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Transfer Contacts from Your iPhone to Android

Updated on February 2, 2015
From iPhone to Android
From iPhone to Android

You were a long time iPhone user. Now you want to test an Android phone. It is possible that you have an iPhone 5 and without upgrading to iPhone 6 you have decided to buy a Samsung Galaxy S5. Whatever the reason is, you need to transfer all the long accumulated contacts from your iPhone to the new Android phone.

Here you can learn the ways of export the contacts from your iPhone to the Android phone or tablet you have. It can be done in more than one ways and I have described the ways to you in the following paragraphs. You need to read it all to learn.

Using iTunes

The most common method of transferring address book details from an Apple iPhone to an Android phone like Samsung Galaxy S 54 or Google Nexus 6 or any other Android devices is done via iTunes. In this method, you will have to transfer the saved contacts on iTunes to your Google account.

First, you will have to connect your iPhone to a PC and sync the contacts from your iPhone to the Android one via iTunes.

To find out that option, open device and go to Summery. Here you can see the “sync with” option. Select sync with Google account. If you are not already logged in you will have to provide Google username and password.

Now, you will have to sync the Google contacts with your phone's. In this way, all your saved phone numbers and email addresses from an iPhone can be transferred easily to an Android device. Now you are free to resell the iPhone on eBay.

Using iPhone Apps

You know, according to Apple, an iPhone have an app for everything. So, you can find out many contacts backup apps from the store.

Find a suitable app for this purpose and download it on your iPhone. Now save all the contacts via the app. The app will save the those as a VCF file. Now, email the VCF to your Gmail address.

Open the mail on your Android phone. Save the VCF and the contacts will be automatically be stored as new contacts.

My Contacts Backup is a suitable app for this purpose. Migration + is a “free” app that can be used to do the above-mentioned tasks easily. There are many more such high quality apps.

Via iCloud

The transferring iPhone contacts is an easy task if you have iCloud service enabled. You need to backup your contacts on iCloud from the iPhone. Now, from your Android phone open the official icloud website.

Log in with your user Id and password to access the backup list. Now, export the backup file. It would be downloaded as a VCF file on your Android’s download folder. Now, find that file out and click to save all the contacts on your Android phone. It is quiet easy, is not it?

Using PC Software

There are specialize PC software available for this task. One of the such applications is it CopyTrans Contacts. It is free to download. After installing it on your PC connect the iPhone to transfer the contacts.

The application will fetch the address book contacts from iPhone. Now, you are free to choose from a plethora of options.

You can export all the contacts. It would create a CSV or VCF file for the purpose.

Manual Transfer

If you want to transfer contact details manually, then you will have to open each contact details and share it with your Android device. You can also follow this method if you have enough time in hand a very few number of contacts. You are a nut if you try to transfer hundreds of contacts one by one. It will take a very long time and you need to have a rock like patience.

That's all folks. I am damn sure that this article will be helpful to you. Do not forget to give your opinion with the help of the comment box.


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    • profile image

      Gbnnjty 2 years ago

      Personally,use Gmail to help do it . Go to "Settings" on your iphone, then "Accounts," and select "Google." Select "Contacts" and anything else you would like to transfer. Check "Sync Now," and your data will be saved in Google's servers. And you can log in your Google account .Sync google contacts to android.

    • profile image

      SophiaLina 2 years ago

      Great guide it's.

      But I found another guide that might work, check it:

    • profile image

      Wensanling 3 years ago

      This is a guide teach you how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

    • Hooksa profile image

      Hooksa 4 years ago

      This is a good article, but creating a Google account and syncing contacts from iPhone to Google account is not as simple as it is mentioned here. Locally stored contacts may or may not sync to your Google account. In fact, usually the reverse happens: contacts from your Google account will pollute your iPhone. Google has bad habit of accumulating every email you have ever received or sent! Making the entire thing a mess.

      There is a much easier solution out there that needs no technical knowledge and is purely focused on making Contacts portable across all your device irrespective of the platform or OS: InTouchApp.

      Simply install InTouchApp on your iPhone and Android and login with the same account - done! Contacts will sync automatically in minutes - no configuration to worry about! Try it out!

    • Evansron profile image

      Evansron 4 years ago

      Why would I trade in my superior android phone for an apple device.

    • profile image

      Ellesmi 4 years ago

      Really nice tutorial. It will help many users who want to swith phones. By the way, to transfer messages from iphone to android, I recommend a pc tool called Backuptrans iPhone SMS + MMS To Android Transfer. Works fine when I got my Galaxy S4. Hope this helful.

    • profile image

      Not so good 4 years ago

      One CANNOT access the iCloud service via any other mobile browser other than the one found on the apple iPhones anymore, its just going to say "unsupported mobile".

    • profile image

      Rasheeda 4 years ago

      Now transfer your iPhone Contacts to Android Phone and Android Phone Contacts to iPhone Very Easily. Install InstaContacts in your Phone and Save all the contacts in the Cloud then you can Easily Restore the Contacts in another Phone which you like. This app is completely Free !! This App is Now available in Google Store Search for "Instacontacts" without any spaces and Install it in your phone. It also converts our Information into Business card and we can easily share our business card with anyone by Just QR Scan or Bump