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10 Most Popular Content Shared on Facebook

Updated on January 17, 2014

My Facebook Activity

I have a Facebook account. I use it as a tool to communicate with my friends, get updates on the latest news, and play the numerous game applications. I know that this is a social networking site but I try to avoid sharing too much information because I like to keep things private. It never fails to amaze me when friends share updates on a daily basis more so on an hourly basis. I think they enjoy the opportunity to announce everything that is going on with their lives and I envy them for having the courage to do so. But ever since I started with an account, I noticed that the status updates of my friends and the content they share are quite similar. This led me to come up with this lens idea.

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Selfie is a word popularized in 2012. It can either be referred to as the act of taking ones picture on your own or the photo itself. It is one of the many offshoots of the social networking sites. It started out as a harmless practice of taking ones picture that has sprouted into an overnight phenomenon. Majority of the Facebook account users have shared a selfie or two so I can safely say that we are well acquainted with this word. This particular type of taking a picture is much preferred by people because it avoids the hassle of asking somebody else to do it. Also, it becomes a statement because you allow your individualism in the image that you are capturing.

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I'm Engaged!

Women all over the world likes to share everything about their love life statuses. Proclaiming an engagement is not an exception. With the availability of social networking sites, sharing this type of announcement becomes easier. You simply write a status update, change your current status, or share a picture depicting the engagement. The most common picture shared online is an image of the woman's hand wearing an engagement ring. Once this becomes available on the feed, all people seeing it will automatically click the like button and/or send their congratulations. It is an announcement that never fails to surprise and brighten a person's day.

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Wedding Day Pictures

This is the big day! Getting married is a huge step in a person's life. It is the day when you kiss your single life goodbye and embrace a new life with your partner from thereon. It is a monumental event that people would like to share to the world - whether the viewing public likes it or not. Usually, this type of announcement and shared content receives positive feedback from people who sees it.

I have seen a fair share of these content. By instinct, I click the like button, express my sincere congratulations, and scan through the pictures. Okay, I just don't scan the pictures. I meticulously look into the wedding details. I scrutinize the bridal gown, entourage, flower designs, motif, and cake. I also check the people who attended the ceremony and reception.

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I'm Pregnant!

Expecting a child is a joyous celebration. Thus, we cannot blame people from sharing their current condition. I'm genuinely pleased whenever I read this status on Facebook especially coming from a close friend or relative. It becomes more personal because you have seen her growing up or going through the stages in her life. And now, you take part in a new life stage and share her happiness. This announcement is normally shared through words and a picture with a two-lined pregnancy kit.

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New Born Baby

A child's birth is a blessing and a happy event. People, who have not yet experienced this kind of joy, find it odd that every angle of the child is shared online. The arriving of a child brings happiness that cannot be explained by parents and the entire family. Thus, they resort to different kinds of outlets that will allow them to extend their feelings to other people. Usually, when this type of picture and announcement is shared, people automatically check the pictures, click the like button, and send their congratulations. I cannot personally relate to doting parents because I have not been blessed with a child yet. But when the time comes, I will definitely share multiple of pictures of my baby.

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Picture of Kids

People likes to brag about their children. Sharing information online about kids is a good practice which fuels every parent's pride. I normally see pictures and announcements about the progression of the pregnancy, the first walk, smile, and all other activities that make a parent happy. Seeing this kind of updates online makes everyone smile and look into the details of every proclamation. I think this is a good habit to keep especially when children are younger and they don't know what their parents are doing. But when they get a little older, it becomes awkward. Thus, parents should know when to stop.

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Did you notice how many times food and beverage appears on your feed? That's what I'm talking about. Many people tend to take a picture of the food they are about to consume. it may be as simple as coffee & tea, as enticing as a fast food meal, well-prepared as a restaurant food, or as grand as a party buffet. The simplicity or the grandest of the food does not matter. The person sharing this type of content just wants to keep people updated on what he is currently doing. Also, he just wants to brag that he is currently eating food from a popular restaurant. Or he just wants to share what a particular restaurant has to offer.

I'm one of those people who put up pictures of food and beverages online. I prefer posting these things rather than uploading pictures of myself.

Do you post pictures of food and beverage?

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Vacation Pictures

We usually take a vacation or a break. The vacation may be a few hours stay on the local beach, an overnight stay in a hotel, a few days getaway in another city, or an international travel. Regardless of the place and time, we never forget to take a picture or two to serve as a keepsake. I'm guilty of this practice. Even before I reach the designation, I have already taken a number of pictures. And when I'm on the place itself, I add up more pictures that I will upload online. I'm on the habit of taking vacation pictures because I want to share the place that I have visited.

Do you post vacation pictures?

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I'm Sick

I'm sick! I have read this update status a couple of times. I do find it odd that people find time to announce that they are not feeling well. But this habit is normal. When we are sick, we seek sympathy and attention. We want to be pampered in all ways possible. Thus, we turn to proclaiming that we are not in our best spirits to find comfort and motivation from other people. I think this habit reaps positive results to some people. But it doesn't work that way for me so I cannot associate with it.

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Newly Purchased Items

Men and women alike like to brag accomplishments and successes. This practice gives a sense of pride which boosts ones ego and confidence level. Nourishing oneself with positive energy is good for the health and mental well-being. Thus, people should be more accepting by encouraging this habit. Purchasing expensive items is considered an accomplishment. It depicts ones capacity to buy over the top items despite the financial constraints. The most common newly purchased items shared online include the latest gadgets, high-end shoes, bags and watches, cars, and appliances. I'm not into the habit of posting pictures of newly purchased items. I just don't see the point of doing this.

Do you post newly purchased items?

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    • fivee05 lm profile imageAUTHOR

      fivee05 lm 

      4 years ago

      @Moviles-Baratos: The trending topics on Facebook has recently been launched. Currently, it is available only in US, UK, Canada, India and Australia. It can be found on the homepage's sidebar.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      thanks for this lens, my question how can i find the trending topics in facebook?


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