international music, Check display quality using both video and images. Also analyze the quality of the built-in speakers and the bundled earphones. Finally, test screen’s viewing angle and the overall smoothness of the user interface.


Portable devices, which tend to carry around extensively, are subjected to lots of rough use, and because use them constantly, anything could go wrong. So it helps when the device is backed by a reassuring warranty. Products that offered extensive warranty from their manufacturers.


Lastly, the product that offered a blend of all the above aspects at the lowest possible price (in comparison to others in its segment) can choose to buy


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