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How to Increase Google Plus Followers

Updated on July 13, 2014

Google+ does not enjoy the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, but once you know some of its more interesting characteristics, and the best tricks, you’ll soon be getting the most out of this social network. If you have just started your Google Plus account, please read getting started manual.

Here are some things that not everyone knows!

1: Share updates only with friends and family

One of the best tricks for Google+ is actually one of its basic functions: share updates only with who you want to, whether that’s an individual or a whole circle of friends.

In the " to " field just enter the contact or circle name. You can even use an e-mail address, as it’s not essential for the recipient to have a Google+ account.

You can always add another recipient to your post, regardless of your privacy settings, by mentioning their name preceded by ‘+’ or ‘@’ – even if you hadn’t previously selected them in your visibility options.

If you don’t want any of your contacts to share what you have posted, click on the arrow to the right of the ‘to’ field and select ‘disable the option to share’.

2: Format your text

Another of the best tricks for Google+ is the ability to format your text with a few simple commands.

For example, just add a word between asterisks to highlight in bold ( *word * ), or between underscores to appear in italics ( _word_ ). You can make out crossed if you put it between dashes ( -word-).

3: Create a survey easily

The next trick for Google+ is how to use it to create polls.

First, insert your text with the question you want to ask. Then add a comment with each of the answer options that you want to offer. Then click on ‘disable comments’ at the right of your main post.

Insert the text with the question we want to do and then add a comment with each of the options that we intend to include.

So, all you have to do is click our contacts on the " +1 "in any of the options available and see the counter with the answers.

4: Save private posts

As we have learned in the first trick, in Google+ we can control who sees what we publish. If you want to privately save a post to resume at a later time, one idea is to create a circle with nobody in it- so nobody will see that post if you mark it as such.

5: Animations in Hangouts

Hangouts is the Google IM, and is directly integrated into Google+.

One of the best tricks for Google+ is that you can use this tool to create fun animations in your chat windows.

To do this, you only have to write one of the following words:

  • / Ponies: pony appears a beam running down the window.
  • / Pitchforks: an angry mob breaks into the conversation.
  • / Ponystream: same as the first command, except that the pony will not stop until we type again.
  • / Shydino: a shy little dinosaur will be placed in the middle of the chat window.

6: Share a circle

In social networks, the connections between contacts are one of its pillars. Google+ simplifies the establishment of new relationships with the option of sharing circles, becoming one of the best tricks for Google+ primarily for professional use.

To do this, go into the section of your profile circles, select the one that interests you, and in the ‘Actions’ field click on "Share this circle "

In this way, your contacts can see circles that you recommend for them – a great way of linking your contacts and helping them to network!

7: Use a gif as avatar

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, on Google+ you can choose an animated image format gif as your avatar, or even to display as your cover photo. This gives you a much more interesting profile. Just click on the image you want to change (cover photo or avatar) and select the file you want.


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    • ssiddique profile image

      Shahid Siddique 3 years ago from Kansas

      welcome, sometimes we know the things but just don't implement them.

    • Janus Joshua profile image

      Janus Joshua Angeles 3 years ago from Philippines

      Never though of this tips before! Thank you!