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Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

Updated on September 7, 2013

Top 10 Android apps.

Android is one of the most promising new Mobile OS aside from the iPhone. While the apple app store is still the giant in the mobile world the Android Marketplace is quickly catching up. It is sometimes hard to navigate & find the apps that are truly worth your time and money. Therefore i have created the following list of my ... Top Ten MUST HAVE Android Apps.

The following Apps are all available on the Android Marketplace and can be found by simply searching for the app name or scanning the QR Code provided with your android phone. What are QR Codes? QR codes are simply bar codes that will tell your phone where to go to get the app. You must have a bar code reader to use them, one that is available on most android handsets out of the box is Google Goggles (available in the android marketplace)

1.) Beautiful Widgets - $ 1.92

Beautiful Widgets
Beautiful Widgets

***Update*** I origanally marked this app as free but realized i made a mistake it is actually $1.92...but the developer also has the basic widgets from this app (silence/vibrate widgets) for free available by searching Beautiful Silence Widgets ***

Beautiful Widgets is a wonderful app it allows you to add two different size clock widgets with a lot of different skins to download optionally. Another function of the app is the real time weather forecast on your home screen included with the clock (optionally if you don't want it) which also shows you a 3 day forecast all based on your GPS location. It also gives you smaller widgets for core android functions such as, Wi-Fi, Silent, Vibrate, Airplane mode, Bluetooth & GPS so you can toggle them all with a click of the widget. The coolest function is the clock widget actually acts as a shortcut to different app like for instance i can click the clock to open my alarm clock or the date to open the calender etc...

2.) Doodle Jump - $3.49

A simple platform game where your goal is to jump as high as you can and achieve the highest score possible. This app was made popular on the iphone and was recently ported to the Android OS. But it is not supported by the original developer but instead. It is a little over priced at 3.49 but it is a ton of fun and great for those times where you need a quick game to keep you occupied.

3.) Foxy Ring - $ FREE

Foxy Ring is a scaled down alternative to Locale in that it only does controls your ringtone. You can set GPS locations to set your phone to go into silent or vibrate. As well as set sleep hours for which you do not want your phone to ring (unless you designate a emergency contact in which case it will always ring)

4.) Touiteur - $ 2.42


Forget the Official Twitter app this is where it is. This Twitter app is made by the same developer as Beautiful Widgets and Foxy Ring and works great it's UI is great to look at and has so many features i am not even going to try to name them all (most likely it will do anything you want it to do)

5.) Kindle - $ FREE

Read all your Kindle Books on your Android Phone. Allows you to purchase right from the app and download books immediately.

6.) Mobile Defense - $ FREE (BETA)

***Update*** I didn't know that this service/app was in beta (and is currently not available on the marketplace) but it seems you can sign up for the wait list HERE... definitely worth it ****

Ever lose your phone or perhaps had it stolen well now you can get it back. Mobile Defense is a App(if i can call it that, you dont do anything with it on the phone itself besides install it) that allows you to locate your phone or lock it remotely even alert it so you can find it. It installs to your phone then just sits dormant till its activated from the website with your login. Then you can locate it via GPS and see a exact location on a Google maps view.

7.) Pandora Radio - $ FREE

Internet Radio pure and simple. Pandora will customize your stations based on the stations you create and the songs you like or dislike. This app has all but replaced my FM and Sirius radio in my car.

8.) World War - $ FREE

World War
World War

Originally from the Apple App store this is the best MMO on the Android platform. Fight, Level Up, Do Missions it has it all. (Storm 8 is the developer of this game and has many other games similar to this you can swap any of them in this top 10 they are all great)

9.) Amazon - $ FREE

Amazon for Android. It has a good interface as well as the ability to scan and find items to save for later or even look up reviews if your in the store contemplating a purchase.

10.) Swype - $ FREE (BETA)

One of the most amazing apps to come to Android. This will make you never want to use any other touchscreen keyboard ever again it is that amazing. It does have a learning curve (depending on user) but it works flawlessly, i can see this becoming the touchscreen standard just like T9 and QWERTY. The bad thing is it is still in beta and it is currently closed they have opened the beta twice but there are ways to get it without going through there site (worth it).

Vote for the Best Android Phone - Don't see the phone your looking for please add it!

Some of the most popular android phones voted on by you. (Will continue to add more as they are released)


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      hey I used to play this game too, but now I discovered the new : "Age of Empire" on android only... check it out, I consider it much better. It's not about luck when you fight!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for adding the QR codes, they make life easier!


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