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Tumblr blog theme ideas

Updated on September 8, 2012

I think everyone is getting sick of hipster blogs.

Tumblr is an amazing, easy to use blogging platform. With a simple click, posts can be 'reblogged', giving content a chance to spread far and wide across the web. Tumblr has revolutionized blogging and made it accessible to everyone - including younger teens. However, as with anything that's easy to use, Tumblr has quickly become a pool of unoriginal, overused ideas. Why not make your blog stand out!? Look around. Stop focusing on what other people like, and write or post about what interests you. You may be more interesting than you realize.

Can't find an idea?









-black and white








-ocean life









-truth blog





-text only



-celeb urls


-book covers




-song lyrics








-united states

-other country theme


-native american






-other faith blog


-inspirational quotes/photos



-product review


-high reblog posts only i,e 10k and up notes on all posts



-old people


-hot girls

-hot guys




-movie gifs

-graphic design


-nail art


-hunger games

-harry potter

-lord of the rings

-other favourite movie




-cute couples

-victorias secret




-submission blog

-secret submission blog

-new york blog

-reality tv blog

-pretty little liars blog

-other tv blog

-history blog

-general current events blog

-glitter blog

-pixel blog

-photo rating blog

-tattoo blog

-piercing blog

-art blog

-commission blog

-sweater blog

-paint chip blog

-thinspo/fitspo blog

-365 photos a year blog

-shoe blog

-advice blog






There are so many ideas out there - just gotta look outside the box!

Does anyone actually like hipster blogs?

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