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Try A Pillow Speaker

Updated on September 16, 2012

Pillow Speakers

Pillow speakers have been a part of my life for a many years now. I will tell you why so many people can benefit from a simple device like this. Pillow speakers are not only a great gift for people, but it is also a great device for people with tinnitus or people who are isomeric. Pillow speakers enable you to wake up to your favorite songs every morning and every time you go to sleep. So please sit back and read this lens for a minute or two because honestly this could change your life.

Buy A Pillow Speaker Now - Try It..

Sangean Pillow 3.5mm Aux Portable Speaker
Sangean Pillow 3.5mm Aux Portable Speaker

I been using this pillow speaker for over seven months now and at under $10 it won't set you back much, especially as it will last you years.


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Pillow Speakers...

Pillow speakers are essentially a speaker that is flat and it fits under your pillow nicely with out you feeling it. Pillow speakers are loud enough for you to listen to it comfortably without your partner next to you or neighbors hearing your music. Pillow speakers can connect to just about anything so you can listen to the radio or your own music.

Pillow speakers really helps people with tinnitus, because it distracts your ears with whatever you are playing through your speakers. This is probably the best thing for tinnitus sufferers because as you know if you have it and it is so bad that it keeps you up at night like it does for me it will help you get to sleep with a nice noise (assuming you put something nice on).

Pillow speakers are not only for tinnitus sufferers because it can be for people who have insomniac. This is great because you will often be up for a long time in the night and this can help distract your boredom.

Of course people who just like to go to sleep with music or some audio will like this as well, as it will do it loud enough for you but not for anyone else, pillow speakers can connect to anything with a 3.5mm plug.

Are you learning a new language? Play the podcast through this to help you learn.

Pillow speakers can actually come built in a pillow if you want, so this is a 2 in 1 product.

Pillow speakers are a lot more comfortable than headphones or earphones so you will have a better night sleep. It is actually safer as the wires are tucked away unlike earphone wires.

Advantages Of Pillow Speakers

Slips under the pillow easily.

Loud enough for you but no one else.

Helps tinnitus sufferers.

Helps insomniac sufferers.

Connects to just about any device.


Wake up and go to sleep with your favorite songs.

Not expensive at all!

Are You Going To Buy A Pillow Speaker Now?

Are You Going To Buy A Pillow Speaker Now?

More Pillow Speakers - A Perfect Gift Idea


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