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Top Ten Absolutely Astounding Showers You've Never Seen

Updated on January 26, 2015

A list of 10 Showers That We Know You Want

The Top 10 Astounding Showers of 2011

Here you will find nothing but the most advanced shower systems available... and bath fitter as well. You will find photos and videos of some of the most amazing showers and steam showers on the market.

Oasis 061 Steam Shower (grey)
Oasis 061 Steam Shower (grey)

#1 OS333F8 Steam Shower by Ariel Platinum

6KW Steam Shower w/ Whirlpool Combination

The Oasis OS-333F8 steam shower is a large whirlpool bathtub unit with an upgraded 6kw steam generator. It features a unique glass window in the front of the bathtub that gives a dramatic effect to the bathroom when the chromo therapy lighting is on. The Oasis OS-333F8 steam shower is the most popular steam shower made my Ariel Platinum. It is only whirlpool bathtub steam shower kit to have a 6kw steam generator helping it to out perform other steam shower kits on the market.


ETL listed (US & Canada electrical safety) 220v (one of the few steam showers on the market that passes local building codes)

Computer control panel w/ timer

Steam sauna (6KW generator)

Acupuncture body massage jets

Handheld showerhead

Overhead rainfall showerhead

Chromo therapy (colored mood lights)

Aromatherapy (scented oils)

FM radio

Oasis 061 Steam Shower on Fox News - Check out the OS333F8 Steam Shower in Action

Visit for more information on Oasis Steam Showers

Oasis OS-972F8 Steam Shower
Oasis OS-972F8 Steam Shower

Oasis OS-972F8

The Perfect Alcove Retrofit steam shower

The OS-972F8 Steam shower by oasis is perfect for replacing an existing bathtub. This specialized modular steam shower give the appearance of being a custom built in steam shower. It features 2 overhead shower heads, a 6kw steam generator, teak accents and much more. This unit typically takes about 2 hours for a full installation and has a specialized drywall flange to give it that custom look. Made entirely of tempered glass this unit is extremely durrable and easy to clean.

# 3 Ariel Platinum DZ959

Steam Shower with FM radio and more...

The Ariel Platinum DZ959 shower is the deal of the century. For just around $3,000 you can own this jewel of a shower enclosure. It has a computer control panel that allows you to control the internal temperature of the steam room, the radio and entertainment system and chromo therapy lighting to name a few.

More information on steam showers

Royal Steam Shower Information

Steam Shower Blog

Now Available in White

The Ariel Platinum DZ959F8 is now available in white or black glass. Giving two completely different styles the new glass color has a more modern sterile look to out. Check out the Amazon link below for more information

Ariel Platinum Steam Shower in Action - DZ961F8 Shown in Video

A great video of a professional installation of the DZ961F8 the Larger Brother of the DZ959F8

#4 RainShower from Joerger

The Rainshowers from Joeger is an incredibly large overhead rainfall shower head. Built in LED lighting gives this shower a unique ambience.

#5 Ameristeam P-219

With option Teak Floor

The Ameristeam P-219 is perfect of home renovations or new construction. It meets all CSA certifications and has a wide variety of features. Its most impressive aspect is the two person bench seat, unseen in modular steam showers.

More Ameristeam Information

Royal B-602 Steam Shower
Royal B-602 Steam Shower

Royal B-602 Steam Shower

Americas Best Selling Steam Shower

The Royal SSWW B-602 Steam Shower is one of Americas best selling showers. With its innovative design and overall modern appearance, the Royal 602 steam shower has quickly become one of North Americas hottest sellers. Its unique blue tinted mirrored walls, high performance jets and plethora of features make the 602 shower stall appeal to a wide demographic of consumers.

Royal B-602 Videos

Here you can see the B-602 Steam shower in action. No wonder its so popular.

#7 Ariel Platinum DS202

Steam Shower Finnish Sauna Combo

The Ariel Platinum DS202 offers the owner the best of both worlds with a steam shower and a built in sauna. The sauna is available in both a finnish style and an infrared style sauna. This has become a very popular unit in the last few months.

Aquapeutic U689 Steam Shower
Aquapeutic U689 Steam Shower

#8 Kohler Body Spa

80 Gallons a minute sounds about right

The kohler Body Spa has a built in pump that recirculates water at a rate of 80 gallons a minute. This unit is not recommended for small children due to risk of drowning

#9 Aquapeutics U689

Priced at 4299.99 its such a deal we had to include it

The Aquapuetic Steam Shower features a 4.5kw steam generator capable of producing steam in about two minutes. This steam generator gives the owner the ability to enjoy all the health benefits associated with steam therapy.

Aquapeutics Showers - Video

A great video visit for more information.

# 10 BathFitter!!!

Why Buy a New Shower When You Can Cover Your Old One in Crappy Plastic?

They say it will be done in a day or two ...or three but theres nothing better than a nice plastic shower! Unfortunately this will probably cost you around $6-$7k but hey its worth it for at least a month. Im bet your glad you called.

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