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Touch Screen Universal Remote

Updated on April 19, 2012

Want the Best Touch Screen Universal Remote?

Television remote controls have come a long way. A universal remote offers the attraction of being able to reduce the number of remotes you have in the household by consolidating control of all your AV devices to one remote.

A touch screen universal remote is one of the newer versions. They offer a vibrant display that helps to consolidate the number of buttons you have to push to perform any action and in some instances, can offer two way communication with your AV equipment. Learn more about these devices below and see some of the best touch screen universal remote models currently on the market.

Things You Need To Know

If you're just beginning to shop for a new remote there are a few terms you want to know that can make the process easier. Here are a few that you will probably see when looking for a touch screen universal remote.

IR and RFAny TV remote control will operate or transmit signals one of two ways. IR is infrared. Infrared is common and works very well within 30 feet or so of your AV equipment. You must also be within line-of-sight as the signal will not transmit through doors or walls. RF on the other hand is radio frequency. RF will operate at greater distances from your AV equipment; around 100 feet or so. It can transmit those signals through doors and walls as well. The good news for IR remotes is that their range can be extended if necessary by purchasing an RF extender. Universal remote/learning remoteA universal remote is one which is able to operate multiple AV devices; not just your TV. This is it's advantage, it allows you to consolidate and use a single device to control all of your equipment. A "learning remote" is generally a universal remote that doesn't require you to program in the codes for each piece of equipment. Instead, it's able to read the signals transmitted by your other remotes, and can "learn" them, and then transmit them without user having to program those codes specifically. Macro commands.When you have a variety of AV devices, such as a home theater, there can be numerous pieces of equipment to turn on or off for a given action. For instance to watch a movie you may want to turn on the TV, the speakers, the DVR, play the movie, and so forth. A macro command allows all of these things to occur with the push of a single button. This can save a lot of time and make the system more user friendly for all members of the household. Two Way Communication.Some touch screen universal remote models will have what's called two way communication capabilities. This simply means that you would be able to view information on the remote display from the equipment it controls. For instance, you might be able to see the title of the music tracks on the CD that's playing or to get programming information on other channels while watching your TV.

Logitech Harmony 1100 Touch Screen Universal Remote - Click image for details or to buy

Logitech Harmony 1100 Universal Remote with Color Touch Screen (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Logitech Harmony 1100 Universal Remote with Color Touch Screen (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The Logitech Harmony 1100 is among the best touch screen universal remote devices on the market. This beautiful brushed metal, piano black control is backlit so that it's easy to operate even in the dark. It features a bright 3.5" color touch screen for easy control. Users can customize commands, icons and screens so that they can easily get to the functions they use most frequently. It's single buttom control of multiple devices makes it easy for any family member to operate.

Set up is a breeze with the included installation CD guiding you through the process. This touch screen universal remote is compatible with Windows Vista and XP as well as Mac OS X version 8.3 and higher. It will control over 5,000 different brands of equipment and 225,000 different devices. If you want RF wireless capability to control devices that are hidden in cabinets you can also get the RF extender for more control. (Check for special deals offering this when purchasing the Harmony 1100)

This device comes with Li-ion battery, charging stand, USB cable, AC adapter, and installation guide and CD.


Harmony 1100 Review

Philips Pronto Demonstration

URC Complete Control TX-1000 Touch Screen Universal Remote

Universal Remote Control Medius TX1000 PC Programmable Tabletop IR/RF Remote Control
Universal Remote Control Medius TX1000 PC Programmable Tabletop IR/RF Remote Control

This touch screen universal remote makes operating even the most complex system simple. With it, users can control up to 40 devices. You can create custom interfaces for every room and every user, complete with automated favorite channels and stations. It offers a text labeled touch screen and displays exactly the buttons you need, no more no less, for the easiest possible user interface

With a bright, multicolored backlight, using this remote even in totel darkness is easy with the touch of a single Light button. It has large vivid text labels on the touch screen, custom labeled with up to six characters. The hard buttons placed around the screen offer the most common functions labeled in English.


Coming Soon: A New Type of Touch Screen Universal Remote

This Panasonic EZ Touch Remote has a touch screen that allows you to visualize things on the screen of your television rather than on the remote. See it demonstrated below.

If you didn't find the remote you need, be sure to visit our online home electronics store.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Does this remotes controll Polaroid tvs?

      remote codes for polaroid

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I am using Logitech Harmony 1000 for ~ a year. I could say, it is perfect for everyday use - control all my audio/video, all consoles, iRoomba etc. Of course - if you want to make advanced settings - it is better to grab original remote.

      Anyway - Logitech Harmony 1000 is much better than 6 or 7 original remotes ;)

    • rebeccahiatt profile image

      rebeccahiatt 8 years ago

      Maybe I could learn how to use one of these.

    • profile image

      ThomasC 8 years ago

      I just love this new touch screen technology! These touch screen remotes look sweet! 5*'s and an Angel Blessing!