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Tweets For Sale

Updated on May 21, 2013

I'll Tweet Whatever You Want For $3

For the low price of $3, I will put your tweet in front of over 1,000 loyal followers. On bitly, I average 6 clicks a day, but sometimes, I have been known to get 20 clicks on the same day. If you have a link or mention, you know that the link or mention will be clicked on. Not all Twitter users have thousands of followers, but I have over 1,000, and if you need help promoting a tweet, URL, or Twitter account, then I will allow you to use my Twitter account to put out a tweet for $3.

Do You Want To Buy A Tweet From Me?

Do you want to buy a tweet from a Mammoth Giant Squid who has over 1,000 Twitter followers? If you want to buy a tweet from me, you can contact me here to get started today.

What You Need To Know

Here are some of the deals that you need to understand in this tweeting business.

  1. Each tweet costs $3.
  2. Scheduling tweets to your liking costs $1
  3. If you add a picture, the tweet costs $1.
  4. If you buy 4 tweets, you will get the 5th one for free! Every 5th tweet is free (so the 10th tweet is free too).
  5. Every tweet will end with the word sponsored. For example, if the tweet was XXX XXXX XXX, then the tweet would be displayed as XXX XXXX XXX: sponsored.
  6. You must make sure that the tweet is 140 characters including the sponsored and ':'. If you do not have a tweet with 140 characters including the sponsored, I will send it back to you, and you will make the corrections.
  7. When I approve a tweet, you pay me. I will tell you my Paypal address before you make a payment. After that, I schedule a tweet to my convenience unless you tell me when you want me to tweet your tweet.

More Followers

I work hard to get more followers everyday. I get more followers from Twiends, from my Squidoo lenses, and even on a blog that gets over 300 visitors a day. I want to make sure that you get good attention from your tweets.

What I Do Not Accept

Since your tweets go on my Twitter profile, it is very important that you follow these simple rules.

  1. Don't tweet spam. Tweeting random letters that don't make sense or lying about a link (if you're promoting cars, then the link shouldn't take you to a website about social media).
  2. Any tweet that expresses hate language against an organization, an individual, or a website will be rejected.
  3. You are only allowed 1 link and 1 mention. I do not want to have 5 links in the same tweet or 10 mentions (using the @ sign) without any content. You are also limited to only 1 hashtag.
  4. Any tweet that expresses strong and bad language will be rejected.
  5. Any tweet that displays false information will be rejected.
  6. Any tweet with a link to an inappropriate site will be rejected.

How Do You Like My Tweet Service?

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    • profile image

      hunter5012 5 years ago

      Good ideas. Thanks

    • Ayerox profile image

      Ayerox 5 years ago

      good stuff man, liked