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Top Gadget Blogs Around the Web

Updated on December 30, 2010

Start here to find the top blogs about gadgets on the web!

Whether you're male or female, young or old, you've probably been guilty of oogling some gadgets in your life.  I can pass on things that are techy just for the sake of being techy, but I love gadgets that make life easier, make fitness more fun, or even add some excitment to playing with the dog.  Below you'll find links to lots of great gadget blogs (both general and themed) around the net.


One of the oldest, biggest, and broadest gadget blogs around


Calling itself simply, "the gadget guide," this blog is updated multiple times a day. There are plenty of categories to browse, so get your geek on here!


Another huge gadget blog that covers the top new gizmos and toys out there


Covering everything from computers to cell phones to household items, this gadget blog is also updated multiple times a day. There's plenty to see if you stop by.

Fitness Gadgets

Get the lowdown on new fitness, sports, and diet related gadgets

Fitness Gadgets

The first of our "themed" gadget blogs, this site isn't updated as often as the big boys, but it's all about fitness- and sports-related items. Find gizmos to help you lose weight, run faster, or improve your golf game!

Home & Garden Gadgets

Make things easier (and more fun) around the house with these gadgets

Home & Garden Gadgets

A part of Luxury Housing Trends, this section features gadgets related to improving your home (or just having more fun while you live there).

Top Pet Gadgets

Gadgets for Pet Lovers (and some even for their pets)

Pet Luxuria

Pet Gadgets @ Cutie Gadget

While I wasn't able to find a blog specifically dedicated to pet gadgets (hello, someone start one!), I found a couple that have gadgety sections that are perfect for pets and their owners.

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