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Auto-Tweet FOR FREE to Dominate Twitter

Updated on December 20, 2011

Use Tweet Adder and SocialOomph to Auto-Tweet your way to Twitter Domination for FREE

This Lens will teach you how to combine the powers of Tweet Adder and SocialOomph to generate and submit auto-tweets - FOR FREE - to dominate any keyword or hashtag in Twitter.

There is a unique way to use the Twitter API to send unlimited tweets 24 hours a day, and keep your name and message at the top of the list for any chosen keyword.

This can be a powerful tool for targeting a specific niche and increasing your following, or for branding your product to specific niches, or for small groups of users banding together to make an impact on Trending categories or to bring social awareness to a new market or idea. The best part is all of this avoids Twitter's Spam policies by harnessing a built in function of Tweet Adder. .

Auto-Tweet to dominate your keywords and #hashtags


Why auto-tweet anyway?

The first question you may ask is why would you want to auto-tweet on Twitter, and how will it help you dominate a category?

The answer is pretty straight forward. For anyone that has targeted a niche, keyword, or product, it can be very time consuming to continually make new tweets about the same product. On popular niches and hashtags, your tweets can get burred in a matter of seconds. Using SEO specific keywords can also help create backlinks and drive traffic to your site, and with a bit of creativity, you can use auto-tweeting to provide value to your members while you are away from your computer.

For an example of how this can work in your favor, check my lens on #mytag uses in Tagvillage

Before going to far, it is very iimportant to familiarize yourself with Twitters spamming policies.

The tools outlined in this lens allow you to use the power of Twitter, but it can be a fine line between spamming and effective promotion if used improperly. Use these tools and suggestions at your own risk, and be sure you are providing content of value to your followers and adhering to Twitters policies.

I suggest you fully read and understand what is outlined by Twitter to keep your account from being banned:

  1. Automation Rules and Best Practices
  2. The Twitter Rules
  3. "Following" Rules and Best Practices

Add Value - NOT Spam

One way to ensure you are avoiding spam is to consider that every one of your followers will receive EVERY one of your tweets

Get Tweet Adder here


Generating Tweets with Tweet Adder

Many people are likely familiar with Tweet Adder for its basic Twitter functions for helping to keep Follows, Unfollows and Follow Backs in line, and within the Twitter ratio limits. It does a fantastic job of keeping this all sorted along with Auto Thank you messages, etc.

However, most people don't seem to advertise (or even talk about) the value of Tweet Adder's "Unique Tweet Generator" too often. So this is an attempt to remedy that.

The single biggest feature of Tweet Adder's Unique Tweet Generator is the ability to incorporate variable strings of text. This allows you to create a single tweet that you want to say multiple times without triggering Twitters "duplicate tweet" filter, and disallowing your tweet.

It does this by incorporating the square bracket [ ] separators. Any text, or strings of text contained within the brackets and separated by a comma will substitute those words into your sentence.

A quick example of how this works would look like this:

You type this:

The weather today was [warm,hot,sunny,lovely] and made everyone smile

The text this would generate would be:

  • The weather today was warm and made everyone smile
  • The weather today was hot and made everyone smile
  • The weather today was sunny and made everyone smile
  • The weather today was lovely and made everyone smile

The above was a simplistic explanation to illustrate how it works. Mostly to show that the true power of this comes in combining multiple variable strings to produce exponential variations on a single thought or sentence.

This can be an invaluable tool in producing dozens of tweets, split testing hashtags and keywords, and cycling links or text phrases that you may not want to show. With a bit of creativity even using spaces effectively can eliminate certain words from a variable string.

[Today,Yesterday] was so [ , incredibly] [nice,warm] I didn't feel like working

  • Today was so incredibly nice I didn't feel like working
  • Yesterday was so warm I didn't feel like working
  • Today was so warm I didn't feel like working
  • Yesterday was so incredibly nice I didn't feel like working
  • Yesterday was so nice I didn't feel like working
  • Today was so incredibly warm I didn't feel like working
  • Today was so nice I didn't feel like working
  • Yesterday was so incredibly warm I didn't feel like working
***NOTE: You can see a space was inserted for clarity's sake in the [ ,incredibly] variable, but this adds an additional space in your Tweets. In a real example, you would leave the space out, and put the comma after the open-bracket " [ "

It should be clear from these examples the more variables in a Tweet, the more possible combinations you can derive on a single phrase

Tweet Adder 20% Discount

Be sure to use the Discount Code


in the "Coupon Code" box on the payment checkout screen.

Get Tweet Adder 3.0 Here
Get Tweet Adder 3.0 Here

Putting the "Auto" in Auto-Tweeting

The Tweet Adder "Unique Tweet Generator" mostly helps you avoid spam filtration on double posting the same tweet. Since most 3rd party applications run through Twitter's API, it is possible that double tweeting the same message could happen, since the "filter" is out of Twiitter's hands. However, it is still against their policies, so it falls on you to make sure you don't get your account blocked or removed, and this tool provides the best Twitter Friendly solution I have seen. With their symbol insertion tool, and URL shortener, Tweet Adder has really taken into consideration the needs of Twitter users.

The next step is to schedule your tweets to continue while you are away from your phone or PC.

Basic Tweet Adder Scheduling Instructions

  1. Select "Save All" at the bottom of the Tweet Generator screen
  2. Click the "Tweets" button on the left menu
  3. Select "Export Tweet List" on the right-side menu
  4. Choose file name and location on your Hard Drive to save this list
  5. Select "Save"

Tweet Adder offers the best solution for how to handle scheduling tweets. Namely in that it provides a range in minutes to broadcast your tweets. This further helps to avoid spam issues, and makes your tweets look more "natural". In short, you determine how often you want to broadcast a tweet from your list. You could select to tweet every half hour, and put the range between 23 and 29 minutes. You can also determine the max number of tweets in a day. So, limiting to 48 tweets in a 24 hour period ensures that even if you hit the earliest ranges on every tweet, you will not be tweeting any more then you would if you were entering tweets manually every half hour.

The draw back is Tweet Adder is not free to tweet. The Unique Tweet Generator is free, and is independent of any twitter account you add to Tweet Adder. There is a Free Trial of Tweet Adder that lets you run the software up to 250 followers,and 25 tweets.

I don't recommend purchases lightly, as I try to do everything for FREE, but I do recommend purchasing Tweet Adder if you are serious about Twitter. The Unique Tweet Generator is worth the cost alone, but when you add the automation tools, and the ability to follow the Twitter Ratios, it really is an invaluable tool that removes so much of the manual labor out of the process.

Tweet Adder has a one time fee based on your licensing options, however you can receive a 20% discount at the time of purchase by entering "RUSS20" in the coupon code section on the payment check out page


Be careful when making posts with links, too many tweets of the same link can be viewed as spam

SocialOomph Sign up
SocialOomph Sign up

Auto-Tweeting on the "Cheap"

Since the focus of this lens is all about doing these wonderful things for free, there is a work around for those that don't want to pony up the dough for the Tweet Adder License.

Enter SocialOomph.

SocialOomph is designed as an affiliate program, and like Tweet Adder they have a free trial for new members. SocialOomph's trial is different in that it offers a 7-Day Free Trial of ALL the functions of it's platform. In short, it treats you like a subscribed member.

However, the important part we need to look at is free to use even after the 7-Day trial expires.

After signing up and confirming your account at SocialOomph you can access your account, and scroll down on the left menu to Schedule Updates > Schedule New Update.

This will launch the Tweet scheduler. However, since SocialOomph has the ability to integrate to multiple platforms, some options will seem a bit "weird" in the instructions if you are only using this for Twitter.

Basic stpes to auto-tweet with SocialOomph:

  1. Open the exported file from Tweet Adder's Unique Tweet Generator
  2. Copy the first tweet on the list
  3. Paste the tweet into the SocialOomphUpdate Text box
  4. Determine if you want to save this tweet as a draft
  5. Select the time to publish that tweet*
  6. Select which twitter account to post this tweet to

Note the difference between Tweet Adder's scheduler and SocialOomph's. SocialOomph lets you choose to schedule a tweet in minutes, hours, days or weeks from the moment you enter the tweet. So to keep it simple, ask yourself "how many minutes from RIGHT NOW" do I want this tweet to be broadcast?"


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    • maximumgravity1 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @pjbells: yes, login and go to "schedule new update" on the left menu. There you will see the options to let you create tweets and select which account to publish them from as well as the option to "publish now", "publish at an exact time", or "publish XX hours from now"

    • pjbells profile image


      7 years ago

      signed up to social oomph, had my 7 day free trial with scheduler, (which worked well I must say) but now I can schedule for free. didn't you say I should be able to ?

    • maximumgravity1 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @DestinyM: Great - thanks for having a look - you won't be disappointed

    • maximumgravity1 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @tlovell: Thaks for taking a look. Lots of good options with these. Enjoy

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice lens will definitely try out the tools, thanks for sharing.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great lens - I will definitely be doing more with Twitter using these tools.


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