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Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $1000: Top 3

Updated on May 19, 2014

Which is the top speaker in this price range?

So you are actually wondering ‘what is the best bookshelf speaker’? Well, although there is no any short or straightforward answer to that, it is it quite reasonable to say that there is one particular speaker which is without doubt the best value bookshelf speaker under a grand. If a list of top ten bookshelf speakers is made, I’m pretty sure that most authors will not sleep peacefully until they add this speaker to their list too. Anyway, the best thing about the speaker I’m talking about is that the customers who are using it are extremely happy. The speaker is KEF Q300R Bookshelf Speakers, and here are the top 5 reasons to go for this particular speaker more than any other speaker under $1000:

1. KEF Q300R is the best! Top 5 reasons to buy:

5. It has more than 5 different colors to choose from, so whatever the theme of your room, chances are you’ll get this speaker in a color which compliments your surroundings very nicely. Blending in attractively is not going to be a problem.

4. The cabinet space is especially extended, so you can rest assured that the base is nothing short of phenomenal.

3. Although with a weight of 41 pounds it may not be like a feather, the dimensions measuring 13.2 x 32.2 x 19 inches make sure that it is one of the best small bookshelf speakers out there.

2. This is a great bookshelf speaker for its price. Although it is not among the cheap bookshelf speakers by any means, it definitely doesn’t cost thousands of dollars either. The price, compared to its quality, is quite low, and that’s a very good thing, and that is why it is the best among the top bookshelf speakers under $1000.

1. Its customers seem to love to praise its qualities, and most of them are absolutely satisfied with the product. As there is no other parameter which is more important than positive certified customer reviews, it is safe to assume that getting this speaker is one of the best decisions you can make financially.

There are also many other very good reasons to go for this particular top rated bookshelf speaker, but I’m not going into all that. I’ll just say this much that if you’re searching for some good bookshelf speakers costing around 1000 bucks, no other speaker can satisfy you more than this beast! Be sure to read the bookshelf speaker reviews for this particular product using the following link, because the customer responses are really good.

2. JBL L820CH Wall-Mountable Bookshelf Speakers

Well you know, it would be unfair to just suggest a single speaker, and just leave it at that. That is why I’m including this JBL speaker here too, because it is almost equally good compared to the first product of this list. Being among the best sounding bookshelf speakers, this high efficiency bookshelf speaker comes from a brand that has unquestionable authority over the music industry, and that says quite a lot about its quality instantly. Although there exist a number of good bookshelf speakers around $1000, this particular speaker can literally put most of the others to shame. It cannot be really counted as a member of the mini bookshelf speakers club because it is a bit bulky, but it is definitely not very large in size either.

3. KEF Q100R Bookshelf Speakers

This speaker is placed third and it is another product from the same brand as the first speaker of this list. Although there is a slight difference in weight, you do not see much difference in other areas. The music quality of this speaker is awesome, making it one of the best bookshelf speakers for home theater. If you compare it to some really high end bookshelf speakers which cost over a thousand dollars, perhaps this may not seem too great, but if you want something that is amazing and comes for under 1000 dollars, this may be the way to go along with the above two. So remember to take it into consideration before making any purchase decision.

You may spend years trying to spot the best bookshelf speakers for music, but you may never succeed, because the truth be told, there are many great speakers out there. Having said that, there is no question that the 3 speakers suggested in this post rule the speaker industry in the medium price category! Make sure to read the Amazon certified customer reviews for each of the products to decide which suits you best.


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