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Best Android Games Like Temple Run You Must Check

Updated on October 19, 2014
You may like to play some Temple Run alternative games
You may like to play some Temple Run alternative games

Temple Run Like Games

Like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, Temple Run is also a craze among the mobile gamer sections in both iPhone and Android platforms. If you are a fan of the game then you may like those games similar to Temple Run. Like that famous and popular game, these are also endless running games in which you have to collect points while scudding for your life. There are many levels and powerups. The difficulty level goes higher and higher, but the run never ends!

These Temple Run alternative games will give you the excitement of the great game while bringing in much-needed variety. Check these games from the Android market place called as the Google Play. Most of these are completely free to use. So, which one of these games are you going to get first?

Hero Run

Hero Run has tried to add something special in the endless runner type games genre. You can now also fly, along with jumping and running. There are bee bombs and cloud lasers to avoid for being safe. The player needs to collect spin coins for power up. After all, it is a good choice for the Temple run fans.You can get it free.

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Temple Run Brave

Disney has collaborated with Imangi and the result is Temple Run Brave; a new, modified version of the Temple Run game. It now has introduced archery. The visuals are better now. The game is to promote a new Disney Pixar animation movie. In this game you have to outrun the demon bear Mordu. The game is fun but the problem with it is that in many devices, with a bit lower hardware, it is laggy.

You can buy it from the play store at $0.99.

Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran Run features an angry super granny. The old woman runs through the city streets defying all obstacles. The game is very funny, especially when the old granny fights like Jacky Chan. The setting of the game is the streets of New York and Rome. You can change the look of the Granny and make her look like a penguin granny or Zombie granny!

The graphics of the game is cartoon like. The 3D graphics is not that of very amazing quality.

Subway Surfers - Most Popular Temple Run Like Game

What is most striking about Subway Surfer is, too me, its graphics. The graphics of the game is comical and beautiful. The colors are rich and seem to pop out from the screen. The game play is fun and enjoyable. Run, jump and slide to escape from the fat Police officer and his slim dog. Run over the rail roads, jumps over the trains and collect coins in the way.

I shall recommend this game for everybody. This is one of the best games like Temple Run.

Panda Run

Panda Run has a big panda who runs. You can download this game for free. The graphic of this game is very cute. Panda run is lighter than Temple Run, so an underpowered Android smartphone is capable of handling this game without any problem. Panda Run is loved by all the Temple Run fans.

Streaker Run

Streaker Run is a funny game. It is also an endless run game like Temple Run. The game play is very simple and fast. Like Temple Run, you also have to collect power ups in the way. You can play as 8 different characters. The game has in app buying options. It is accused by many users that the game will be too hard after a few levels to continue without purchasing some extra lives.

Cave Run 3D

Another popular alternative of Temple Run is the Cave Run. This game is very interesting with good graphics and smooth game play which is, of course, endless. The game is advertisement paid and so, you have to tolerate ads before starting the game.

Stickman Run is one of the coolest games like Temple Run
Stickman Run is one of the coolest games like Temple Run

Stickman Run

The Temple Run like endless runner games are all alike except the character who runs and the villains/demons who chase. Stickman Run features a stickman hero. The game is fun and endless. The graphics of this game is smooth and colorful. The most interesting aspect of this game is time and weather changes like night, day, sun rise, sun set, clouds, moon etc. The game got many negative reviews due to its inability to run in most of the phones and tablets. Bur the new updates have corrected many bugs.

Jetpack Joyride

Halfbrick Studio became famous for the ultra popular Fruit Ninja game. Jetpack Joyride is another masterpiece from them. This game has gotten many prizes like Pocket Gamer’s best action game award 2012, Gamesutra and Game Revolution’s best game of the year prizes.

Jetpack Joyride is an endless flight game and similar to Temple Run. Though the similarity between this two games are not many. That is why I have placed this game at the last part of the list.

Temple Runner

Temple Runner is a clone of not only the original Temple Run game, but also it even copied the name. The game is pretty easy at the beginning but gets much, more tough afterwards. The game has three more versions namely, Temple Runner – Grave, Jungle and Ramp.

I Must Run

“I Must Run” is a Temple Run type endless running game with an emotional story. The hero is jailed for killing a hoodlum to save her wife. He runs from the jail to save her wife from the rest of the goons. The game has six two modes: an endless running mode and the story mode.


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