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Top Online Prank Links and Prank Websites

Updated on March 16, 2020
Cheeky Kid profile image

Cheeky Kid is a cybernaut who spends a time browsing the web, grasping at infinite information, and reveling in entertainment and fun.

Wanna See a Prank?
Wanna See a Prank? | Source

Fool or be Fooled? Let the Prank Sites do the Trick!

As if real-world pranks weren't enough, we get to be tricked right in front of our computer screens now that pranks have been brought into the digital age.

If you play internet pranks right and with a few safety precautions, then everything can stay just fun and games. Just be cautious when doling out online trickery, because "it's all fun and games" may suddenly turn into a "shit just got real" moment in a matter of seconds.

Scroll down below and see the awesome collection of online pranks and prank websites that will either put you on the foolish-victim side or the smirking-prankster side as you play tricks on your family and friends.

eBaum's World "Where's Waldo?" Prank

I don't even know where to start but one thing is for sure...Waldo is definitely missing! Hence, the name of the game, "Where's Waldo?" At first glance, it looks just like a flash animation version of the classic children's books, where the reader is tasked with finding Waldo in a large crowd.

It's up to you to find him. The path is filled with danger though, so don't come crying to me when you actually find him. Be sure your computer speakers are turned up extra loud—you don't want to miss anything!





Found him yet? Finding Waldo sure is a daunting task! But, you'll find him for sure when you least expect it!

Netdisaster: Destroy the Web

With the Netdisaster software, destroying internet websites and even your own desktop should be a piece of cake. You can simulate "disasters," such as a bug infestation or spilled coffee, on your computer screen...or someone else's. Nowadays, you can only use it on your own desktop or website. However, a fan-made Chrome extension is now available that works a lot like the original.

You can choose to get the destructive code to put on your website and make a big mess with it, or download it directly onto your computer so you can play the prank right on your desktop screen.

There are several arrays of effects like a nuclear bomb falling on your screen, a gun pointing at your files and pictures, a dinosaur trampling on your face, water flooding your screen, and many more.

The Maze Game: Classic Online Prank

The Maze Game has become one of the best of the "classic" online pranks.

This shocker game has made a lot of people cry, pee their pants, and punch their computer screens out of terror. That's just how good of a prank it is! At first, it looks like a regular maze game, but soon you'll find out the scare and terror it brings.

It works best if the unsuspecting victim playing doesn't know about the prank, has never played the game before, and is competitive enough to give it their full concentration.

Scary Maze Game Video Compilation: Funny Shocked Reactions!

Prank Space

Prank Space has all the online pranks you'll need!

From funny pranks to scary pranks, to pranks calls and prank videos, Prank Space has it all.

There are lots to choose from, so you better start now to put that devious plan into prankster!

Winterrowd World: Scary Internet Pranks

The Winterrowd World is a website that specializes in scary pranks. It has been up for years and it definitely still exists because of all the pranks and tricks it provides.

Seemingly innocent flash games that ask you to pop the bubble, find something, click random things, etc...This could either put you in the prankster's chair or the victim's!

Don't Click the Red Button!

Don't touch the Big Red Button! (CC-BY-SA-2.0)
Don't touch the Big Red Button! (CC-BY-SA-2.0) | Source

...Unless you want to be tricked into wasting time.

I dare you to resist all urges to click that big bright red button!

Of course it's up to you but, oh well...don't say I didn't warn you. It just keeps talking, and talking, and talking.

Forward it to all of your online friends and they'll fall right into the trap along with you.

Nonsense Websites that are Amazingly Entertaining

The internet holds a lot of nonsense you couldn't even imagine!

This collection of nonsense websites will take you into the world of nonsensical fun and give you all the time-wasting entertainment you need. And yeah...that's just how it works! All the sites will definitely lure you into spending a lot of time online not knowing that you've wasted time more than you think.

The collection includes some classic favorites like Nyan Cat, Breadfish, Screaming Beans, Funny Buttons, and many more "Nonsense Websites that are Amazingly Entertaining".


Trololololo~ Heck yeah, it's endless!

It's just a random person going "Trololololololol..." until your ears bleed from annoyance. Just imagine clicking on a random link redirecting you to a video as annoying as this. I'm sure your friends will be annoyed.

Pass on the Trolololol video and get people to listen to this strange music. It's just so awkward and weird.

Flash Mind Reader

Convince your friend that the Flash Mind Reader can read minds. I reckon you'll even convince yourself!

The rules are simple. First, you have to choose a two-digit number. Then, you add both digits. After that, you subtract what you got from your original number. Keep that answer in mind. Then...VOILA! Click on the blue circle and it will give you your ANSWER!

Good luck on guessing on how it did it! I'm sure your mind will get twisted and boggled after pushing your luck on this Flash Mind Reader. I'm a mind reader myself you know. *chuckles*

Love Calculator Prank

Oh, don’t let it fool you Love Calculator Prank is actually very fiddly. But first, you have to register if you want to enjoy it to the fullest.

So, what does it do? Well, it enables you to learn the secret crushes of your friends. Ain’t that sketchy but cool?

By registering, you can create a custom link to send to anyone. If the unsuspecting victim of yours uses your link and types his/her crush on the space provided, you will be notified of the answer. Woah! Now you have the power to know who anyone’s crush is. That is—if they fall victim to your prank link.

Face in Hole

Insert Your Friend's Face in the Hole
Insert Your Friend's Face in the Hole | Source

Face in Hole is exactly how it sounds like. It’s a website that lets you put anyone’s face in all sorts of funny images.

Do you want to put your friends’ faces in bikini-clad women and macho hunks? Do you want to put your own face on your favorite superstar? Well, the possibilities are endless! You just have to find the right scenario.

What’s next is you can go all-out printing your funny creations or sending them everywhere on the internet. Have fun putting faces in holes!


For being priceless, FartScroll deserves a prize! It’s funny and extremely cringe-worthy! Why? Well, that’s because it lets you add fart sounds in your own website or whatever online knickknack you have.

On the website itself, there’s a code that you can use to put on your website. Next, you initialize the fartscroll plugin and TADA…your website can now make endless sounds of fart!

Now, every time you or anyone else go to your website and scrolls down, farting sounds ensue. This sure is a smelly and wacky surprise to anyone.

Peter Answers

Make Your Victim Ask a Question and Answer it Yourself!
Make Your Victim Ask a Question and Answer it Yourself! | Source

This one now exists for a long time now. It’s a simple prank but always totally hilarious!

With Peter Answers, all you have to do is get a friend to ask a question. You, being the trickster, must now input the question in the “question” section. Then, on the “petition” section, you press “period” on your keyboard and voilà…you can answer the question yourself and the blank space will only type “Peter please answer the following question.”

Not following me, eh? To put it simply, Peter Answers lets you answer your victim’s question without him/her knowing about it. Nifty, huh? Now, it’s time for you to try it out.

Pranks and Pranksters Alert!

Is that a Prankster I smell in you? *sniff*

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    • profile image

      arthur richards 

      3 months ago

      ove the love calculator 1 worked on all my friends

    • Guckenberger profile image

      Alexander James Guckenberger 

      2 years ago from Maryland, United States of America

      Very interesting article!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thanks for these! Perfect for April Fool's Day!

    • profile image 

      4 years ago

      Prank 'Em with A Nut Sack & Send them DEEZ NUTS


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