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The Best Gaming Headsets For PC-Find The Ones That Improve The Gaming Experience

Updated on January 6, 2017

Looking for high quality sound

I was looking for the best gaming headsets I could find for a gift for my husbands Birthday gift this year. I wasn't sure what to look for at first in headsets and soon discovered that I wanted him to have wireless ones. He is an avid gamer and sometimes gets so involved in the experience he turns up the volume so loud it permeates the entire home. He also likes to have the freedom of movement while he plays. If you are like him, you probably do the same.

While I was doing my research, I discover quite a few high-quality sets are available. They came in many colors which to me is important, but I'm sure he could care less. He is all for the function and comfort while he is gaming. So I started looking and narrowed my search for headsets down to what I think are the best choices. Some of them are wireless while the others are the plug-in style. I'm sure you will find that each one of the ones I found all meet high-quality standards.

Whether you are looking for noise canceling headsets, adjustable bass, or just plain wireless, there is a set you will like. You will find a model with an AC adapter or battery operated. I found the choices to be wide in variety and when I finally settle on the best for my husband enjoyment, I was delighted with my purchase and happy to have found something early in the shopping season which was still in stock.

Whether you choose a wired or wireless set is up to you. Both have their pros and cons. As a user, you will want the best you money can buy, Make sure they are comfortable and fit into your budget. You will be using them for a long time, and you want to ensure you will be happy with your investment.

Gaming with Headphones

Best Gaming Headsets

The Most Amazing Sound

Plantronics GameCom 780 Gaming Headset with Surround Sound - USB Compatible with PC
Plantronics GameCom 780 Gaming Headset with Surround Sound - USB Compatible with PC

Dolby Headphone and Pro Logic IIx technologies transform standard audio into a stunning 7.1 surround sound experience (Software is compatible with Windows systems only.)

Immersive, stereo sound with deep bass from 40mm speakers

Built-in spin-joints let the earpods lay flat for easy storage when you need to take a break

Noise-canceling mic kills background noise so your team or opponents can clearly hear your commands


Listen to Your Own Game

Building Headsets

A lot of computer experts say that installing your hardware and customizing your computer is less expensive than buying PC gaming systems. In a sense they are right. Let's face it – gamers often have a lot of disposable income, and the companies know this. If you know what you're doing, you should install your hardware yourself and design a custom built PC and make the perfect set of gaming headphones.

If you don't know what you're doing, you can always use a video to help make some gaming headphones. The point is, if you have enough money, it can make a lot more sense to buy gaming headphones than to upgrade the old ones. After all, gaming headsets come ready to play and tend to have great warranties. It can be worth a few hundred extra dollars. Choose wisely and you will be a happy gamer for a long time.

Make Your Own Headphones

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Choosing the Right Ones for You

Headphones are usually a personal item which most gamers like or don't like. If you want to have a wireless set for the freedom to move your preference may not include the hard wired type. You can shop for these devices easily online and check out the user rating to help determine which brand or type is best for you.

What someone else likes is not always the best choice for you. You will want to carefully choose the features you desire. The best set of listening devices for you may not be the same ones someone else would choose. Since headphones are an investment and something you will keep for a long time you may want to ask for some advice from some of your gamer friends.

Which are your favorite?

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    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 4 years ago

      I don't use a gaming headset, but my son uses a Turtle Beach headset and loves it.