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Tweetdeck acquired by Twitter

Updated on April 12, 2012

Tweetdeck adds MySpace and TweetPhoto

it was really just bound to happen sooner or later. On May 25, 2011, Tweetdeck publicly announced that the company had been acquired by Twitter. Corporate explained it this way.

"The past three years have been an epic journey, with many highs and lows, accompanied by the constant thrill of never really knowing what to expect next. We've grown from one team member and a single user, to a team of fifteen and a user-base of millions. The reason for this growth is simple - our unwavering focus on providing high-quality tools and services for the Twitter-centric power-user. This has always been our core audience - the most active, influential and valuable users of Twitter and social media in general. Quality over quantity.

It is precisely for this reason that Twitter has acquired TweetDeck. The mainstream Twitter user-base is well catered for by and the official mobile clients. And by becoming part of the official platform, TweetDeck will now fill that role for brands, influencers, the highly active and anyone that just needs "more power"."

Download the new version

In this lens you'll find the top questions that seemed important to me when I started to use Tweetdeck. The obvious overall reason I downloaded it was to deal with Twitter overwhelm, especially as I wasjust beginning to use Twitter and had just over 1000 followers Let Tweet Deck begin to manage your twitterland. Tweet Deck is a free download for Mac OS X and Windows (it'll also install Adobe Air if you don't have it yet), and is the ultimate organizer.

All Photos and much of the great information on this lens is credited to

So if you know of anyone else who is new to TweetDeck and looking for some tips, why not help them out by directing them to his site?


TweetPhoto offers developers over 35 APIs related to photo sharing. These include things like being able to favorite, vote, and comment on photos as well as geo-tags, photo streams, etc.

"We made a strategic decision when we started the company that we wanted to build a robust photo sharing platform; not just a website. By making a photo sharing platform available to developers we are allowing them the freedom to creatively tie our functionality into their applications. We have seen everything from Adobe Air applications, to mobile integrations to iPhone apps being built off of our Photo sharing API," said TweetPhoto co-founder Rodney Rumford.

TweetDeck has also made some other adjustments. Users can click the Twitter button in the top left and add new columns or find their synced search and groups columns. They've also simplified the update window so users can paste or drag and drop links into the main space, where it will automatically be shortened and added to a tweet. Buttons are now above the tweet box instead of under it, and they've added the following features:

- Minimize to tray.

- Post photos to Twitter via TweetPhoto.

- Ability to add a account.

- Quick Profile - Simply enter a Twitter name to view profiles in TweetDeck.

- Better follower management.

Can I Shorten a URL in Tweetdeck?

Tweetdeck makes it super easy to shorten URLs. Simply add the URL you want to shorten to the Shorten URL box, choose the URL service from the drop down menu then press Shorten and the shorten URL will be copied to the cursor position in the Tweet box.

Changes in the Desktop

New TweetDeck: more mainstream, less flexible

The TweetDeck desktop client had amajor overhaul in December of 2011. The designers moved away from Adobe Air and added a whole new approach to accounts and feeds. It's quite a new picture with a blue theme and some very welcome touches: Some of my favorites are Tweetlist's highlighted usernames and links and tweet boxes that scale dynamically to the length of the tweet.

Read more at New Tweetdeck

Can I shrink my Tweet?

What do I do if I just can't fit my rmessage into just 140 characters. Is there an easy way to compress my tweet?

Yes there is! TweetDeck includes an integration to the TweetShrink service, which will take your long message and attempt to shorten it so it fits into a 140-character tweet.

To shorten your tweet in TweetDeck, type your long message in the tweet box and click the TweetShrink button:

This quote from the TweetShrink website says it all:

Shrinking tweets is neither an art nor a science. Just a guesstimation which can be tweaked, poked, and prodded. Sometimes the results are helpful, sometimes they are laughable. But what's important is that we try. Hopefully the result is enjoyable, usable, and fun.


What are they?

Our TweetDeck Hack Days are opportunities for our dedicated band of designers, developers and magic-makers to take a break from their usual tasks and get their teeth into whatever cool, clever and captivating project they can dream up. Whether its a clever new tweak to one of our existing products, or something new and different that we've never seen before, all ideas are welcome. The innovation shown at these days is always very exciting and, on a personal level, as a "non-hacker", I am always totally amazed by the quality and diversity of the projects that the team can come up with in just one day. The resulting creations are often hugely valuable as proofs of concepts that eventually find their way into our live products.

What is Re-tweeting and how do I do it in TweetDeck?

One of my favorite things about Tweetdeck is the ease of Re-tweeting, the equivalent to forwarding an email. When you see a tweet that you want to share with your friends, you can re-tweet it so everyone who follows you will see it.

Items are generally re-tweeted when they are particularly interesting, funny or insightful. A tweet that has been re-tweeted multiple times can very quickly spread to many thousands of people so is a great way of sharing important news.

To re-tweet in TweetDeck, just hover over the profile picture next to a tweet and click the "Retweet" button:

This will copy the text of that tweet, prefixed by the original tweeter's username, into your tweet box.

You can now just send your tweet as normal.

Why does TweetDeck go haywire sometimes?

Why does TweetDeck take up so much memory?

One of the biggest complaints about TweetDeck is that it uses up too many resources, and this is true. It does appear to be an issue with TweetDeck eating up large portions of your PC's available RAM over time, especially if you have a large number of search columns pulling in a high volume of tweets.

Iain Dodsworth has acknowledged the problem and has confirmed that he is making it a top priority to be addresses in the next major release of TweetDeck. However, part of the problem does lie with the Adobe Air platform which TweetDeck is built upon, and other Air applications suffer similar issues. TweetDeck highlights the problem more than others due to its complexity and volume of data.

In the meantime, I suggest simply closing down and restarting TweetDeck a few times through the day (something that I often have to do with Firefox). This frees up all the resources it was using and TweetDeck will start up again with a more sensible amount.

How do I search on Tweetdeck?

TweetDeck is all about search, but how does it actually work?

TweetDeck allows you to set up search columns - columns that are populated by tweets matching the criteria you specify - which auto-update every minute using data from the Twitter Search API.

To create a search column, click the Search icon at the top-left.You will then be prompted "What are you searching for?". Here's where you enter your keywords. To start with, just enter one keyword.This search column is going to look for occurrences of the word "tweetdeck" in any tweets and display them in the column.The column will be added to the right of your right-most existing column, so you may have to scroll across to see it.To remove the column, and hence stop the notifications, just click the X in the top-right corner of the search column. once you have deleted a search column, you cannot restore it - you will have to recreate a new search column using the same search parameters.

Note:The search function will accept OR, AND and phrases in quotes. (OR, AND in caps)

That notification sound is rather annoying. Can I turn it off?

This is something that bothered me

The notification sound is like listening to a tiny submarine that is descending ever so slowly into the ocean! But you can turn it off! Just go to Settings and untick "Play notification sound" then your notifications will all be silent.

I get fed up with seeing the notification for new tweets in my All Friends column. Can I turn that off?

Yes you can! Go to Settings and untick "Include All Friends notifications". You will now no longer receive notifications for new tweets in your All Friends column. Notifications for all other columns are unaffected.

How do I use Groups on Tweetdeck?

How do I organize all of these people I'm following? Well, Tweetdeck allows you to collect your friends into groups. This is a very valuable function when you have more than a few dozen friends as it allows you to focus your attention on different groups of people in different ways.

You could have a "tech" group for all those tweeting helpful information about how things work, a "Humor" group for tweeters who make you laughe or maybe a "Great tweeters" group for people who always tweet useful information.

However you choose to group your friends, it is very easy to achieve.

To create a group, click the group icon on in the top-left of TweetDeck.

YouTube vids

What is TwitPic?

TweetDeck has a really easy way to post a TwitPic photo directly in the application.

TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter

How do I use TwitPic?

You can post pictures to TwitPic from your phone, our API, or through the site itself.

There are also popular twitter clients that have built-in support for TwitPic.

How do I create an account?

If you have a Twitter account then you already have a Twitpic account, just login to Twitpic with your Twitter username and password and you are all set.

Select a photo from your computer and click open. Tweetdeck will upload the photo and create a short link in your tweetbox. You can add a text description if you want.

I liked getting the TwitterCounter statistics in my stream. How do I get it back?

This feature, that inserted an automatic tweet into your Replies column containing statistics from the TwitterCounter service (Follower numbers etc.). This has now been made an optional, manual function. i.e. you have to click a button to generate a statistics tweet each time you want it.

To generate a TwitterCounter tweet, go to Settings > Services and press the TwitterCounter button.

How do I see which tweet a tweet is in reply to?

In your "All friends", "Replies" and "Group" columns you will see the text "in reply to" under a tweet that is a reply. Click that text to be taken to the original tweet to which this tweet is replying.


How can I mark a tweet as Favorite? And how do I remove it from my favorites?

You can mark a tweet as a "favorite", which is rather like bookmarking a web page in your browser.

In TweetDeck, to favorite a tweet, hover over a profile picture next to the tweet and click on Other Actions > Favorite.

How can I filter what I see?

TweetDeck is truly great for gathering and organising tweets from all over the twitterverse, but sometimes you do want to narrow your view somewhat and filter your tweets.

There are filter options at the bottom of each column:

* Tweet Text - the actual text of the tweet, including any URLs

* Username - the Twitter username of the person who sent the tweet

* Source - via which service the tweet was posted e.g. Web, TweetDeck, Twhirl, Dabr etc.

* Timeframe - the number of hours between the date the tweet was sent and the current time

Select the option from the list that you wish to filter by - only one filter can be in place on each column for now.

Next, select wether you want to filter by including or excluding by selecting + to include or - to exclude

This will exclude all tweets from the column that were sent by the username "iaindodsworth".

This will filter the column to only display tweets that were sent by awesome mobile Twitter site Dabr.source

This will filter the column to only include tweets from the last 2 hours.timeframe

To remove the filter from a column, just click on the X at the end of the filter.

It is important to note at presently the filters you create in this manner are not persistent i.e. when you close and reopen TweetDeck any filters you created will have been removed.

Rate limit exceeded

What is the API? And why is my “Rate limit exceeded”?

The Twitter API is basically the part of the Twitter service that allows 3rd-party applications like TweetDeck to access the Twitter data and functions.

Every Twitter account can make 100 “calls” to the API per hour. So when TweetDeck updates the “All Friends” column, that takes 1 call. The same applies to the Replies and Direct Mesage columns. Viewing a user profile within TweetDeck (rather than using the new “View profile on the web” option) also consumes calls - 3 per profile view in fact.

If you use up all your 100 calls within an hour, you will see the mesage “Rate limit exceeded” and will be unable to make any more calls until your API allowance is reset for the next hour.

You can keep track of your API usage in the top-right corner of TweetDeck.

Other Helpful Tweetdeck Tips from my readers - Please add any of your own Tweetdeck discoveries and tips

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    • religions7 profile image

      religions7 8 years ago

      Useful. I had no idea you could get stats on tweets through tweetdeck.

    • purplelady profile image

      purplelady 8 years ago

      What a great and very timely lens for me. I have been avoiding installing TweetDeck because of questions I had even before I tried it. So now I can have your FAQs and instructions by my side as I do the install. 5 FAQs and a fave!