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Tribal Wars-Offense

Updated on August 1, 2012


Offense in Tribal Wars is the fun part of Tribal Wars, because you get to noble villages, wipe out whole armies and destroy whole tribes. But you can only do this if you know what you are doing and so if you don't know what to do, this guide might just help you out. Enjoy!

An Offensive Village Build

In my opinion an offensive village build should always be the same as a defensive village build because that means the attacker has to guess which of your villages are the defensive and offensive, this is because they all have the same number of points.

The troops I will mention will fit in nicely with this build in terms of farm space:

Village Head Quarters-20




Academy-1 (or 3 in some worlds)


Rally Point-1


Timber Camp-30

Clay Pit-30

Iron Mine-30



Hiding Place-10


This is a typical village build. A few things I will point out is that not only for defensive villages but also for offensive villages should always have the wall level 20 because this gives the best possible boost of defense. Barracks and stable should always be maxed always because that means you have the quickest time to build troops. If you have the Headquarters any higher it is just using up farm space for useless levels.

Offensive Troops Build

The following build will fit in the village build earlier on in terms of farm space. I will suggest only one type of offensive troop build as there is no other type worth mentioning.

6900 Axe men

3000 Light Calvary

280 Rams

15 Catapults

This nuke is my personal favorite because the 15 catapults are able to destroy the rally point while the rams does a decent job on the wall usually getting it down to level 13. This nuke will be able to destroy the 10k swords and spears in a village in two. There is enough space for a noble train which consists of 4 nobles.

Nobleing Your First Village

As most people will have gathered you will need 4-5 nobles to noble a village. But really if you want you can noble a village with just one noble, although it is a lot slower.

So you have your four nobles, who should you attack? I suggest any village over 3000 points, this means it is probably academy ready and you should be able to get your troops built up quickly.

So if you have a couple of 3000 points villages around you and they are not in your tribe or allies, you should scout and see which is the nicest, i tend to try to take a village with few troops but high resources plus high barracks.

Now you got your reports back and you have chosen your village you want to noble, you should send a big wave which is called the clearing wave because it literally clears the village. You should follow these attacks as fast as possible with four separate attacks with one noble in each.

How to Structure your Attacks

If you have a noble train you should send them all within a second because this is harder to snipe. The noble train should consist of 5 waves of attacks the first is the clearing wave and the rest should have 100 Light Calvary and one noble.

A typical train:

1. 6k Axes 2600, Light Calvary, 240 Rams (The clearing wave)

2. 100 Light Calvary, One Noble

3. 100 Light Calvary, One Noble

4. 100 Light Calvary, One Noble

5. 100 Light Calvary, One Noble

If the player you are attacking has a number of villages you could try and confuse him by sending fakes. Fakes are basically an attack with one ram or any other unit really although rams are usually the best. Fakes are useful because you can send lots of attacks at the villages you are not trying to noble. In doing this the defender usually splits his defense as he doesn't know which one is a proper attack, this makes his villages weaker as he can't stack his villages


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