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Top Ten Great Things About Today

Updated on April 18, 2015

Let's face it, we all talk about how the old days were so wonderful. The TV shows, the books, the video games, the general atmosphere of the world, things we did as kids. Adults always look back on "the good old days" of their kidhood and lament the loss of certain things, it's only natural.

But sometimes I think we don't give today enough credit. Sure, candy bars cost a quarter back then and we all miss Saturday Morning Cartoons, but we can't let nostalgia blind us to the great things today has to offer. Here are my top ten picks of why the present is just as good as the past.

1. Cell phones

Gone are the days when only rich families can afford to have one, these days everyone and their dog has a smartphone or an iPhone or a Blackberry. They're not just trendy gadgets anymore, they can be a lifesaver! Going to a big con where you and your group wanna split up for a while? All you've gotta do is send a text to let them know when you're ready to meet up again. No more digging in your pockets for change for the pay phone. You can check up on the weather, traffic routes, the hours of that restaurant you wanted to try. The screen's still a little small, but hey.

2. Laptops, Tablets and iPads

Like cell phones, these are more than just trendy gadgets. If you're a student or have a job that involves a lot of computer work, you don't have to be stuck at a desk for five hours a day. You can just take your computer with you to the park and get some sunlight while you're entering data or writing papers. Send emails or design graphics at Starbucks. Chat with friends on the other side of the world during a long train or bus trip.

3. Internet Takeout

Bonus: No hanging on the line waiting for someone to take your order!
Bonus: No hanging on the line waiting for someone to take your order!

Sometimes you just don't feel like picking up a phone, or yours is charging. Or maybe the connection is bad enough that you have to repeat your order a dozen times. Thankfully, websites like Domino's and Panera Bread let you place orders at the click of a mouse and all you have to do is go pick it up or answer the doorbell.

4. DVD and Bluray

Sometimes your favorite shows came on during school hours, and wanting to watch TV isn't a valid excuse to take a day off. Or sometimes you wanted to watch a certain episode of your favorite show over and over again. I personally went through at least 50 VHS tapes recording reruns of The Brady Bunch, The Simpsons, Beavis and Butt-Head, Home Improvement and any movies that happened to be on. Now, you can own entire seasons on DVD, to the point where some people don't bother with TV anymore except for following current shows.

5. Online Banking

It used to be the mark of adulthood was being able to balance a checkbook. Now you can manage your accounts with a few clicks. No more waiting in line at the bank or the ATM, no more going through all that paperwork to transfer or deposit a check.

6. GPS

Okay, some of them have annoying voices and they're not always 100% accurate, but they get the job done and they're much more convenient than pulling over to read a map every ten minutes.

7. eReaders/Kindles

Yes, someone who still swears by paper books is praising these. Because not everyone wants to tote paper around, and these are really convenient. They're slender, they're just as portable as paper books and you can read in the dark thanks to the screen!

8. Video Chatting

I jumped onto the Skype bandwagon late, and now I wish I hadn't. Let's face it, sometimes the best conversations are face to face, but you can't always see someone in person. Maybe they live too far away. But with a video chat it's like they're in the room with you and vice versa.

Flash Drives

Say goodbye to tiny floppy disks that could only hold a few pictures at a time, or endless CDs needing endless labels. As someone who's been through several computers in the last few decades, it helps a LOT to be able to back up your entire hard drive, especially the programs you can't transfer onto a new one.

10. YouTube

Come on, how can anyone say no to nonstop cat videos and ParryGrip songs?

What's your favorite thing about today?

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